Diamondback 910SR Review

Diamondback-910sr-sideIf you know Diamondback brand, you might have heard that the company has a good reputation in manufacturing high-quality outdoor bikes. Now they are coming to the exercise bike market with a few recumbent bikes in the pipeline. The Diamondback 910 SR is one of their high-end recumbent exercise bikes. These bikes are designed for someone who looks for premium products. In this article, we are going to give you all the necessary details on the product so that you can decide whether or not it is a good fit for you.



When you are going to make a decision on a high-priced product like this one, you will want to make sure that everything is perfect so that you don’t waste your money on things that you don’t want. Luckily, the Diamondback 910 SR recumbent bike has more than enough features and benefits to enjoy. This is why it is an award winning item and receives many positive reviews.

This high-end home exercise bike from Diamond is designed to have a solid frame and diverse features. Its step-through design allows you to mount and dismount without having to climb over a high middle bar like in traditional upright bikes. The product is good especially for those who are recovering from injuries but still need some aerobic exercise. It is also suitable for elderly people and those who are recuperating from surgeries. It can be used for people who are beginning their fitness journey or the hardest of seasoned athletes.

The unit is made to provide a very sturdy operation. It can carry a maximum weight that is higher than most of the products in the market. The frame is made to be very durable. This is why the company gives a life-time warranty for the frame. The unit is heavy and very stable. This is similar to a professional gym’s products.

The console is made to be tilted and adjusted by the side handlebars for the perfect console-viewing angle. It comes with on-board speakers allowing you to play music or audio from the music source input. For example, you can easily plug in and listen to an iPad, iPhone, iPod or mp3 player. On the console, you can adjust the built-in fan to three levels. The foldout magazine rack is available when you want to read something while you are working out. It may be a little far away though, so it may not be a good reading tool for short-sighted persons.

The backlit display is bright and can be read even in a dark room. You can read your workout data on it and can play with many programs which are made available with a one-click approach.Diamondback-910sr-console-media-bay

The unit has 35 preset workout programs for you to play with. The programs include heart rate control workout, custom user workout, fitness test workout and many others. The bike comes with 32 levels of resistance giving you a chance to add lots of varieties to your workout routine. More resistance levels mean you can fine tune the program to whatever pattern you want.

The heart rate monitor is another important feature used in several exercise machines. This unit comes with two options that you can use. You can either use contact sensors available on the handle bars beside the seat or you can use the chest strap heart rate monitor which has to be purchased separately. The Lifecore, Polar compatible wireless heart rate receiver will show your pulse on the console. The chest strap heart rate monitor is more accurate and you have more control over your exercise position when you don’t have to hold the sensors all the time.

Another good feature is its large and comfortable seat. It can be adjusted using the side adjustment bar similar to how a car seat is operated. This is convenient especially for a household that has several different height members using the same machine.

The product receives both positive and negative reviews. The positive points are more on the solid frame, well-built structure, well-versed console and its looks. The negative reviews are more on defective parts upon arrival and difficulty in assembling it. Overall, the number of positive reviews outranks the negative ones by far.

Drive, Crank and Pedal

Diamondback-910sr-seat-adjustmentThis product uses a perimeter-weighted flywheel in order to evenly distribute the weight of the wheel throughout the perimeter. Weight distribution allows you to have smooth and 360 degree rotation of the wheel. The wheel is large and heavy in order to make the strokes stable and efficient. The two-way crank system allows you to pedal the unit both forward and backward. This also can be used to make your exercise more fun by adding more variety. The pedals are made to be oversized so that they can fit any size feet. The safety straps on the pedals prevent slippage. In conclusion, the drive and pedaling system gives you a smooth and quiet ride and makes this machine more effective and valuable.

Seat and Backrest

One of the main benefits of recumbent bike is that it allows the user to exercise in a semi-reclined position which causes less strain to the body, especially for lower body parts. However, this feature would be useless if the seat of the bike is not comfortable. The good news is that this product offers a wide, 12” padded seat. The seat is contoured to match the shape of the body. Unlike many of the cheaper bikes, it can be adjusted diagonally in addition to horizontally. This makes product is unique because it enhances positioning abilities. The adjustment lever makes it easy for you to adjust it to match your height within seconds.

