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If you are familiar with recumbent bikes, you should already know that one of the best sellers is the Exerpeutic 900XL which is an entry-level bike for beginners. Now, the company has two more middle level bikes and Exerpeutic 2000 magnetic bike is one of them. Although the product has some innovation on its “Air-soft” seat, there are many things that the product should do better. This article will outline those points for you.


Exerpeutic is one of the most popular brands in the recumbent bike area. They are marketed by Paradigm Health and Wellness. This is the same company who has Ironman brand and its other fitness products. Paradigm has been active and successful in the exercise equipment market for years.

The product was launched online in 2014 and got very few reviews from customers. However, most of the reviews are positive. Its step through design allows for easy access to the unit so that you can start exercising without having to climb over the high horizontal bar. This is useful for elderly people and for someone who is just recuperating from surgery. Exercise is still essential for these people and recumbent bikes can be good tools. The sitting position on this type of bike lets you pedal without much stress.

There are several highlights on this product which are far better than the strong predecessor, the Exerpeutic 900XL. However, with a more expensive price tag, the product becomes less attractive for users on a budget. The product’s strengths include its new seat which is a lot more comfortable and suitable for those who like to exercise for a long time. The new arm rest system provides more comfort than the old one. The product may be the only one in the market which has this accessory.exerpeutic-2000-recumbent-bike-seat

The product still uses the same flywheel and drive system as in other models. The precision balanced flywheel gives you consistent pedaling. The V-belt drive allows you to have a smooth and quiet ride. Considering its flywheel weight, the product has no improvement on this system. It still uses the same type of the drive and crank system used in its other less expensive model.

As far as the console is concerned, the product doesn’t give a very exciting offer. It has added features such as more user profiles. However, the company should do better in adding more preset programs or having more progress tracking devices. That would be more interesting. Having said so, the console does have an additional iPad holder. What is cool about this feature is that the iPad will not hinder the visibility of the console. You can still see the console data while you are playing with your iPad. Some of the competitors, on the other hand, have the holder for books or iPad but cover the whole console face when it is in use. This is another plus for the product.

There are some other concerns that I will mention along through the reviews. This is not a bad product considering its added features. But you may have to carefully think about them in comparison with the higher price you will have to pay for it.

Flywheel, Crank and Pedals

The product has standard precision balanced flywheel with V-belt drive allowing you to get a very smooth ride on the bike. Also, you can hardly hear any noise when you are pedaling on it. So, you can multi-task while you are working out. This is common now since most of the recumbent bikes in the market offer very similar benefits on the drive and crank system. However, the differences are in how well the parts are put together and how durable they are. As for those points, the Exerpeutic brand can be reliable considering that many of its products have been in the popular lists for years.

The unit has large pedals to give you more secure pedaling. Also, the safety straps allows you to work out without the worry of having your feet slip which may happen in some of the cheaper bikes.


The Tension Resistance

exerpeutic-2000-recumbent-bike-iPad-holderThere are eight resistance levels in the bike that you can choose. Although the number of the levels should be enough for your workout, I think the company should do better considering that the product is sold at such a high price. Unlike its popular predecessor, Exerpeutic 900XL, you can control the resistance out from the console. Therefore, you don’t have to twist the adjustment knob and it is more convenient.

The magnetic resistance works well and is not weak. Some of the less expensive bikes have very weak resistance when it is set at the low level. The only level that has enough resistance on those models is the maximum setting. That is not the case for this product. Basically, the resistance adjustment works fine.

Display Type and Readouts

You can read your workout data from its LCD console. One minus on this part is that it is not backlit. Therefore, it is hard to see in the dark. So, be prepared to turn on the light when you are working out and do not place this unit on a dark room.

You can read the console easily because the size of the numbers is large enough. You can clearly see it even when you are leaning fully on the back rest.

Console Functions

There are several functions that you can use on the console including:

Scan: This makes the computer scan each function of the machine in sequence. It will change every 6 seconds.

Speed: The display will show you the current workout speed. There is split window of speed and RPM which will display both alternately every 6 seconds.

RPM: This comes from rotation per minute. The window will display your pedaling speed in RPM.

Time: It shows your elapsed workout time in minutes and seconds. The display will count time up when you are using regular training mode. However, if you have preset the time, the clock on the display will count down the time until you reach your time goal.exerpeutic-2000-recumbent-bike-console

Level: This shows the resistance level which you have selected from level one to level eight. You can simply change the level by pressing the up or down button. The split window of time/level will show you the current resistance level.

Distance: This is accumulative distance data which you have travelled so far in the session. As usual, the distance will count up if you use normal program. But it will count down if you choose to set the session time.

Calories: It shows you the burned calories during the workout session. The display can count the calories up or down depending on whether you have set the target like in other parameters.

Pulse: The display will give you the heart rate after you have gripped the handlebar sensors with your both hands. The good news is that the process in not difficult thanks to the elbow support which gives you extra comfort.

Preset Programs

The product comes with six preset training programs, 6 training modes and 4 user’s settings. The major modes include manual, interval, plateau, hill, climbing and valley. While the programs are enough to add more variety onto your workout, the product can do better in term of giving a more exciting console.

iPad Holder

The console comes with a built-in iPad holder. It can also be used for other mobile devices that you have. Also, you can use it for books or magazines for reading. However, books with small letters may not be suitable since the sitting position will make your eyes be quite far from the target.

When you use the iPad holder, you can still see the console display. This is another good point of the machine.

