Body Champ BRB1270 Recumbent Bike Review

body-champ-1270-with-female-riderThere are many things that you need to consider before buying a recumbent bike for being your home exercise equipment. This type of the machine provides a very good aerobic exercise while giving very low impact on your lower body. It is therefore recommended by many physicians that it is suitable for elderly people or for the patients who just recover from surgery or injury. Many people look at the price as the main decision factor and this unit from Body Champ gives the answer for that budget. In this Body Champ BRB 1270 review, we are going to give you what you need to know about the product and you can then decide by yourself if the product is proper for you to own.


One good thing about simplicity is that you don’t have to worry much about anything technical and difficulty of use. Many products are successful using this simplicity concept. In addition, the product with very simple concept can cut cost and can be sold at a very attractive price. This is how this Body Champ BRB1270 positions itself. The unit is simple, easy to maneuver and has an economical price tag. This is what beginners in home exercise are looking for. You don’t need much anyway since you don’t expect much. Just want to get something simple to help you lose weight or stay in shape for the time being.

Body Champ was founded in 1993. It is a daughter company of Body Flex Sports Inc. who has many products in the sport equipment industry including elliptical trainers, treadmills and weight trainers. It has spent over 20 years building up reputation as one of the players in the health and fitness arena. The focus is more on the entry-level machine and it does a good job on that.

As for this Body Champ BRB1270, you will be able to get an open design allowing you to mount or dismount without any climbing over high middle bar like in an upright bike. The unit comes with padded seat allowing you to sit comfortably on it. But if you want to exercise for a long time, you may need to add a pillow or some other cushion for better comfort. The seat can be adjusted according to the height of the user. The seat adjustment knob is right below the seat for your convenient.

The unit comes with good drive and crank system to ensure that you get a smooth ride on the product. The perimeter weighted flywheel in the unit will give you more consistent strokes when you are on the bike. This type of flywheel gives better weight distribution on the wheel resulting in complete pedaling stability. Two-way drive system allows you to pedal both forward and backward. However, when you pedal backward, the console will not read your workout data.

The console is made to be oversized for a better visibility. There are not too many buttons that will make you concern when you are using the unit. You can track your workout data including speed, distance, time, calorie and pulse. The hand grip heart rate sensors help you to be able to read your own pulse on the LCD display which is very convenient.

The magnetic adjustable resistance can be adjusted manually using the tension adjustment knob on the front vertical bar. It is located right in front of the user for easy access. By extending your hand to reach the knob, you can then start adjusting to the level of the resistance you want.


Drive, Crank and Pedals

The unit has two-way direction flywheel so you can pedal with either forward or backward. Since the weight distribution of the flywheel is on the perimeter of the bike not center, the technology gives you smooth and consistent rolling over the unit. You will not feel jerky when you are working out on it.

As far as the crank and pedals are concerned, you are ensured that you will get a quiet workout, if you assemble the unit right, of course. There will be no disturbing sound when you are pedaling. This is another good point using exercise bike instead of using treadmill. Most of them are super quiet. Therefore you can watch TV or listen to music while you are working out.

The Tension Resistance

Since the unit comes with magnetic resistance or tension, it gives you the chance to adjust the resistance the way you want by turning the tension adjustment knob. Although there is no specific mark on each level that you select, you can get a feel of tension and notice the white dot on the knob as reference. In the end, you will still get the resistance you want with the adjustment.

Normally, magnetic resistance may not be as strong as the electrical resistance which can be found in more upscale models. Some of the users deem the resistance on this type of units weaker. This is up to your body strength and fitness. If you are an athlete level or regular exercisers, you may want to invest a little more and get more advanced model of the bike.

Display Type and Readouts

The unit comes with LCD display with buttons. Here are the main features on the console:

bodychamp-1270-consoleAuto On/Off

The unit will start automatically if you start pedaling. If the machine lays idle for four minutes, it will automatically shut off. You don’t have to press any button in order to start or stop.


: If you want to set time, select the Time function and press up or down button to get the value you want. When you select the time value from 1-99 minutes, the machine will count down your time on the display. When you reach the set value, the machine will beep to warn you that the set value is going to be reached.

If the time value isn’t set, the machine will count up the time for you until it reach 99 minutes.


: It gives you the workout speed in miles per hour. The range will be from zero to 99.9 miles per hour.


: The unit also give you speed in RPM ( rotations per minute). You can see the range from zero to 999 RPM.


: Similar to what you can set up with time, you can also set up with Distance value as your target. Once you set it up, the machine will count down until you reach your target. Otherwise, it will count up to the distance you have travelled until you stop.


: You can press enter-button until you get to the CAL function. You can also set your target in calories here. This is the same as you do with time or distance setting.



: In order to get your pulse, you will have to take a grip on the sensors which are located at the handlebars beside your seat. The sensors will send the signal to the console for reading. If you want to set the target hear rate or T. H. R., you go to that function and press up or down until you get the desired value. The value can be set between 60-220 beats per minute (BPM). Then you can start work out and you will see the flash if you reach the set value. Make sure that you keep your palms placed properly, not too tight or too loose, on the sensors. If there is no pulse input with 16 seconds, the display will show P which means it is in power saving mode. You can press any key to restart the pulse function again.


