There are many things to look at when you want to buy a recumbent bike. Even if you don’t want to buy one, you may want to know which one is the best. Well, there are many factors involved. Some of these factors you may not even know about or think that they are relevant to the bike’s performance. Many people may look at the price level and make their purchase decision mostly on how much the bike will cost. That may not be a correct practice. Price is one thing to look at, but it is not the most important factor.

When it comes to the decision making of owning a bike, it also depends on what level of athlete you are. If you are a serious exerciser, you may not want to get a cheap bike which will break down within a couple of months. If you want to lose weight and are looking for a best exercise bike for weight loss, you will have to consider if a recumbent bike or an upright bike is more suitable for you. Having said so, we will conclude the top three best recumbent exercise bikes which have been categorized according to the price range and their review scores. These three bikes have been proven to be popular and well accepted by not only review scores from many merchants but also the positive comments qualitatively. Sometimes, the scores can be misleading. Some products may get higher reviews score but the sample size of the reviewer may be a lot smaller than the product with smaller score. In order to make the judgment fair, we also add our points of view to make the conclusion possible and more accurate. So, you may see one or more of these top products have lower review scores. Don’t be surprised by that.


At the price range of below $200

Exerpeutic 900XL recumbent bike


When it comes to bikes under $200, there are so many of to choose from. Most of them claim the same features and benefits. This Exerpeutic product stands out from the rest due to its good reviews and specifications. You will be surprised to see how a less expensive item got more stars than products with a higher price tag and stronger specifications. Let’s take a closer look to see what properties make it stand out.

The product comes with basic recumbent bike design with the weight of 63lbs. It is neither too big nor small. Since it is categorized as a less expensive product, the unit doesn’t have many accessories to show off. It doesn’t have fancy speakers, attractive bottle holder or advanced computer to track your progress. But it does have a strong frame with good performance flywheel. You can ride on it and use it heavily without damaging its system. The unit also works very quietly. This is therefore good for someone who wants multitasking while he is working out.

Other basic function that you can find in this model from Exerpeutic is the heart rate monitor. You can use it to make your exercise more fun and interesting. By using your pulse correctly as one of the exercise parameters, you can get more intensified workout and have more fun at the same time. Some of the cheap bikes doesn’t have the monitor. Some may have but it doesn’t last long. As for this Exerpeutic 900XL, the heart rate monitor works well. The accuracy is still in doubt but it is enough to cater to the immediate purpose for being your exercise reference.

If we have to say what makes this Exerpeutic 900XL the best in this price range, we would say that it has a strong frame with a wider seat. The product is large enough to take up to 300lbs. Its wider seat provides you with more comfortable support.

As far as the durability is concerned, the product gets a very high score. The product has a three-year manufacturer warranty. So, you don’t have to worry that you will spend money in vain. The product is really worth something. At the price level of $169-$229, we would say that this Exerpeutic 900XL is the best one in this price range.

If you want to read more about the product, the full Exerpeutic 900XL review is here.

At the price of $200-$500

Schwinn 230 recumbent bike

The product is one of the top products in this price range. There are enough reasons for that. One of the prominent features of the product is that it contains all necessary benefits while it is priced lower than most of the other items in the range. In addition, the product is equipped with Schwinn brand name. It is a reputable name especially in both the exercise and the outdoor bike markets. Although, there are many models of Schwinn in the recumbent bike category, this 230 model may be the most recognizable one. Mainly, because of its features and its attractive price, the product earned good reviews during the past couple of years.schwinn-230-back

What are you going to have if you own Schwinn 230? The first thing to see is the stylish recumbent bike with an attractive design. Its seat is large with a mesh backseat which is good for air ventilation especially when you sweat. The seat may be a little thin if you want to have a long ride but it is enough for an average exerciser who works out on the unit for not more than an hour per session. Then you will get the good flywheel which gives you silent workout and smooth pedaling.

The highlight of the bike is on its ability to give you 22 workout programs including two user profiles and 8 heart rate programs. On top of that, the console of the unit can be transferred to thumb drive and be used with Schwinn connect to track your progress online and it can also be used with MyFitnessPal free of charge. But if you want more advanced program, you can use it with GoalTracker mobile apps and can be used anywhere in the world when you continue your workout with other machines.

The console consists of dual track LCD display. The display has two windows showing different parameters necessary for tracking your progress and workout data on them. The displays can be easily seem even in the dark room. They also look good on the machine.

Last but not least, the unit comes with attractive price of just a little over $300 which is considered to be relatively reasonable in comparison with what the machine offers. This product gets our vote to be the best recumbent bike in the price range between $200 and $500.


Price of over $500

Diamondback Fitness 510Sr


Now we come to the last price range which is the most expensive comparatively. The price may not be the highest for the exercise bike category, but it is considered very high for the mass consumer market, not the professional gym market. When you prepare to spend this amount of money on an exercise bike, you would expect to get top performance including a smooth and quiet ride, the best console with many programs to choose and a durable and stylish frame that you can be proud of. We have many candidates for this and it was very difficult to choose because the higher the price is, the more complicated features come with the machine and the price can go up to more than a thousand bucks.

Anyway, after screening all the pros and cons, we conclude that Diamondback Fitness 510Sr has the best features and should be the winner in this price range. The product contains many outstanding features that a lot of competitors do not have. Many features may be the same but what Diamondback has is its strength in the bike market. The brand has strongly endorsed its presence in the market and is well accepted by the consumers. There may not be as many reviews online since the price is rather high, but the reviews available show that the consumers are very happy with what they get. Let’s take a look why this item is the best recumbent exercise bike for the price of over $500.

The product is an award winning item from Fitness Professor Review. The seat is well designed. The large mesh backrest gives you both comfort and air ventilation. Both seat and backrest can be adjusted horizontally and vertically to match your height. The bike is perfect for those who are recovering from injuries or with joint problems.

The unit has 20 workout programs and 16 levels of resistance. The console offers all you need from a good recumbent bike. You can easily track your workout data from this easy-to-read display. On top of that, the console can be adjusted for visual clear view. This is also hard to find in any exercise bike. One outstanding feature is that the console has a scrolling message center which shows you the workout information without having to change the screen.

The heart rate monitor sensor which is on the handlebars beside your seat can be adjusted depending on your body size. The bike comes with a full media center and speakers so that you can enjoy your workout along with the music from your smart phone or MP3 player. The bike also has headphone jack so that you can listen to music without letting the noise out. Its magazine rack is foldable and can be stored in place.

The metal frame and body make the bike look durable and has premium look. You can be proud to own one of these. With the budget of around $700, you would not be disappointed by what Diamondback 510Sr has offered. You get comfort, durability and high technology. This is why we decide that it is the best recumbent exercise bike at the price of more than $500.

You may not be able to find what the best recumbent exercise bike is in the post because there is no such thing. No one can tell you that without taking price into consideration. We have made some complicated analysis and introduced here with simple conclusion.

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