The mesh backrest is made for good ventilation in the back. It can also be adjusted up and down. Another feature that you will not easily find is that the backrest can be adjusted to the angle you want. This allows you to sit in the most comfortable manner.

The Display Type and Readout

You can read your workout data from the console as well as control the machine. Many of the functions are standard things that you can find in any exercise machine. But some may be difficult to understand and cannot be overlooked if you want to get the most out of the unit. There are five major parts on the console. The top area features the “media bay.” The media bay holds all media equipment and also has an audio input jack.” You can also use USB ports and iPhone chargers which are made available in this bay area.

The second part is the left vertical buttons allowing you to select the preset program quickly and easily. They are called Quickset program keys.

The third part is on the right side of the console. The vertical buttons here allow users to quickly change the resistance level. They are also called Quickset resistance keys.

The fourth part is the lowest middle part of the console containing speakers and fan. Above them are the user profile keys and the fan adjustment keys.

The fifth part is the most complicated part and is where you spend most of the time interacting with the device. The lower part contains numeric input pads, Go and Stop buttons and various other buttons. Above them is the backlit digital display. The display shows you the resistance level you are using, the total time of your exercise, segmented time, energy in watts, distance, RPM, calories, speed and your heart rate. The matrix display gives you the data you want to see including the columns showing the pattern of your selected workout. The scrolling message on the display provides instructions you are setting it. In addition, your calories, speed, RPM and distance will be shown here in the message bar.

The console can be tilted to give you a clear and direct view on it. The pivotal point is at the base. To tilt it, you just need to firmly hold the top of the console and move. Do not over-extend the tilt since it might damage the console.

console-diagramQuick Start or Manual Program

This menu is used to bypass the user setup mode and to launch a new workout session immediately. Just press the Go or Quick Start key and you will get an exercise session of 30 minutes with the resistance level set at 1. After that, you can adjust the resistance according to your need using the up or down keys. Once the program starts, the clock will count down until it reaches zero. After the session, the summary of the workout will be displayed on the console.

Heart Rate Programsquick-set-keypads

The bike features a heart rate control program as well. This option measures the user’s pulse and automatically raises or lowers the resistance level in order to stay in the target heart rate zone. The optimal heart rate target is normally 60% to 85% of the maximum heart rate calculated according to the age of the user. This is useful especially for those who want real cardio-vascular results. There are three heart rate programs that you can enjoy:

Fitness Test Program

This program can be used to measure and track your fitness at home. It can also be used to track your progress towards the fitness goals that you have. The result from the test, however, is for comparison purpose only. It cannot be claimed for medical use.

The process is simple. By giving the user different types of intensity and measuring the user’s heart rate at the time, the machine can analyze the user’s responses to the workload. In order to make the program work, the heart rate monitor has to be held, or the chest strap heart rate monitor has to be worn by the user.

Classic Programs

You can enter several preset classic programs so that you can change your workout pattern the way you want. Pressing the Quick Set Program key opens the category which leads you to the following classic programs

6 Interval workouts

6 Hill Climbing workouts

6 Strength tests

3 Fat burning workouts

5 Random workouts

2 Laps workouts

Set Up Mode

You can change the unit from English Miles to Metric Kilometers by using setup mode. In order to enter this mode, you will have to press both up and down keys simultaneously for two seconds. When you start the machine the first time, it will go to the setup mode automatically.

With this mode, you can set up the unit as well as manage the on/off sound, adjust the backlight and choose whether you want the demo on or not.

Diamondback-910sr-console-regularHeart Rate Monitoring Program

The product comes with the pulse sensors which are located at the handlebars. By taking grip of the sensors, you send the pulse signal to be read on the console. The unit also contains a wireless heart rate receiver which is compatible with Lifecore or Polar chest strap heart rate monitors. With the chest strap sensors, you will have more control over your body while exercise as well as have more accurate heart rate readings.

