Comparison Diamondback 510SR and Reebok 610 Recumbent Bike

comparison-diamondback-vs-reebokTwo of the most outstanding recumbent bikes in the market stand shoulder to shoulder for you to see which one has better advantages. Both are middle-level exercise bikes and both win a lot of praise from their customers. But which one is better? Let’ dive in and we will show you the details on both units.

On one hand, you have the Diamondback 510SR. This is a strong and heavy recumbent bike with good performance. It offers you a comfortable, large seat. The backrest can be adjusted vertically to match your height and properly give lower back support. This is very hard to find in products at this price level. The seat can be adjusted by sliding on the seat support bar using the adjusting lever. You can do it easily without having to step out of the machine. The seat is contoured to form to your body. Another good feature of the product is that it has mesh backrest which is good for air ventilation. You will need that when you sweat while exercising. You can hardly find mesh seats like this in other bikes. The contoured seat is covered by vinyl and supported by polyurethane foam.

On the other hand, you have the Reebok 610 which is launched and owned by the famous shoe company. The product is made of high quality materials with all the features you need for the bike at its level. The seat can be adjusted in the car seat style. The seat is made of contoured fiber which also gives comfort at a certain level. The sizes of both seats are similar. The backrest on this unit is not movable. So, you cannot adjust backrest here while you can do that on the Diamondback.

Another important part of both bikes is their consoles. Both are backlit console with many features to play with. It is hard to say which one is more attractive. They are both flashy in their own style. Reebok’s console is more ergonomic, but that is about it. Both come with a fan and speakers. Reebok has a media tray that you can put an iPad or magazine on. While the Diamondback has a display rack to firmly support the media. One great benefit that Reebok has over Diamond back is that its console is compatible with the iFit module. You can use the module to plug into the console and download all the information for your workout. Of course, you have to separately buy iFit module, but you will get much more benefits from that. For example, you can work out using Google Maps to replicate any terrain that Google has mapped. You can record and store meal plan including getting suggestion on the program. You can track your workout progress and record or get Jillian Michael’s workouts. Also, the module can be used worldwide. Imagine, if you travel overseas and can still use the module to continue your work out. Wouldn’t that be cool?

The number of preset programs on the Diamondback is a little fewer than Reebok (19 vs 29 programs). The resistance levels of Diamondback are 16 while there are 22 levels for Reebok. Both consoles are easy to use and they have similar sizes. Another difference between the two is that the console of the Diamondback is adjustable to match the angle you need for clearer visibility. This is another feature that is hard to find in most exercise bikes.diamondback-510s-side-full

As for the frames, both have rigid and sturdy aluminum steel frames. However, the Diamondback’s is heavier. When you compare the weight of the assembled units of the two, you will find that Diamondback 910SR weighs 125lbs, while Reebok 610 weighs 48.2 lbs. Diamondback weighs more than twice of Reebok. The heavier weight of the product means two things. It has stronger frame which is heavier and the flywheel is heavier. For exercise bikes, the heavier of the flywheel, the better performance the bike delivers. Considering this, Diamondback may be a better choice. But when we look at the frame design, the one of Reebok has a better looking design.

The drive and flywheel systems of both are quite similar. Reebok uses an inertia enhanced flywheel in order to provide smooth pedaling. The Diamondback uses a perimeter weighted flywheel. Both gives smooth 360 degree pedaling. Both bikes’ pedals are oversized and have safety straps. Considering these, they both get the same scores.

The most interesting benefits that Reebok offers is that the maximum weight of user of 350 lbs versus 300 lbs of Diamondback. According to this information, Reebok is better for the heavier users because it is made to endure high weight despite the fact that the machine itself is lighter.

Reebok-610-recumbent-bike-fullThe heart rate monitoring system of Reebok has better advantages because it can use a chest strap monitoring sensor. The system is more accurate than the grip system in the Diamondback. The good news is that you don’t have to buy a separate heart rate chest strap: it comes with the bike. This is only available in Reebok but not in Diamondback.

Assembling the Diamondback takes longer and is harder due to its size and weight. Still, the process is manageable. Though, you may need two people to assemble and to help holding heavy parts.

The price of Reebok is around $100 less than Diamondback’s price probably because of the larger frame and heavier flywheel.


Both are attractive choices for being home exercise bikes at the price between $700 -$800. Each has different strengths and weaknesses. In our opinion, Diamondback may be a better choice because of its frame and heavier flywheel. In addition, the weight of the unit makes it very sturdy when you are pedaling at high speed. But the weight may make it difficult to move around. The iFit is nice, but not a necessity since it requires extra purchases. That might make your exercise too complicated. However, if you like techie stuff, you can go for Reebok which is also not bad choice.


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