All recumbent bikes that are reviewed on this site have the specifications as shown in below table so that you can compare and see the differences.

You can read the review of each just by clicking on each model you want to know on the table. Also, the price on the table will lead you to Amazon to see the most updated price now. You can also click the arrows to sort the table by information. The search table will also let you know the filtered information or data on specific brand. What you need to do is entering the brand name in the search box.

The table has more than one page so you can select to see as many products as you want by clicking next or select the number of items on the top of table. Enjoy!


Product NamePriceMagnetic or ElectricalRatingResistance levelsUser ProfilesHeart Rate MonitorMax weight and heightAccessories 
Reebok 610$699-$799Electric5.00220Yes350 lbs/no limitiFit port, fan, speakers, bottle holder
Fitdesk FDX 2.0$299-$350Magnetic4.50-0No250 lbs/ 6 ft-
Sunny Pink Bike$140-$230Magnetic4.5080Yes220 lbs/no limit-
Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Bike$149-$189Magnetic4.4880Yes300 lbs/6'2"-
Diamondback 510sr$799-$899Electric4.35162Yes300lbs / no limitFans, Bottle holder,
Speakers, Media holder
Exerpeutic 900 XL$169-$229Magnetic4.2480Yes300 lbs/6'3"-
Stamina 4825$190-$330Magnetic4.2286Yes300 lbs/6'4"-
Marcy ME709$150-$299Magnetic4.1880No300 lbs/6'-
Horizon RC 30$399- $599Electric4.1282Yes275 lbs/no limitBottle holder
Schwinn 250$559-$599Electric4.11162Yes300 lbs/no limitFans, Bottle holder,
Media rack, seat basket
Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike$113-$169Magnetic4.0880No220 lbs /no limit-
Stamina 1350$149-$250Magnetic4.0610No250 lbs/ no llimit-
ProGear190$159-$200Magnetic3.9780Yes275 lbs/6' 2"-
Schwinn A20 (2013)$239-$299Electric3.9380Yes275 lbs/ no limitMedia tray, Speakers, Bottle holder
Velocity CHB R2101$150-$299Magnetic3.9680Yes250 lbs/no limit-
Diamondback 910 SR$899-$1,199Electronic3.95322Yes300 lbs/ no limitMedia bay, Apple ports, chargers, fan, speakers, bottle holder
Schwinn 270$504-$799Electric3.922512Yes300 lbs/no limitFans, Bottle holder, iPad holder, Speakers
XTerra 22-pound$360-$499Electric3.85244Yes300 lbs/no limitAudio jack to iPhone or iPad
Velocity Dual Motion$379-$599Magnetic3.8580Yes250 lbs/ no limitUpper body exercise unit
Nautilus R514c$467-$699Electric3.84162Yes300 lbs/ no limitFans, Bottle holder, iPad holder, Speakers, Basket
Sole Fitness R92$999-$1799Electric3.80202Yes330 lbs/no limitCup holder, speakers, fan, wheels
Stamina InTone Folding Bike$160-$250Mechanical3.80-0No250 lbs/ 6'-
Welso Pursuit CT 2.0$189-$299Magnetic3.7580Yes250 lbs/no limit-
Schwinn 220 (2012)$310-$499Electric3.58160Yes300 lbs/no limitFans, Bottle holder,
Media rack
Schwinn 230$319-$699Electric3.53209Yes300 lbs/no limitFans, Bottle holder, iPad holder, Speakers
Proform 6.0 ES$399-$499Electric3.42200Yes300 lbs/no limitiFit port, bottle holder
Body Champ BRB1270$199-$299Magnetic3.0-0Yes250 lbs/ no limit-
Perform 4.0 ES$339-$399ElectronicNA160Yes250 lbs/ no limitApple port, fan, speakers, bottle holder


The definitions of each column parameter include:

Product Name

These are the names of product that are reviewed and shown here on this site. You can check out the details of each product just by clicking on the name of the unit that you are interested in. I will get the table updated and added when time goes by to make sure that you get the most accurate information.


This column shows you the current range of prices of the products which you can find online. The price cannot be shown what it exactly is due to the fact that there are some variations during the promotional period. You can however check the latest price just by clicking at the price of the product you are interested in.

Magnetic or Electrical

The differences between the two are that the magnetic bikes are powered by the magnetic tension in the machine while the electrical ones need to get electrical input to get the machine run. The magnetic bikes can still be used even when the computer console is out of order. However, the electrical ones provide you with more powerful tension and resistant levels. They will not work if the computer or console is off or down.


The top rating would be five stars. I separately calculate the stars by the actual votes from the buyers of the unit. While the ratings may not be used as the real satisfaction scores, they can be used as the indication.

Number of Resistance

The numbers shown in the column represent the resistance levels of each unit which is reviewed here. The more levels it has, the more flexibility you can have in term of tension adjusting. While all the bikes can adjust the resistance levels, not all have the same resistance. Some may have weak resistance, others may have strong one.

Number of Profile Programs

Each machine has its own computer that shows the data of your workouts. Some computers have the preset profile programs which allow you to select and enjoy the variety of your workouts, while some don’t. It is up to you to see if this feature is important for you or not.

Number of User Profiles

Some bike’s computer can store the memory of the user profiles so that you can call them back to use while some don’t. The user profiles can significantly reduce your time when you want to go back to your stored memory instead of getting to the normal machine setup steps.

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