Best Recumbent Bike Workout

CC-Bike-Elevation-RDiscoverSE-heroFor a serious exerciser or real athlete, a recumbent bike may not be as appealing because it doesn’t really offer intense workouts as many have wished. It may not be viewed as a hard-core instrument the same way that running on a treadmill or climbing on a step-mill does. But when that same athlete faces some weight-bearing injury, a recumbent bike becomes one of the best choices to workout with. Because of its low-impact result, the unit is proven to be very suitable for recuperating patients or elderly people.

The machine is also useful for sculpting your legs. Its stress on lower body parts is far less than other methods. Due to its unique design, the machine places the user in a seated position which has the feet forward and back against a pad. The bike therefore takes the pressure off the joints of the lower body. This is one piece of equipment which is recommended by doctors and physical therapists for the patients whose joint conditions warrant more activity but with less joint pressure. In conclusion, the machine provides an excellent non-weight bearing exercise.

When you are pedaling a recumbent bike, you give the load of the workout to the glutes and the quadriceps together. The area that gets most impact from this exercise is the glute-hamstrings which are a fat storage place – especially for women. The area is also a place where cellulite firstly appears with age.

Using a recumbent bike allows you to burn the body fat all over if you employ the right method. Completing a high intensity workout , you will get fat burning. But you can also can also build strength and more muscles in your lower body. When you do aerobic pedaling using heavy resistance you will get what is similar to the results you get from weight training. You will be able to build more muscles for your lower body. When you mix high resistance with a high speed setting, you will get lactic acid burned in legs and glutes. As a result, you will get more fat-burning . Your legs will end up with less fat and more muscles.

You can add to your intensity and make your workout for full body by using dumbbells along with your workout. Grab a set of lighter weights (perhaps 8-10 lb bike_reddumbbells for female and 15-20 lb dumbbells for male.) and hold them while you are pedaling. You will use dumbbells for performing upper body workout exercises. At the same time, you do the pedaling. The bike pedaling will take care of the lower body. You may feel awkward at first but later you will get used to it. This will increase your fat-burning exponentially. It is good for both aerobic exercise and muscle training. If the load is too much, you can rest with your upper body while the legs still keep pedaling the whole time. After a short rest, you come back for the upper body again. The best duration for this type of exercise should be 30 minutes.

Regarding the fat reduction for specific areas like hips or thighs, you may use the recumbent bike only for lower body exercise. You can channel all exertion to your legs and glutes. Then create powerful pedaling through a fat burning protocol. Don’t forget to set your resistance at low to moderate if you choose to use this method. Alternatively, you can use a manual setting. Use low and highest intensity. You will make an alternate change of the resistance every minute. In the end, you will work out at highest resistance for one minute and lowest resistance for 30 seconds. When you do it alternately for 25 minutes, you will get your result of losing the fat on the lower body area.

There are so many workouts that you can use in order to get your lower body stronger or for other purposes. In this article, we provided you with the best workout with the unit so that you can use it to get the results you want.


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