Xterra Recumbent Bike 22-Pound Review

xterra-full-bikeNo matter what your exercise recumbent bike goals are, you want to make sure that the machine you buy is really worth your investment. No exercise machine is perfect and the Xterra recumbent bike is no exception to this. However, you may want to know if its strengths can offset whatever weaknesses it has. This review will highlight the Xterra recumbent bike’s advantages and disadvantages to help you to decide if this bike is the one for you.


The Xterra may not be very famous in the recumbent bike market but the company is quite reputable in sport wares and off-road triathlon events. It offers a wide range of exercise equipment including elliptical trainers, treadmills, upright bikes, and recumbent bikes. The Xterra recumbent bike has many interesting features that we are going to discuss here.

The product offers a real recumbent position which allows you to exercise and achieve your goals whether they are losing weight, building lower body strength, to enhance your cardiovascular workout or if you want to simply stay in shape. You can work out without causing pain, strain or injury on your joints and knees. The design allows you to access the machine easily without having to climb over the high middle bar such as in an upright bike. This is called a “step-through” or “walk-through” design. It’s especially good for recuperating after an operation, if you suffer from arthritis or for elderly people.

The unit comes with 22 lb flywheel system which offers a smooth and quiet pedaling. The poly v-belt gives you reliable performance. The 24resistance levels give you enough options to have variety in your workout and it eliminates boredom from your exercise routine. The resistance levels can be used to tailor your program according to your needs.

The Xterra Recumbent Bike, 22-Pound has a large and easy to read console with a dual color backlit LCD display. The display allows you to track your data on time, speed, burned calories, resistance levels and many others. It also has speakers which can be incorporated with an iPod or mp3 players. There are 24 preset programs for you to choose from so no matter what level of your ability is, you can still select one that matches your workout routine.

xterra-with-riderAs far as the seat is concerned, the unit gives you a comfortable seat with extra padded features. It’s also well-molded and has a large back rest for your comfort. The seat can be easily adjusted forward or backward to match your height. There are two handlebars beside your seat which provides stability while pedaling. In addition, the bars also contain heart rate monitoring sensors, allowing your pulse signals to read on the display. You can also use the heart rate monitor chest strap if you don’t like the bar sensors, however the strap has to be bought separately.

This premium-looking unit frame is made of stainless steel which allows a long lifespan and a good, strong quality piece of equipment. You don’t have to worry about the durability with the unit. Overall, the product receives good reviews and does not have many complaints on its design or quality.

Crank and Pedals

The unit comes with three-piece crank and pedal system which allows a smooth ride. The bike has oversized pedals with safety straps so that you can pedal safely and securely. You don’t have to worry that you are going to slip using this product.

Xterra Recumbent Bike Drive System

Flywheel is a heavy revolving wheel in an exercise bike which increases the momentum and then conveys the power to the system. The flywheel is normally located in the main bike chamber where the pedals are attached. In an exercise recumbent bike, the heavier the flywheel, the smoother and more consistent the bike will be. In this Xterra bike, the weight of the flywheel is 22 pounds which is considered heavy. This means that the bike is strong and sturdy, which will give you a great workout according to your exercise needs.

Normally, the product in this range comes with perimeter-weighted flywheel which means the weight of the wheel is distributed throughout the perimeter of the wheel, instead of the center or in another place. With this feature of the flywheel, you can expect consistent 360 degree pedaling, which allows for a smoother ride.

Xterra Tension Resistance System

The middle or upper-level bikes normally come with Eddy current tension system. It’s a system which produces resistance by combining the magnetic yoke with electrical coils. When the magnet works, the yoke will provide magnetic force while the coils give the electrical input. This results in a vertical magnetic tension in the bike. This is the very same system which is used in high-speed trains. There is more accurate tension to the system and since there is no contact, there is no part that will tear or wear down. You will get a durable system and no burned smell operation. Another great feature about this bike is that the noise level is very low, which means you can multitask and exercise with minimal disruption to you or others around you.

The 24 levels of resistance are more than enough to provide you with variety to your workout. The levels also allow the unit to have more preset programs with a better pattern system.

