Velocity CHB-R2101 Recumbent Bike Reviews


There are a few entry-level products in this recumbent bike category, but they are not made equal. Some of them deserve to be checked out while some don’t. As for this Velocity CHB-R2101, there are many things you should know about. It is a solid bike with many standard features that are required for a start up bike. It also has some flaws. In this article, we will reveal both. Let’s take a good look at the reviews of this piece of exercise equipment.


Velocity Exercise is not a newcomer in the exercise machines market. It has been in the industry for more than 30 years. The mother company of the Velocity brand is CAP Barbell, Inc. The products in the range include elliptical trainers, upright exercise bikes and recumbent bikes. The products passed all the tests required and are reputable for their safety and durability. Although they are made in China, like most of their competitors, the products are proven to be acceptable in the market.

You can get similar workout results as what you get from the regular upright bike. The differences are that you will have less stress on your neck, shoulders and back because of its more comfortable and better positioned seat. For this Velocity CHB-R2101, you can get the necessary features found on higher priced products in the same category.

The product comes with adjustable resistance and a good console. The resistance adjustment knob on the front lets you to manually select the challenge the way you want. The magnetic resistance is accurate and strong enough when you want to give more intensity into your workout. The adjustment knob is made to be oversized and allows you to choose a resistance level from its eight resistance levels.

The three piece crank system allows you to have smooth and consistent pedaling. The pedal comes with safety straps and lets you do the ride without the worry of slippage. The wrapped handlebars are made to provide more stability to the unit and to position of heart rate monitor sensors accordingly. The sensors then send the signals to your console to read.

1-Velocity-CHB-R2101-frontThe console is made to be easy to read thanks to its large LCD display. The data can then be read from the screen, including Time, Speed, RPM, Distance, Calories, Wattage and Heart Rate. The console is powered by 2 AAA batteries. You don’t need the wall plug to make this machine work. The built-in casters that come with the unit can be easily transported and stored. You can easily store the unit anywhere you want.

Its two-way flywheel allows you to get a comfortable and smooth ride. On top of that, your ride with it is made to be very quiet due to its flywheel technology. You can exercise on this machine and watch TV at the same time because the noise level is minimal.

As for the comments from the reviews we got from the customers, the product got good comments and reviews. Like many other products, major complaints are about the defect parts that arrived with the product and the seat. We will talk about them later when we talk to them in detail.

Seat and Seat Back:

The product comes with a padded seat with the back rest. The padding is a little thin, though. Therefore, you may need some extra cushion if you want to ride it for a longer period of time. Let’s say more than half an hour. Many people also have issues with the gap between the seat and backrest. Its large gap provides poor support for a shorter person. This is not good for your lower back area.

The vinyl used to cover the seat is of acceptable quality. The foam inside is dense enough to support people at different weights. The seat, however, may be a little small for a larger person. It has the size of 14 inches in width and 10 inches in depth. The two side handlebars are placed on each side of the seat, allowing you to have 20 inches of space between them. This is roomy even for a larger person.

The seat can be adjusted by the knob on the middle horizon bar, which connects the front and rear parts. The adjustment, however, is not so easy since you will have to estimate the length and make some trials before you get the right one. This can be painful if your house has many users with different heights.1-Velocity-CHB-R2101-with-female

Cranks and Pedals

The product comes with a three-piece crank system that allows you to have consistent and smooth pedaling. The pedals are made to have a larger size with the safety straps for preventing slippage. The bike works quietly thanks to its two-way flywheel. You can do both forward and backward pedaling without any problem. Note that when you pedal backward, the meter and distance will not be counted on the console.

The Tension Resistance

There are eight resistance levels in this unit for you to choose from. The magnetic tension gives you enough strength along with its accuracy. You can have your choices from weak tension to the strongest tension in order to add more variety to your workout. You can avoid boredom in your workout routine by changing resistance over time. You can even design your own program manually if you want.

Display Type and Readouts

1-Velocity-CHB-R2101-consoleThere are a few functions on the display you can work with and see the data of for your workout session. The main button is the mode button. It is right in the lower middle part of the console. You can use this button to change to the mode you want. There are six modes that you can select, including:

Distance: This is where you can see the travelled distance of your workout session on the display. The unit will be in miles.

Speed: You can read your current speed in miles per hour.

Scan: This is where you allow the display to automatically switch from one value to another. In this mode, the display will show Speed, Distance, Time, ODO and calories. One session is 30 seconds. Each value will be shown for six seconds and change to others.

Time: This is the display for showing the time you have spent on your workout. It will count from zero until you finish your session.

Odometer: The accumulated mileage of the bike will be shown here. You can reset the value by simply changing the batteries.

Calorie: As usual, the calorie mode is for letting you know the estimated calories you have burned during your session.

Pulse: You can change the mode to Pulse and read your heart rate in BPM (beat per minute).

