12 Recumbent Bike Exercise Tips


If you are planning to buy or have bought a recumbent exercise bike, you may want to know how to effectively use your bike so that you get the most out of it. We have written down 12 tips that you need to know when you are going to exercise on your newly bought exercise bike. We think that they should be useful for our readers here on this site. These tips will not only give you safety while working out, but also give you crucial information for getting the results you want. Many of them you may have known and some of them may be new. We just want to make sure that these tips can help you to get enjoyable exercise. The 12 tips include:

  1. Thoroughly read the information on the owner’s manual. It will help you understand how to assemble the bike as well as how to use the machine. You can then expect good result from your exercise. Some manuals give recommendations that can be essential and useful while you are working out.
  2. Make sure that you properly warm your body up before the exercise. You can combine stretching your body with light push-up exercise to tell your body that you are going to exercise. Sudden work out may result in muscle injuries either minor or major. Most of product manuals have warm-up suggestions. Read them and make use of them. After exercise, proper cool-down is also recommended.
  3. Don’t use defect machine. Make sure that any parts that are damaged got fixed before you start new working out session. Maintain your equipment well will not only keep your cost low but also help you to get the good results you want. If possible, use a mat to cover the floor before you place the unit. Also, after use, you can cover it with plastic sheet to prevent dust and other damaging factors.
  4. Dress properly when you are working out. This is to help prepare you for the exercise. You might find that your improper cloth got catch by the parts of the equipment. This is not good both for your equipment and your body. Shoes are also important. Wear proper sport shoes so that you can move out of the machine and do other exercises. Bare food pedaling is not recommended.
  5. Adjust your pedaling straps to match the size and position of your shoes. Not doing this may result in foot slippage which is not nice when you are pedaling.
  6. If you do not have much knowledge on the machine, don’t try to fix it yourself. If you are an engineer, you can go ahead. Otherwise, contact your dealer and have it fixed. Fixing it by yourself is not only wasting time but also put you in risk of losing warranty.
  7. Use the machine indoor, stationary recumbent bikes are supposed to be used in door. Either in your house or in your gym. They are not designed for outdoor use. If you place one of these under the sun and rain, don’t expect them to last very long.
  8. The unit is supposed to be used by only one person at a time. Don’t let two or three people use the machine at the same time.
  9. Allow proper clearance space while you are using one of these. The standard clearance space is 20-24 inches around the machine. This is to prevent your body parts to hit any surrounding objects.
  10. Like any other exercise, if you feel chest pain, nausea, dizziness or unable to breath, stop exercise immediately and consult your physician before going on with the exercise.
  11. Do not exceed the weight limit of the exercise bike you are using. Each product manual will say what the maximum weight it can take is. Look it up and make sure that there is no user who is over their limit.
  12. Know yourself and your limitation. It is good to be ambitious but for the exercise especially if you are older than 35 year-old. Make sure that you are healthy enough for intensive exercise. You can start slow first and can be aggressive when you are sure that your body can take it.

Exercise is useful but can be dangerous to your body and health if you don’t prepare well with enough knowledge. In this article, we have listed all you need to know and prepare before you exercise on your new recumbent bike. This is to avoid al health risk and unnecessary loss. If you haven’t got one of these machines, you can get one and follow these tips to get the best result out of your exciting new unit. In addition, you will also prolong the life of your machine using it correctly.

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