Compact exercise bike: 3 types and tips on buying

sunny-mini-cycle-exercise-bikeNormally, exercise bikes do not take much space in comparison with other exercise machines for example treadmills or elliptical machines. However, for some people, space in their places may be very limited or they don’t want to have too big exercise machines in their room. Some people may think that smaller machines will cost less. This may be true in some cases. But we still think that it may not always be that way. Anyway, if you want a compact exercise bike, you will end up looking at three types of bike. They include folding upright bike, folding recumbent bike and mini bike. We are going to talk about each of them so that you have rough ideas what they are and which one should be your choice in the future.

Folding upright bike

You know what upright exercise bike is. It is an exercise bike which is designed to be similar to regular outdoor bike. The seat of the rider will be above the pedal and the height of the seat can be at the same level of handles or it can be a little lower than handles. The middle bar of the bike can be high and you may need to climb over it in order to mount or dismount the bike. The width of the bike is at the range of 20”-25”, the height of them is at the range of 45”-50” and the length is at 30”-45”. But if you look at the foldable one, the size may be around 20% less. The good news is that the foldable ones can be kept in the storage room or closet when it is not in use. Their weight will be around 35-45 lbs. The weight is light enough allowing you to move it to anywhere you want. Examples of foldable upright bike include Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse, and Marcy Foldable Excercise Bike.


Folding recumbent bike

The other name of this type of bike is mini recumbent bike. Because the product can be folded, it requires significantly less space. The differences between this type of bike and the folding upright ones are that the recumbent one has seat back which can support your sitting position and you can lean to rest your back. Your sitting position will be a little more relaxed. The products are suitable for people who want to reduce the lower body impact when exercise. The examples of foldable recumbent bike include Exerpeutic 400 XL and Progear 190.

Mini bike or portable bike

If you want it to be small, these devices may be your answer. The miniature bike is designed to have only pedals and the stand. Some of the bikes have small flywheel to operate and some haven’t. Some only have pedals and a very small console. You can pedal the unit while you are sitting on a chair or a sofa. What you need to do is to make sure that there is enough friction on the floor to hold your mini bike still. Some people may use the wall to hold the device tight while they are using. But in many cases, it is not so convenient since you might want to do other tasks on your computer while you are pedaling. In that case, you may need a solid unit which is big and heavy enough not to move while it is in use.

Another beauty of this unit is that it can also be used for hand exercise. Instead of using your legs for pedaling, you can use hands. Just place the unit on a high table and use your hands to spin it. It is especially good for the elderly people who want to strengthen their arms and muscles. If you adjust the resistance well enough, it is considered a good arm exercise. There are so many types and brands of these mini bikes in the market. If you are looking to buy one, we would think that MagneTrainer ER exercise bike. It may be more expensive, but we think it will be worthy in the end. Another good one and less expensive is Exerpeutic portable mini bike.

Overall, there are so many things to choose from when it comes to compact bikes. But we have concluded three types of bikes that you can consider if you really want to buy this type of bike due to the limited space. However, if you are serious about getting results and am willing to spend a little more. Why don’t you look at a full scale exercise bike? They may take up a little more space but they can make your journey worthwhile in the long run. You will find that the full-scale bikes, either upright exercise bike or recumbent exercise bike, are more stable and durable. You can use it for years while you may not be able to have that with the compact bikes. This is up to your decision which benefits you are aiming for.

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