Details of Preset Programs

There is no preset program for this machine. You may have to manually set your own program by looking at the time and change the resistance levels in the pattern that you want.

How to Start Working Out

In order to start the machine, you can begin pedaling and at the same time you push the mode button to select the mode you want to see on the screen. That’s it. This unit is an entry-level bike, which is easy to work with.

Heart Rate Monitor

You can see heart rate monitoring sensors on the handlebars beside the seat. You can take a grip on the sensors and work out for a while in order to be able to read the pulse signals from the console. This can help you know your heart rate and use it if you want. It can be useful if you want to use your heart rate to be the measurement of your intensity.

Performance Tracking

The data you read on the display can be used to track your performance. But you will have to do it manually. Unlike the upscale model, this basic bike doesn’t offer an automatic tracking program that can be integrated to the mobile app or website to do the performance tracking.

The Power of the Machine

The product doesn’t need any electrical input because its power is supplied by batteries. All you need is two AAA batteries and you are good to go. The good about this is that you can place the product anywhere without having to look for the wall outlet plug nearby.

Maximum Weight and Height

The maximum weight this machine can carry is 250 lbs. You can use it without feeling that the machine is wobbling when you’re pedaling. Its metal frame lets you have a good workout even at a high speed. As far as the maximum height is concerned, there is no indication from the manufacturer on this.

The Noise Level

The product noise is kept at a minimal level. It therefore does not disturb you should you want to watch TV or listen to music while you are working out. In addition, it will not bother other people in the same room when you are exercising.1-Velocity-CHB-R2101-wheels


The only accessory that comes with the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Recumbent Bike is a set of transportation wheels. It will help you to move the product around easily. Other accessories like fans, speakers, or a bottle holder are not available with this entry level unit.

Assembly of Velocity CHB-R2101

The product comes unassembled. You will need to prepare yourself to assemble the product. The assembly is not difficult, but the manual is not so clear. There are only five diagrams for you to look at without enough explanation. You will have to guess what to do during the process. Not easy, but it can be done.

There is one issue you will face when you do the assembly. You may find that you lack two nut caps for the whole assembly process. The tip is that the seat does not require four nut caps to hold it with the body. You can put only two caps on it and that would be enough.



Check1OrangeThe product offers smooth and consistent pedaling.


Check1OrangeIt works quietly. Your exercise will not disturb you or other people in the room. You can watch TV or listen to music while working out.

Check1OrangeYou can choose for up to eight levels of resistance.


Check1OrangeThe transportation wheels on the front stabilizer allow you to move the unit easily by lifting the back stabilizer and pulling it to wherever you want.

Check1OrangeThe seat and backrest are designed to cater to different sizes of people.


Check1OrangeIt is compact in size and doesn’t require much space.


Check1OrangeThe console is easy to use and easy to read. The number on the display is big enough to be seen from the seat.


Check1OrangeIts metal frame makes it sturdy.


Check1OrangeThe unit doesn’t wobble even when it is pedaled at a high speed.


Check1OrangeThe heart rate monitoring system on the handlebars and console allows you to track your pulse.


Check1OrangeIt comes with an attractive and low price.



xredAssembly is quite difficult because the manual isn’t clear. There are only a few diagrams for you to follow with no other explanation.


xredThe gap between the seat and backrest can make someone feel uncomfortable on it since there is no support in the lower back area.


xredThe seat is rather small. This may not be comfortable for a larger person.
xredAdjusting the seat to match the height of different people can be a pain if your house has several people of different sizes who work out on this single machine.



[contextazon id=’22’]The product is sold at the price range of $150-$299. The price varies depending on the promotion that each store has. You can check the current price at Amazon by clicking one of the links below.


The product’s assembled dimensions are 53 x 24 x 38 inches (L x W x H). Its assembled weight is 63 pounds. The size of the product is compact enough for you to place even in a small room. Make sure you have spared some clearance space of 24 inches from each side. This is to make sure that you can move your body parts freely on it without hitting any surrounding object.


The product is warranted by CAP Barbell, Inc. The company offers a standard 5-year warranty for the frame, a 90-day warranty for the monitor and a 30-day warranty for all other parts.

Reviews and Rating

According to the reviews from the users of this Velocity Exercise Magnetic Recumbent Bike there are 74% from the 26 users that give the product four to five stars. This means that most of its customers are quite happy with the product. As for the unhappy users, they complained about the defect parts, which they found in the box when they bought the product. There is almost no other complaint apart from that.


Velocity CHB-R2101 is a recumbent exercise bike that contains all the features you need to start exercising. It has a good console, enough resistance levels and a solid frame. Although the seat may not be comfortable for everybody, it is considered adequate. The machine works smoothly and quietly. On top of that, it comes with an economical bike. This is an entry-level bike you shouldn’t ignore. As far as the comments from the consumers are concerned, the unit receives a well recognizable score. This can be one of your choices in the start-up exercise bike category.

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