The Display Type and Readouts

The product comes with large and easy-to-read console. The console is dual color LCD display and measures 5” by 2.5”. The major buttons on the console include:xterra-console

Start/Stop button:

This is to start or pause your exercise. In addition, if you press and hold it for three seconds, it will reset all values to zero.

Up button:

This is used to increase the value of the selected workout parameter. During the workout session, you can use it to increase the resistance load of the unit.

Down button:

This is used to decrease the value of the selected workout parameter.

Mode button:

This is used to switch display from RPM to speed, odometer to distance and watts to calories.

Apart from that, you can also enjoy a total of 24 programs including:

Manual program

Heart rate target program

Body fat measurement program

Watt control program

4 Heart rate control programs

4 User profile programs

12 Preset programs

All the programs will be explained in the latter parts of this review.

The LCD Display

There are eight areas on the display that you can make use of including:

Top cross bar:

This is where you can see if the machine is operating. It also shows what program you are in, what resistance levels you are on, and what user profile you are using.Xterra-wheels

Middle grid display:

The area shows you your workout grid which shows time intervals and the resistance you are using. The current workout interval is the column that blinks and each interval represents one minute of your workout.

The rest of the six displays show the following data:


shows the current training speed. The maximum speed is 99.9 miles / hour.


shows the current pedal rotations per minute.


shows the accumulated workout time from zero to 99.59 minutes. When you input the target time, the display will count down the time until this reaches zero.


shows accumulated distance from zero to 999.9 miles. When you are using a user profile, you can set the target distance and the machine will count down until this reaches zero.


shows the accumulated distance of the machine since you started using it. The maximum value is 999.9 miles.


shows the calories burned from the workout. The maximum value is 9999 Kcal. You can also set the target calorie as a goal in your user profile.


shows current watts used. This is similar calories.

Heart rate:

shows the current heart rate in BPM or beats per minute.

Target H. R.:

This is where you can set the target heart rate in the user profile.

Xterra Preset Programs

There are 12 preset programs for you to select. You can also design your own workout pattern by using the manual program. In order to get to the manual program, select Manual using the up/down button, then press Enter. Here, you can set time and other parameters as you wish.

The other 12 preset programs include Rolling, Valley, Fat burn, Ramp, Steps, Obstacle, Intervals, Plateau, Climbing, Off road, Hill, and Fast trek. These preset programs can help you to get the most out of your workout routine. The details of the pattern of each program are shown below. In order to access them, just select one of the preset programs using the up/down key and then press Enter. The first parameter you will see is time. Set the time you want and you can press the Start/Stop key to begin your workout. In these preset programs, you will be able to use all 24 resistance levels according to your setting.



Custom User Profile Programs

The good news about this unit is that it contains four user profile programs for you to use. This means you can install up to four profiles into the machine and you can choose any of them to use in the future. This is another tool to help you to select your workout pattern that you have recorded without the need to go through the process all over again.

Heart Rate Control Programs

There are two ways that you can send the signals of your heart rate to the console. You can use the contact heart rate sensors on the side of the bike where the display will show your current heart rate. Alternatively, you can buy an optional heart rate strap to transmit your pulse to the console wirelessly. A heart rate strap is normally more accurate when delivering results.

In order to control your heart rate, you can use the target heart rate program. By selecting the program, you can exercise according to your desired heart rate. The computer in the console will adjust the resistance load automatically and it will check your rate every ten seconds. If the heart rate signal is inconsistent or disappears, the machine will keep the previous resistance load for 60 seconds and decrease one resistance level every ten seconds. When any of the parameters counts down to zero, there will be a beeping sound and your workout session will end.

Another way to control your heart rate is by using one of the four heart rate control programs. They are designed to give you a different target pulse. The four programs include a 55%, 65%, 75% and 85% heart rate control programs. They are similar to the previous heart rate target program except that with these Heart rate control programs, the computer calculates the target heart rate for you. For example, HRC 55% means that the target heart rate is at 55% of your heart rate, which the computer calculates from 220, minus your age. The higher the percentage, the more difficult the workout is.

