9 Advantages of Using the Life Fitness Recumbent Bike

life-fitness-recumbent-bikeIt is well known that riding a bicycle can help you increase muscle strength in the legs and lower back, and improve cardiovascular health. Cycling can also help you lose weight and increase stamina. Furthermore, riding a bike is a great way of getting out of the house or office into the fresh air and sunshine. A life fitness recumbent bike can give you all the health benefits of riding a regular, upright bicycle, with less stress on the body, and more comfort for the rider.

1 On a regular bicycle, most of the rider’s body weight is concentrated on a very small part of the body resting on the saddle. Around 70% of the rider’s weight is concentrated on the area below the tail bone, while a significant portion of the remainder is concentrated on the hands and wrists. Anyone who has ridden a bicycle for any length of time will have experienced the pain this pressure causes. A recumbent bicycle allows the rider’s body weight to be distributed over a larger area of the buttocks and lower back, reducing stress on the body, and increasing comfort.

2 The comfort of a recumbent bike allows the rider to exercise longer and travel further, increasing the health benefits of cycling, and improving the enjoyment of going on a long ride. Riding a recumbent has helped many cyclists to alleviate chronic back and neck pain caused by riding an upright bicycle. Many people who would have had to give up cycling altogether, due to physical injuries or old age, have found they can continue to enjoy the health and lifestyle benefits of riding a bike by switching to a recumbent bicycle.

3 The cardiovascular health of the rider is improved by reducing hydrostatic pressure, and making breathing easier. When riding a recumbent bicycle, the rider’s legs are not much lower than the heart. This allows blood to flow back to the heart more easily than when riding an upright bicycle. In addition, it is easier to breath properly when riding a recumbent bike, because the rider is not bent over forwards as on an upright bike. With this improved circulation pattern, and better oxygen flow through the lungs, the recumbent rider receives the benefits of better endurance, and better power output for longer periods. This is why recumbent bicycles tend to dominate endurance and long distance cycling events.

4 Some people have particular problems that can make it difficult to ride a regular bicycle. Obese people, for example, can find riding in the upright position difficult, because the weight of the stomach presses down on the thighs, and causes resistance to the upward movement of the legs when pedaling. The higher body weight of the obese rider, also increases the pressure on the sitting bones and wrists. This means that some of the people who could benefit the most from the health benefits of cycling often avoid doing so. A recumbent bike bicycle can be a solution to this dilemma.

5 People with back pain or genito-urinary problems also find it difficult to ride in the traditional cycling position. The weight of the body on the bicycle saddle causes them significant pain. Many people suffering from these problems have been able to enjoy the health and fitness benefits of going on long rides on a recumbent bicycle. Likewise, people with problems in the hands and wrists can also benefit from the reduced stress on these areas afforded by the recumbent bicycle.console-life-fitness-recumbent-bike

6 When switching from an upright bicycle to a recumbent, pedaling power will seem weaker than when on an upright. This is because different muscles are used to exert force in the recumbent position. After a month or so, the muscles used for pedaling in the recumbent position will have developed so that this is no longer a factor. The muscles used in recumbent cycling include the Glutes and Abs, two muscle groups that help improve your figure: you will not only feel great, but look great too.

7 While enjoying the lifestyle and health benefits of cycling on a recumbent bicycle, you will also be safer than riding on an upright. A recumbent bike has a lower center of gravity and your head is up to a meter closer to the ground than when riding a regular bike. When you add the fact that you are riding in a feet-first position, instead of head-first, it is easy to see that if involved in an accident or fall, the recumbent rider is less likely to receive serious injuries, especially head injury.

8 The lower center of gravity improves the ability to brake quickly in an emergency without losing control or flying over the handle-bars, thus making it less likely to be involved in an accident at high speed. Accidents involving the front wheel hitting obstacles like curbs or large potholes, causing the rider to be projected forward are far less likely.

9 One of the best benefits of cycling is that you can travel around and enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors. Whether exploring the city or riding around the countryside, it is not only a benefit to physical health and fitness, it helps to relax the mind and enjoy life. Many bicycles, however, force the rider to ride in a head down position, focusing the line of vision on the road immediately in front of the bicycle. Looking ahead or around involves craning the neck, causing discomfort and sometimes pain.

On a Life Fitness R1 Track Recumbent ฺBike, the rider is not only relaxed and comfortable, but is facing ahead in a natural and relaxed position. The recumbent rider is able to enjoy the views and scenery without stressing the body in any way. With the improved comfort and endurance, and the benefits of being able to look around, the recumbent bike is a great choice for touring and long distance cycling.

Anyway, the Life fitness recumbent bike will cost you almost two thousand bucks. Another choice, which is a lot less expensive, provides similar functions is Reebok 610. Its cost is around half of Life fitness’ product.

Overall, you can find recumbent exercise bikes both at home or in commercial gyms. These stationary recumbent bikes are good for a warm-up before a workout, or can be used for a cardiovascular workout. This is a great health and fitness option for people wanting to lose weight or enjoy the benefits of recumbent cycling on a rainy day.

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