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate can be monitored by taking handrail grips on the front of the seat. The position of the sensors is quite unique in comparison with other competitors in the market. You can comfortably rest your arms on the armrest and hold the sensors without getting fatigued.

The pulse or heart rate can be used to make your workout more interesting. By selecting the suitable heart rate zone, you can exercise and strengthen your heart.

exerpeutic-2000-recumbent-bike-with-riderSeat and Backrest

The product’s seat may be the main highlight of it. The company uses the word “Air Soft” to describe their seat and how it can help the users. Firstly, it is very thick at 3.5-inches. This may be one of the thickest in the industry. In addition, the seat has individual air chambers which provide shock absorbing and disperse the user’s weight resulting in more comfortable sitting. It also includes a honeycomb mesh around the sides and has a soft PVC weave cushion top. This will increase air flow inside, giving you a more comfortable feeling. On top of that, the system allows the seat to remain cool even after many hours of riding. This can be useful especially for those who like to have specially long-hour exercise.

The padded backrest is contoured for your comfort. It is also large and comfortable. The backrest goes well with the improved seat. The armrests are also added into the machine to provide you with elbow support while you are holding the heart rate sensors for the whole exercise period.

Seat adjustment can be done by using seat adjustment knobs underneath. The adjustment will take a little time and you will need to be out of the machine. In my opinion, a seat adjustment lever is better since you can adjust the seat to match your height while you are on it.

Performance Tracking

There is no performance tracking system here in this unit. If you want to track your progress, you will have to do it manually.

The Power of the Machine

The product comes with an adapter with the cord. You can just plug in the cord to get the electricity to supply the computer.


Some of the products allow you to immediately access some resistance levels or programs. Those buttons are called quick-keys. Unfortunately, you will not find them in this machine.

Maximum Weight and Height

The maximum weight for the users who can use this machine is 300 lbs. This is common since most of the bikes offer the same limitation.

The product can be used for the users between 5’3” to 6’3”. This is one of few models which can be used by a person over 6 feet tall.

The Noise Level

The product works very quietly thanks to its crank and drive system. You can work out while watching TV or listening to music for sure.exerpeutic-2000-recumbent-bike-whole


Apart from the iPad holder, you will also get a bottle holder. Also, the bike has extended stabilizer bars allowing you to ride it at high speed without tipping or wobbling. In addition, the product has front stabilizer wheels to help you move it around. Apart from that, there is no other extra accessory.

Product Assembly

The product comes un-assembled. You will need to spare around one to two hours to assemble the unit. However, the assembly guide is detailed enough. So, it should not be too difficult for you to finish the task.


The product comes with a one year limited warranty.


Overall Dimensions: 34” H x 22” W x 54” D. The weight of the assembled unit is 63 lbs. Please make sure that you have 20 inches clearance space on each side of the unit so that when you are using the product, there will be no body part hitting surrounding objects.


  • Its step-through design allows you to mount and dismount easily.
  • The “air-soft” seat is 3.5 inches thick providing cool and shock-absorbing support.
  • You can sit on the seat for hours without feeling uncomfortable.
  • The seat is large and can cater to people at different sizes.
  • The backrest is contoured to match body shape and the armrests are useful for helping you hold the heart rate sensors.
  • Extended leg stabilizers are for more secure paddling without tipping or shaking.
  • The product offers 6 preset programs including manual, interval, plateau, hill, climbing and valley.
  • It has eight resistance levels that you can choose from and operate from the console.
  • 4 user profiles are available for you to keep your memory for future use and reference.
  • Transportation wheels on the front stabilizer help you to easily move the unit around.
  • iPad holder is cool. It can be used to hold other media and books. The use of the holder will not block your visibility of the console.
  • Flywheel and drive system makes the pedaling smooth and effective.
  • The unit works without much noise. So, it is suitable for working while multi-tasking.
  • Larger pedals and safety straps prevent slippage while the machine is in use.
  • The unit comes with a heart rate monitoring system that allows you to track your heart rate.
  • The assembly guide gives enough information on how to assemble the unit.


  • The LCD display is not backlit. It is therefore difficult to read in a dark room.
  • You will have to step out of the bike in order to adjust the seat.
  • Many bikes in the range already use a seat adjustment lever which is a lot more convenient to use. This unit still uses seat adjustment knobs.
  • The console functions are limited. The company should do better in this price range as far as the console is concerned.


The price range is set at around $310-$399 depending on promotional campaign and timing. You can check out the latest price at Amazon here.[easyazon_cta add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B00EKCCJCG” cloaking=”default” height=”42″ key=”tall-orange” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”bikedat-20″ width=”120″]


Reviews and rating

Since this is a new model (it was launched in late 2013), there are not that many reviews in the market. However, most of the reviews give the product positive comments due to its more comfortable seat.


The Exerpeutic 2000 High Capacity Programmable Magnetic Recumbent Bike gives a very good solution for the users who are not so comfortable with recumbent bike seats and want something softer and more supportive. The product’s Air-soft system gives everything you need from the seat. The only disappointment is that apart from that, not many changes are found on the unit in comparison with its predecessor. The iPad holder is nice, but is not a must. With the offered price, the users should get more features.

If you are not a serious exerciser who wants to exercise for longer than an hour in each exercise session, you may not need the extra comfortable seat that this product offers. You can choose the Exerpeutic 900XL which is a lot less expensive but with less options. But who needs those options anyway?

However, if you think you want something decent and want to spend a similar amount of money, you may want to check out and compare the unit with Schwinn 230. It may be a little more expensive, but its features are much more attractive.

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