Diamondback Fitness 510Sr Reviews

diamondback-510s-sideNot all the expensive machines give you good features. I have seen many commercial bikes that have a lower quality than I would have expected. That is not the case with this product. It is not a commercial bike you can use in a professional gym, and yet it offers the quality and features close to that level. In this Diamondback Fitness 510Sr review, we are going to give you the details of the product so you can decide if you should own this impressive bike. We will also cover some shortfalls of the unit so you can bear them in mind before you make decision.


This product belongs to Diamondback Fitness, whose mother company, Diamondback Bicycles, was founded in California in 1977. The first bike of the company was branded Centurion bicycle, which later on changed to Diamondback. It later launched another brand of bike called Raleigh. In early 1990, the company expanded to launch many related products, including touring bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes and recumbent bikes. Diamondback Fitness was also founded in 1991 with the focus on exercise machines, including upright exercise bikes, recumbent exercise bikes and elliptical trainers. The company has the mission to deliver superior value and quality to the public with intuitive and appealing designs.

This recumbent bike is a proud award winning unit from Fitness Professor Review. It offers a good workout in a comfortable position. The product has a well-designed seat and backrest to reduce strain on the back and to have minimal impact on knees and other joints while you are working out in aerobic mode. This is especially suitable for the ones who are recovering from joint injuries, chronic pain, or for someone who wants to get her heart rate up during her pregnancy.

The product comes with 20 workout programs and 16 resistance levels. The easy-to-read console allows you to track the necessary information of your workout on the display. It also contains QuickSet programs to immediately start the functions you want. The console is adjustable to be clearly seen. One neat thing about the display is that it has a scrolling message center so you can track the information from your workout.

The handlebars have a heart rate monitor sensor. On top of that, the angles of the handlebars and console can be adjusted so you can customize them to match your size. It has a full media center with speakers so you can enjoy your bike thoroughly. The eddy current brake system allows you to exercise quietly. You will not believe how silently the machine works.

Apart from those standard benefits a lot of brands cannot offer, Diamondback also has many accessories, including integrated speakers with mp3 connectivity and a headphone jack. The magazine rack is foldable for keeping it stored when it is not in use. The water bottle holder is found on the front so you can refresh yourself while you are on it.

It also has a sculptured seat that is proven to be comfortable for a long ride. The back rest helps support your lower back area. This may be one of the most comfortable seats in the recumbent bike products. This machine may be considered expensive, but it has reasons to be so. The quality of the product can say for itself.

diamondback-510s-backAs for the reviews from the users, the unit receives very few negative comments. There may be a comment that the unit lacks the advanced performance tracking program that can be combined with Mobile apps or Website for more sophisticated users, like in Schiwinn’s, but a lot of people don’t mind if the product has the feature or not.


Diamondback Fitness 510sr Crank and Pedals

The unit comes with an advanced one-piece crank with large pedals. The pedals have straps that allow you to fix your feet to them while you are working out. The crank and pedal let you have a smooth and quiet pedaling experience while the straps provide you with a good ride without worrying about the slippage while you are on the machine.

Drive System

Although the company doesn’t say in its specification which technology of drive and flywheel it is using on this product, it is pretty obvious that the product contains a perimeter-weighted flywheel that allows the weight of the wheel to be placed on the perimeter. The result is that you will get a smooth and consistent circle pedaling instead of having an up and down motion like in some less expensive bikes. With the smooth ride, you will get less impact on your knees, hips and muscles. This also helps keep the noise of the unit minimal so you can enjoy your exercise more without interfering with other activities in the room.

Seat and Backrest

Do both work well and comfortable? The answer is yes. The seat is well padded with foam inside. It is designed to be contoured to your body and the shape makes it very comfortable. The backrest is a mesh seat back, which provides good air ventilation when you are working out. Overall, this may be one of the most comfortable seats you can get on the market.

The only issue may be that although the backrest can be adjusted to move vertically to support people at different heights, the lowest position is not low enough to have lower back support for a shorter person. So, for a person who is as short as 5’2” or lower, they may need extra cushion like a pillow in their lower back area.diamondback-510sr-console

Tension Resistance System

As this is a higher priced item for a recumbent bike, it contains a good tension resistance system. The system is called the Eddy current braking system. Although it is called brake, the system is not for that purpose. The purpose of the system is to provide more resistance for increasing the intensity in your workout. It uses a magnetic yoke to provide a vertical magnetic field and the electrical coils in the system give the electrical input. The magnet creates tension without having any parts touch one another, resulting in more accurate tension. In addition, the system is very durable because there is no wear part. You will have a very quiet workout and no odor. You will not smell burning like when you use some of machines. There is a slight whirling sound when you change the resistance, but that should not be a problem. The noise is minimal.