Heart rate monitor

Many start-up bikes do not have heart rate monitor, this product has a good pulse monitor which can be read on the console. In addition, you can set target heart rate for your exercise if you want. This is another plus for the unit.

If your console won’t show the pulse signal, you can correct it as following:

  • Make your palms damp or wet with water, the sensors will detect better if your palms are moist.
  • Do not take the grip too tightly. Holding the sensors too strongly will deter the detection of your pulse.
  • Remove the rings or jewelry. It may prevent the signal sending.
  • Check if the pulse sensor is properly connected and are not damaged. You may need to redo the installation in order to make sure that the pulse sensor wires are correctly connected.

Performance tracking

You do not have any performance tracking system that comes with the unit as you may be able to find in this machine. In some of the more advanced models of its competitors like from Schwinn, the products offer online performance tracking or online synchronization. You will have to do it manually with this model.

Break system

Some product comes with Eddy current brake system allowing you to use electro-mechanical brake system to provide resistance. This product use regular magnetic system to help increase the tension. The tension will then be adjusted by the knob in front of the seat.


The unit doesn’t have any electrical cord or adapter. All you need are just two AAA or UM-4 batteries to run the computer in the console. It is easy to place or replace the batteries. The battery chamber is at the back of the console.body-champ-1270-with-male-rider

Quick Key

As this is a start-up bike, it doesn’t have any quick key to certain speed or resistance level. You will need to go through normal steps in order to get to the area you want. But as you can see how simple to use the machine is, you may not need any quick key to accomplish your task.

The Seat and Back Support

The padded seat comes with the unit provides you enough comfort while you are pedaling. However, the unit’s padding is rather thin. Therefore, it is recommended that you should add some pillow below you if you want to exercise for a long period of time. As for the backrest, it is high enough to give you good back support. The angle of it is rather steep. Again, should you need to have extra long workout, you should add another pillow here.body-champ-brb-1270-console-diagram

Maximum weight and height

The product can carry the maximum weight of 250 lbs. This may not be suitable for a larger person since it is made to be simple and compact. If you need something stronger, you may have to look for the more advanced models from Body Champ or other brands.

As for the maximum height, there is no limitation from the manufacturer since the bike’s seat can be adjusted according to the height of the user. Therefore, it should be OK with even people who are taller than six feet.

The Noise Level

The product works quietly thanks to its drive and crank system. You can pedal it without worrying that it might disturb surrounding people. This is another plus of the unit.



Since the product is sold in an economical price with limited features, it doesn’t provide any accessory except the transportation wheels on the front. Actually, all other accessories like speakers or fan can be replaced easily by other means.


The Body Champ BRB1270 Magnetic Recumbent Bike comes with one year warranty for frame and 90 days warranty for parts and labor. Make sure that you have kept proof of purchase upon buying the product as well as keeping the shipping box in good condition. You can return it in case there is something wrong with the product.


Since the product comes with parts in the box, you will need to assemble the bike by yourself. The good news is that the assembly is not that difficult and the manual is clear enough to show you what to do. Just make sure that you keep all the bolts and screws in place so easy pick up. Also, all the necessary tools are provided along with the parts.


The size of the product is 40 x 13 x 23 inches ( L x W x H).

The weight of the assembled unit is 62 pounds.

According to the manufacturer, please make sure that you have prepared the space of three feet ( 36” ) around the machine so that your body parts will not hit any surrounding things during your exercise.



right-buttonThe unit comes with strong frame and decent layout.

right-buttonThe product works smoothly and quietly. Its noise will not disturb you during your workout session.

right-buttonThe pedaling on the unit is consistent without any jerky feeling.

right-buttonThe resistance level can be adjusted according to your needs.

right-buttonYou can keep track of your heart rate using the heart rate monitoring system in the machine.

right-buttonThe majority of the frame is made of metal for giving durability.

right-buttonThe seat and backrest are comfortable enough for the beginners.

right-buttonThe LCD display is made to be large and easy to use.

right-buttonThe unit is not heavy hence it is easy to move.

right-buttonThe price is not expensive for the features offered.


xredSince the padding is rather thin, you may need some extra cushion if you want to work out for a long period.

xredThe unit may not look very premium since many parts are made of plastic.

xredAdjusting the seat can be a pain since you have to get off the bike to set. If you have multiple users with different height, the adjustment may be a tedious job for you.


[contextazon id=’29’] The unit has the price range of $199-$299 depending on the period and the promotion on each retailer. One of the reliable sources for price is Amazon. You can check the current price of the product by clicking one of the links below.


This Body Champ BRB1270 Magnetic Recumbent Bike may not be the best in term of offering you the fancy features. But it does it jobs in term of delivering what you need for good aerobic workout at home without going out to the gym or go outside when the weather doesn’t permit. With its price, the machine surely has enough strong points to be one of the good choices to own.

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