Brake System

This bike makes use of the ECB or Eddy Current Brake system providing electro-magnetic resistance. This is the same technology used in high-speed trains all over the world. The brake system is used to adjust tension or resistance on the bike by combining magnetic yoke with the electrical field. It then creates vertical magnetic resistance which can be used to increase tension on the bike. The resistance made by the system is proven to be stronger and more accurate. In addition, since there is no wear or tear parts, the system is durable and can last for years. Because there is no friction involved in this resistance system, your bike will never get too hot or smell like it’s burning.

Assembly of the Unit

Since the unit comes unassembled, you will have to assemble the product by yourself. All the tools and parts are provided with the package. However, you will need to know a few things before you get started. First, the bike is big and heavy. This makes the assembly quite difficult especially if you have only one person working on it. The second point is that the owner’s manual isn’t clear enough to give all the instruction for assembly. It will normally take one or two hours to finish the job.


The Diamondback 910SR Fitness Recumbent Bike needs 110-Volt electricity to operate. It comes with the adapter and cord. The cord measures approximately 55 inches.


You can find the following accessories that come with the product: fan, speakers, mp3 connector, USB port, 30-pin Apple port, water bottle holder and transportation wheels.

In addition, you will be able to use remote heart rate receiver if you decide to get an additional heart rate monitor that can send the signal wirelessly.Diamondback-910sr-back


The assembled product is measured 50” x 64” x 23” ( H x W x D). The assembled unit weighs 152 lbs. Please make sure that you have enough space for approximatel 24” on both sides of the unit in order to prevent your body parts from hitting any of the surrounding objects.


The product has the generous warranty as following:

Limited lifetime warranty on frame, materials and workmanship

3-year warranty for parts and electronics

1-year warranty for labor

90-day warranty for wear parts.


  • The unit is made with a steel frame giving you a very sturdy machine that can last for a long time.
  • The step-trough design allows you to access the unit without climbing over a high middle bar.
  • The product is made to be stylish and has an expensive look with the use of good materials.
  • Despite its large size, the transportation wheels make moving the machine easier.
  • The seat is large and well-padded to provide you with comfort.
  • The seat can be adjusted easily by using the adjusting lever in the same style that you adjust a car seat. You don’t have to step out of the unit in order to adjust the seat like in the cheaper models.
  • The mesh backrest allows good ventilation and contours to the shape of the body.
  • The backrest can be adjusted both vertically and the angle of it can also be adjusted the way you want.
  • The console is made to be clearly seen. It can be tilted to the angle that gives you best visibility.
  • The display on the console is backlit and can be seen even in a dark room.
  • The console is easy to read and use.
  • There are 35 preset programs that you can play around with the.
  • 32 resistance levels are enough to add more variety to your exercise routine.
  • The unit can use both grip heart rate monitor and chest strap heart rate monitor (which needs to be bought separately).
  • It is endorsed by DiamondBack brand name.


  • The price is rather premium. This may not be suitable for some families who need just basic bikes.
  • Assembly can be difficult and take longer time due to its size and un-detailed manual.


The unit is sold at the price range between $899-$1,199 depending on the promotion and timing. The best website to check the current price is Amazon where you can access by clicking one of the links here on this page.

Reviews and Rating

The product has got mixed reviews. Since it is a high-end product, the number of reviews may not be large. However, they are detailed enough to see that its strengths are far more than weaknesses. The major complaints that we notice are about the difficulty in assembling the product and the defective parts that arrive with the package.


As you have seen all the features and benefits of this Diamondback 910SR Fitness Recumbent Bike from the reviews above, you may find that the unit carries a lot of good features that can make your aerobic exercise more fun and effective. Of course, the unit comes with a more expensive price tag than most of the products in the market. But it is expensive for good reasons. We think that if your budget allows, this may be a viable choice. However, if you want something at the same level to compare, you can check out Sole 92 recumbent bike which is also reviewed here on this site.



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