Diamondback Recumbent Bike: Choices between 510SR and 910SR

Diamondback-910sr-backTwo outstanding recumbent bikes are compared for you so that you know which one is better. The comparisons are made for all aspects so that you can have enough information to see which one should be the winner. Of course, you don’t expect them to be equal because each has its own price and selling points. We are going to talk here about whether you should spend more to get the high-end one or should spend a lot less but have to compromise some of the features.

Diamondback is not a stranger in health and sport industry. It has built reputation in outdoor bicycle market since the company establishment in 1977. The company started with Centurion brand which later on changed to Diamondback. In 1990, the company diversified its business and launched many products which were not regular bicycles. Recumbent bike was one of items which were marketed at that time.

There are two recumbent bikes that Diamondback has now. If you see the title of this article, you will know what they are. The two include Diamondback 510SR and Diamondback 910SR. The first one is a less expensive machine and may be one of the middle range home exercise bike while the latter is obviously a high-end one. If you don’t know which one between the two is better, you are in the right place. Let’s see what are their strengths and weaknesses.

Diamondback 510SR

diamondback-510s-sideThis is an award winning item which is endorsed by Fitness Professor Review. The unit comes with a very strong frame and rigid design which will last for years without feeling outdated. The seat and backrest are superb since they provide good support and at the same time comfort. The backrest can be adjusted to match your body shape. Another good feature of the mesh backrest is that it is made to be perforated. This will reduce the heat when you are riding on it and perspiring. This is very hard to find in home exercise bike. The unit comes with 20 workout programs which should be enough for regular and beginner exercisers. 16 resistance levels are available for you to choose from. The quickset programs allow you to start the machine without going through complicated steps and wasting time. The scrolling message on the console is cool and it can motivate you when you pass certain levels of exercise. The product has more than everything that a standard recumbent bike can offer. No water bottle holder for this unit unless you want to buy extra.

Diamondback 910SR

Diamondback-910sr-console-media-bayThe product also has the award from the same organization but the award may be a little newer. It is probably one of the bikes that allow taller people to use. Seat adjustment is easy to use and you don’t have to step out of the unit like it is required in many machines. There are 32 resistance levels for the unit so that you can have more selections for the level you want. The 35 workout programs can definitely increase your variety and will not bore you while you are using it. Another cool feature of this bike is that it can detect your heart rate from both handgrip heart rate monitoring bars on both sides of the seat and from the chest strap heart rate monitor which you can buy separately. The chest strap heart rate monitor has the advantage on its more accuracy and flexibility. You can always monitor your heart without having your hands holding the bars. If you use Life Care polar heart rate monitor, you can read your heart rate on the console of this 910SR.

Similarity between the two

  • They share the same major frame. Although, there are some minor changes in some of the parts, their bodies are considered the same with same materials.
  • They have more or less the same seat and backrest.
  • They share the same standard and brand name.

The differences between the two

  • The 910SR has far more workout programs that the 510SR ( 35 vs 20)
  • The 910SR has 32 levels of resistance while the 510SR has only 16 levels.
  • The 910SR can be used with chest strap heart rate monitor while the 510SR can’t.
  • The 910SR is more expensive. The price difference is around $100. You may have to spend around $800 to get the 510SR. Check the current price of the product at Amazon by clicking at Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike.


The verdict


Obviously the 910SR has more advantages than its brother product. However, the price difference of $100 can be an issue. Are the added benefits really worth that much? That depends on whether you want to use those added features. Personally, we don’t mind to sacrifice more programs and save a hundred bucks. But that depends on you. Both are award winning items and have good reviews from the users. If you don’t mind spending a little bit more, go for the 910SR. But if you are like us who want to save some money, go for its brother, 510SR.

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