The 16 resistance levels in the product are more than enough from which to choose. The number may be less than some rival competitors, but it does its job. The resistance can be adjusted in levels from very easy to very challenging. Unlike some of the cheaper models, you will get real resistance here – not too weak or too difficult.

The Display Type and Readouts

The stylish control display has many functions for you to play with. The backlit portion of the display is clear to see. Yet, some customers still complained that the light may not be enough for a dark room. However, there are very few people who make that remark. Here are the functions that you can use from the console:

Level/Resistance: This is for selecting a resistance level you want to select. There are 16 levels of the resistance to choose from. All you have to do is go to the resistance mode and use the up and down button until you get the level you want.

Total Time: This is to show you the time of your workout. It shows the elapsed time counting from the start of the exercise. The display will show this time for five seconds and then change to the total time remaining. It will automatically switch between the two times for the whole duration of your workout.

diamondback-510s-seat-adjustmentSegment Time: It shows the segment time which is equal to 1/20th of the total program time. The segment time also corresponds to the Display Matrix Field below. If you want to toggle the switching features on and off. You will need to press the right arrow key.

Watts: This is for indicating the energy generated from your workout. It is normally used in the fitness industry and can be used for further evaluation.

Heart Rate: This field shows your pulse or heart rate in beats per minute (BPM). As usual, in order to make this function work, you will need to take a good grip of the sensors at the handlebars.

Heart Rate Bar Graph: This is another good feature on the console. The bars of the graph will have the light on in order to show you at which percentage of your maximum heart rate you are now. There are a few zones, including Warm Up, Fat Burn, Cardio, or Peak.

Matrix Display: It shows you the resistance level and time intervals. This is similar to most of the exercise machines.

Distance: The field gives you the travelled distance in either Miles or Kilometers.

Calories: It shows you the calculated calories consumed during your session.

Speed: The speed is shown here. The unit is revolution per minute (RPM).

Console Buttons

There are a few buttons on the console, including:

QuickStart Key: It is used to immediately launch the QuickStart program and pass the data entry process.

Stop Key: This is used to pause the unit for five minutes withone push. If you press and hold this button for two seconds, it will reset all the data and return to idle mode.

Up/Down Arrow Keys: They are used to adjust the values in the setup modes.

Fan Control Key: It is used to control the fan speed.


Diamondback 510srPreset Programs

The product comes with four types of programs for you to select, including:

Strength programs with four workout profiles.

Hill climb programs with five preset hill profiles.

Interval programs with five interval programs.

Fat burn programs with two programs.

There are, therefore, 19 preset programs for you to choose from, and when it is combined with the QuickStart program, the total count will be 20.

Profile Programs

The preset programs are made to adjust the resistance automatically according to the elapsed time and the predefined pattern. There are 9 profile programs, including 1 manual program, 3 course programs, 3 circuit programs, and 2 pursuit programs. The design lets you have more variety in your workout and you will not get bored with your exercise routine. Below are the patterns of each program for you to see what you can choose if you really own this product.

Custom User Profile Programs

There are two user profile programs for you to install your profile and call it back when you use it next time. This is for your convenience since you don’t have to input the information every time you start the workout.

Resistance Level Quick Buttons

The machine does not have quick buttons to select the resistance levels. You have to use regular up and down buttons to select the resistance while you are in resistance selecting mode.

Measurement Unit Selection

You can select to either use Miles or Kilometers with the unit. By pressing the arrow up and down buttons simultaneously for two seconds, you will get to the console setup mode. When you are in the mode, the “SET UNITS” message will be shown in the lower display field. “Eng” or “Met” will flash in the matrix display depending on what is currently set. Use the up or down keys to get the right selection. Eng is for miles and Met is for kilometers. Press enter to finish the task.

Heart Rate Monitoring System

The unit comes with heart rate monitoring sensors located on the handlebars of the machine. You can hold a grip on the sensors and get the pulse signal to be shown on the console display. The information of your pulse can be used for the heart rate programs.

