DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser

1-deskcycle-pedal-exerciser-with-girlFor many people who have routine sedentary work, you cannot avoid fatigue and lack of exercise after years of working. Only if there is some tool that can help you improve your health while you can still do the work. For many people, you cannot bring a recumbent bike to the office or your room doesn’t have enough space to cater the size of a new exercise bike. This pedal exerciser may be a good help. Let us tell you what is good and bad about it.

You can use DeskCycle exercise bike pedal exerciser to improve your mood and productivity by working and exercising at the same time. It can be placed under your desk like it is shown in the picture. The unit comes with magnetic resistance system which allows you to adjust the tension levels to the one you like. The product works smoothly and quietly thanks to its good drive system. The quiet output doesn’t bother other people in the office while you are using it. The product will not hurt your knees and joints because it gives you continuous and consistent strokes.

The DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser is similar to the famous Magne Trainer but it comes with more stylish design and smaller size. Its pedals are 5 inches lower than the Magne Trainer so that it fits comfortably under the working desk. It can be used for the person at the height up to 5’7”. Anyone who is taller than this is not recommended because their legs will be too long and will hit the normal desk at the height of 27”. If you are taller, you will have to find taller desk. There are eight resistance levels to select from and the levels are already calibrated. You can pedal the product both backward and forward to make your ride more interesting. The company also design online calorie calculator for estimated calories burned from the unit. You can check it on the desk-cycle website. The product dimension is 24 x 20 x 10 inches and its weight is 23lbs.

1-deskcycle-pedal-exerciser-productHere are the obvious benefits for this product:

  • The product weight is heavy enough to make the unit stable even when it is pedaled heavily.
  • It provides good exercise for quadriceps and hamstrings.
  • You can use it to combine work with exercise at the same time.
  • The pedaling is smooth and quiet.
  • You can multi-task while using it.
  • It can be moved easily to different places around the office or the house.
  • The console shows you the necessary information you need for the exercise.
  • The size is perfect for working out in the office and for sedentary work.
  • Pedals come with safety straps preventing you from slippage.
  • 8 resistance levels allow you to design your own workout pattern.
  • Price is affordable.

Here is the shortfall of the product:


  • It is not suitable for taller people.
  • The console will be under the desk. So, you will not be able to see it when you are working on the desk and pedaling at the same time.


If you are looking for desk exerciser instead of a recumbent bike, this DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser one may be suitable for you.


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