Body Fat Measurement

You can use this program to measure your body fat. By choosing the body fat measurement program, you will be able to enter your sex, height, age, and weight. Then you can press Start/stop button and grip the heart sensors. The machine will then calculate and show you your body fat percentage, BMR, BMI and body type. BMR stands for basal metabolic rate, which reflects the amount of daily energy expended at rest. BMI stands for body mass index and shows a general body type based on height and weight.

Watt Control Programs

Watt is another way to measure the energy you have used during your workout session. It’s similar when counting energy in calories. One calorie is equal to 4.1868 watts.

By selecting the Watt control program, you can then set the target of your workout in Watts. You can access the setting after you have set your time.

Quick Start Button

You don’t need a quick start button in this machine since the manual program does this for you. Just simply choose manual mode and you can start your workout quickly.

Resistance Level Quick Buttons

One of the weaknesses that this machine has is that it doesn’t have quick buttons that allow you to access the resistance levels you want. Many machines at this level provide this feature however the bike provides more workout programs that you can enjoy and more levels of resistance to give you a quality workout routine.

Sleep Mode

x-terra-seatThe unit will automatically shut down if it is not in use for five minutes.

Maximum weight and height of the user

The product has a maximum weight limit of300 lbs. This is similar to other machines at the same level. There is no limitation on height since the seat can be easily adjusted according to the height of the user.

Noise Level

This unit runs quietly even at a high speed. You don’t have to worry that the noise will disturb any other people in the room and it will not interfere if you want to watch TV or listen to music during your workout.

Seat and Seat Back

The product comes with a specially molded seat with a large backrest. The material used to cover the seat is vinyl with extra padded foam inside. The design curves to fit well with your body, allowing you to have comfort during exercise. The adjustment bar below the seat allows you to move the seat forwards or backwards according to your height. The handlebars help provide stability during your workout.


Good console features and a heavy flywheel are the highlight of this unit. Apart from that, you may have some additional accessories including:

  • An audio jack that connects to an iPod or other mp3 players.
  • Speakers for playing music or audio which are built in the console.
  • Front transportation wheels to make moving the unit easier.
  • The console has a small chamber for storage.


The unit needs an AC electrical supply and an AC power adapter is supplied. The power cord length is approximately 55 inches.x-terra-pedals


The warranty of the product is 5 years for the frame and one year for parts.

Dimensions of the Unit:

The assembled dimensions of the unit is 54.3” (L) x 25.2” (W) x 43.7” (H). The assembled weight is around 110 lbs. Please make sure that you have prepared 24 inches clearance space on each side of the machine so that you do not hit any surrounding objects during use of the machine.


Assembly is required for this product, however it is not difficult and the manual has clear instructions for you to follow. It takes approximately 1-2 hours to assemble the unit.



Check1OrangeThe product is well made and well designed.


Check1OrangeIt comes with 24 programs. You can set user profiles for up to 4 users.


Check1OrangeThe frame is solid and durable.


Check1OrangeThe machine runs smoothly and quietly thanks to its heavy flywheel and good crank system.


Check1OrangeThe console is backlit so that you can see, even in a dark room.


Check1OrangeYou can connect the unit to an iPod or other mp3 players.


right-buttonIt can be used with the built-in heart rate sensors or with a chest strap monitor which needs to be purchased separately.


right-buttonThe seat is comfortable and seat adjustment is not difficult.


right-buttonThere is a body fat measurement program that you can use. This is hard to find in other exercise machines.




xredThe sound from the console when you change the parameters may become annoying.





The product is sold at the price range of $360-$499 depending on the timing and whether there is any promotion on the product. You can check the current price at Amazon by clicking one of the links below.

Reviews and Rating:

[contextazon id=’26’]The product receives good reviews from its users. According to one of the surveys, we found that 10 out of 12 people (83%) gave this product four or five stars. This means most of its customers are happy with their purchase. Major complaint from unhappy customers was concerning defect parts upon arrival and missing parts in the package. This complaint was dealt with promptly by customer service.


Although Xterra Recumbent Bike, 22-Pound recumbent bike may not be a perfect bike, it contains enough features to be a pretty good bike. If you want something that helps you with your cardiovascular exercise with less impact on your knees and back, this Xterra bike may be one of the good choices in its price range.


This product is the same as XTerra SB 2.5 recumbent bike which is sold in other retail stores using different model name.


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