Heart Rate Programs

Diamondback’s heart rate program can be used to control your heart rate while you are working out. By adjusting the intensity levels of your exercise, the machine can control your heart rate within the optimal range according to your user profile. When your heart rate is beginning to fall, the machine will automatically adjust the resistance to be higher. That will result in higher intensity and you will have to push more efforts. Your heart rate will rise again. The heart rate control program is used to strengthen your heart function.diamondback-510s-side-full

Maximum Weight and Height of the User

The product frame is very solid and sturdy. The maximum weight of the user who can work out on it is 300 lbs. As a matter of fact, the product is large and heavy. It should be able to handle more weight than that.

There is no height limit on the unit. People who are taller than six feet can also enjoy the unit thanks to its adjustable seat.

Noise Level

The unit works very quietly. There is almost no sound when you are exercising on it. As I have mentioned earlier, there may be a little whirling sound when the resistance is changed, but that’s it. You can then enjoy watching TV while you are on the unit without any interference.


This product provides several extra accessories you can use during your workout session, including:

  • Integrated speaker system with mp3 connecting port.
  • USB port for charging small electronics like cell phones or mp3 players.
  • Folding magazine rack that you can make some adjustments with by placing a ruler on it. Then you can put an iPad on it and enjoy watching movies.
  • Adjusting cooling fan. As usual, the fan doesn’t work strongly.
  • Water bottle or cup holder.


The product comes with an AC power adapter and cord. You will need to find a place with a wall plug in order to make the machine work. The length of the power cord is approximately 55 inches.


[contextazon id=’20’]The product offers a generous warranty, including:

Life time warranty on frame and brake (resistance)

3-year warranty on parts

1-year warranty on labors

90-day warranty on wear items

Dimensions of the Unit:

The Diamondback Fitness 510Sr Recumbent Exercise Bike comes with the size of 64” L x 23” W x 50” H. If you want to spare the space to place it, you may need the area of 64” x 23”. Do not forget to leave the clearance space of 24” on each side of the product since you will have to make sure you have enough space when you move on the bike. Your body parts or machine parts will therefore not hit one of the surrounding objects.

The assembled product weight is 125 pounds.


Assembly of the product is not difficult, but it takes time. The average time you need to assemble it is around 2-3 hours because the unit is large. There are so many parts that you need to put together, but it is not that difficult, even for a person who is not mechanically inclined. The manual gives quite a good illustration of what you need to do. All the parts are diagramed so you can easily understand the steps.



Check1OrangeThe product has a solid build and uses quality parts.


Check1OrangeIts heavy weight makes it more sturdy and stable than those less expensive models.


Check1OrangeThe design of the product is sleek. It has a very nice and quality look.


Check1OrangeThe seat and backrest are comfortable and well designed.


Check1OrangeThe seat adjustment can be made very easily. It is suitable for multiple users within the same house.


Check1OrangeThe console is backlit and can be easily seen even in a dark room.


Check1OrangeThe functions are easy to use.


Check1OrangeThere are sufficient functions for you to play with.


Check1OrangeThe machine runs smoothly and quietly. It will not disturb other activities in the room.


Check1OrangeThe product is made to be durable. Most users have used it for a long time without problems.


Check1OrangeThe accessories like fans, speakers, magazine rack, cup holder or USB charging port are nice to have.



xredThe height of the console might hinder the visual in front for a shorter person.

xredThe backrest is a little high for a shorter person who might need an extra pillow for lower back support.

xredBecause of its large size, the unit takes a long time to assemble.



The unit is priced at around $799-$899 depending on the promotional period. You can check out the latest price from Amazon, which should be one of the best price sources you can find by clicking one of the links below.

Reviews and Rating:

From the reviews we get from 34 users of the product, we find that 91% of them give the unit four to five stars. This means they are quite happy with what they get. In addition, this product receives very few complaints. Almost all of the customers are satisfied with what the product has offered to them.


The Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike is considered one of the upper level bikes on the market. It is well built and has good reviews from its users. The machine works smoothly and quietly. It has a good console with many features on it. You can enjoy your workout with great variety. The frame is rock solid and sturdy. On top of that, this is a durable machine. If your budget permits, we think this may be a good choice for you.


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