Hello, this is John. I am an ex-business executive who turns himself to be an online entrepreneur. I am also a sport enthusiast and a fan of many sports. I also like exercise a lot.

Having been in the professional gyms for a long time, I found out that there are many things to do in the gym and I learned that our time spent there had never been enough. The first time I joined the gym and play, I felt like I was in the Dysneyland. I found that gym equipment is intriguing and interesting to learn and play with. I thought that I fell in love again with all these machines.

Bike riding class, they call it spinning class, is one of my wife’s favorites when she was in the gym. She always joined the class and being there for an hour almost every time we were there. I tried that a few times and found that it was entertaining and fun. However, I am more on the muscle training and running. Since our time in the gym could not be too long, we would have to choose. As a result, my wife chose bike training class and I chose muscle training and treadmill running. Unfortunately, due to her work schedule and the location of her new job, she doesn’t have much chance to go to the gym lately.

My wife, one time, joined a relay team of a triathlon competition. A relay team means that there are 2 or 3 people join together to complete a triathlon. It can be one person completes one leg and one person completes the other two  which is called 2-person relay team or one person completes a leg each  which is called 3-person relay team. And I think you can guess what part of triathlon she was in. Yes, she was in 55 kilometers bike riding. Since I did not have enough time for practice and for serious training, I could just join a shorter distance running in the same event.

But I still have passion on bikes and exercise machines. I like the design and functionality of them. I therefore started to learn about them bit by bit and become more involved as time goes by. I now can tell the differences between each bike and which one is good or bad. I also have some knowledge on bikes both regular bike and recumbent bike.

I hope you find this site becomes a wealth of information on the subject.

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