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velocity-dual-motion-with-maleWhat is a dual action exercise bike? Normally, it refers to a stationary exercise bike which allows you to exercise both your upper body and lower body. The exercises may not happen at the same time since you will lack focus if you do both. But some of these bikes allow you to do it simultaneously. That is not recommended though. These dual action exercise bikes are perfect for elderly people who need to regularly exercise both their upper and lower body. The exercise is not heavy and easy to do. The user will get both aerobic exercise and muscle training especially on the hamstrings and gluteus.

There are two types of dual action exercise bike. On one hand, you will see a fully equipped exercise bike with the seat and the rotating arm in the front. On the other hand, you have mini-bike which can be placed under your chair and pedal when you sit on the chair. This same mini-bike can be placed on a table and you can use your arm to rotate it to exercise your upper body. We will look into both options so that you can see which one matches your needs the most.

Full Dual Action Exercise Bike

There are not very many exercise bikes that offer both features of upper and lower body exercise at the same time. In our opinion, we think that the combination makes the design of the bike look a little bit odd. The bar that holds upper arm spinning unit has to be strong enough. This makes the bar thick and it does not go along with the rest of the design. In addition, since you will need to do the exercise alternatively, many users do not see the necessity of using both in the same machine. Plus the price is more expensive when the bike has both components to provide you those features. This makes this option less attractive.

However, for the user who wants to exercise both parts may see that the benefits already compensate for the price factor. The bike is convenient to use and the price is considered reasonable. Let’s take Velocity Exercise CHB-RGK862R for example. The bike has dual motion feature allowing you to use both bike mechanism and hand exercise mechanism in the same machine. The exercise of both parts will help eliminate stress to the back, neck and shoulders. It has a walk-through design so that you can mount and dismount without having to climb over a high middle bar. It has a nice console with adjustable seat. Basically, it has most of the features you need for a normal exercise regime.

Velocity exercise bike is sold at around $320-$450 price range. It may be expensive if you look solely at the recumbent bike features. But if you consider that the product offer added feature of upper body exercise, you will see this is another valid choice.

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Mini-Bike or Mini Folding Exercise Bike

1-magne-trainer-fullThese bikes are a lot less expensive than the first option. However, they may be less effective because of the light weight of the machines. It can move when you pedal at a fast speed. One way to solve this is to place it against the wall but that makes it less practical. In addition, the magnetic resistance power of this type of bike may not be very strong. This is because most of the products in this category don’t have a flywheel. So, the mechanism of resistance creation is different from the ones in real recumbent bikes or from the first bike we mentioned above.

If you want a more stable product in this category, you may find that the MagneTrainer-ER Mini exercise bike is a better choice. However, you will have to bear its heavier weight and more expensive price tag. But it really works well in comparison with all other products in the same category. At the price of approximately $150-$200, you will get this mini-bike which you can use to exercise upper and lower body effectively. It may be a lot more expensive than most of its rivals but we think the price is really worth what you will get.

Why exercise only the lower body parts since your upper body also needs training? Dual action exercise bikes offer both in the same machines. We have listed out what they are and the types that you can find in the market so that you can know more and decide later if you want to own one.

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