Exerpeutic 4000 Mobile Application Tracking Recumbent Bike Reviews

exerpeutic-4000-front-with-riderAfter having been successful in their two major recumbent bikes, the Exerpeutic 900XL and the Exerpeutic 400XL, Paradigm Health and Wellness Company launched a new recumbent bike to capture a more premium market in 2014. This product is called the Exerpeutic 4000 Mobile Application Tracking Recumbent Bike. The unit is designed to have several additional features with more modern technology. This will make the users get more enjoyment from their exercise routine. In this article, we are going to look into the product in both positive and negative points including the ones that may be crucial to help you decide if the product is for you.
Paradigm Health and Wellness is not a new company in the field. Their other leading products include the Ironman brand which has a focus on triathletes market. The Ironman products are mainly to help triathletes properly train themselves. The brand’s major products include gravity tables, treadmills, ellipticals. Exerpeutic is the brand for the sport equipment which has a main focus on mass consumer market. One of its major products is, of course, recumbent biks.

Recumbent bikes offer several benefits that many other exercise machines do not. The products give you very low impact on your lower body and, at the same time, provide you with enough exercise intensity. A recumbent bike has a walk-through design allowing you to mount and dismount easily without having to climb over a high middle bar like in an upright bike. The products are useful for elderly people and people who are recovering from operations or surgeries. In addition, many professional sport athletes use the product to strengthen their leg muscles. When the machine is set at high resistance, it can really boost of the intensity of your workout and can give good result in many parts of the body. This may be one of the best ways to have aerobic exercise safely. Another good feature of these bikes is that it allows you to multi-task while you are exercising. Many machines cannot. You can work on your computer or watch your multi-media equipment while working out at the same time.

As for this Exerpeutic 4000, the product was launched in the middle of 2014 with many additional features. The product has far more advanced features than its predecessor, the 900XL. The product’s major selling point is its mobile app tracking feature which allows you to work with the Exerpeutic App to track the progress of your workout. The seat is designed to be softer and larger in order to accommodate your ride. The air compartments in the seat help you to have a pleasant time while using the unit. The structure of the unit is rock solid and can last for years. The flywheel provides a smooth and quiet ride. The side bars come with different unique design so that you can comfortably place your arms on the elbow rest pads while your hands firmly grasp the vertical heart rate monitoring bars.


The design of the product is good enough to be placed in any living room or sport room. The unit is neither too big nor too small. You can still move it around with the front transportation wheels. The long and extended stabilizer bars allow you to have a firm support while you are pedaling. The large blue LCD display can clearly show all relevant data from your exercise. The heart rate monitor system gives you the chance to read your pulse while you are working out. In addition, it can be used as one of the tools to set up your intensity and the pattern of your workout. There are 24 resistance levels in this unit. You don’t have to worry if it will be enough! Another good point is that the resistance adjustment can be easily done by just pressing a button on the console.
Since the unit is just recently launched, there are not that many reviews on the product. Most of them are positive. There are a few negative reviews though. The major ones are about the seat-wobbling while pedaling and difficulty in adjusting the seat.

Crank and Pedal System

The product has one-piece cranks which firmly hold the pedals. The pedals are designed to be larger than usual so that they can support different sizes of feet. The pedals come with safety straps which prevent foot slippage. You can adjust the strap to firmly secure your feet while you are on the bike.

Flywheel and drive

The product comes with a precision balanced flywheel and a V Belt drive. This makes the machine run quietly and smoothly.

Tension Resistance System

The 24-level Magnetic Tension control system allows the user to adjust the tension level from the computer console depending on whether he wants an easier or more difficult workout. The number of the levels is more than enough for your selection. You can either increase or decrease the intensity of the workout on the console without having to twist the resistance knob. You can do this while you are riding. Some of the less expensive bikes do not allow you to do this.


The large console is designed to be easy to use. There are only five buttons on the unit. The start button, up, down, reset, and enter button. You select the rest of the options via the LCD screen. This console can be a gift for the person who likes simplicity. But for the users who want more sophisticated functions, it can be a disadvantage. The direct competitor, like Schwinn 230, may have more edge when we look at this perspective.

The Display Type and Readouts

There are two parts of the LCD display that you can see. The dot matrix part which shows you the exercise pattern according to the resistance at each time interval is on the top left of the display. The rest of the display shows you the relevant exercise data. What is cool about this unit is that you can connect your console with the Exerpeutic App in your smart phone or tablet. Your exercise data will be transferred to your smart phone. Then you can enjoy better graphics and functions when you track your progress and tailor your exercise regime out of that.

The parameters which are shown on the LCD display include time, RPM, speed, distance, Watt/Cal, Pulse and user.

Mobile App tracking system

Since the formal name of this product is Exerpeutic 4000 “Mobile App Tracking” Magnetic Recumbent Bike, the product has this feature as its major selling point. This Mobile App Tracking is installed in the computer of the bike allowing you to have your exercise data shown in your smart phone or tablet. The mechanism uses built-in Bluetooth to connect with the smart phone. You will need to download the free Exerpeutic App to your smart phone or tablet so that you can use the feature.
The app is available for free on Apple store or Google Play for Android. This tracking system is compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android related smart phones and tablets.
With the use of this app, you can easily track your workout. Every time you work out on the machine and connect your smart phone onto it, your workout data will be recorded onto the app. You can call them back and select any recorded data any time you want. You don’t have to reset the machine should you want to repeat the exercise pattern you want. You will also know all relevant data from the unit.

Preset Programs

There are 12 preset programs for you to choose from to add more variety to your workout routine. You can select one of these programs to get the exercise pattern you want.

Profile Programs

User profile allows you to record your exercise data and keep it for use in the future. This is useful when the machine is used by more than one person. It is also useful if you want to keep different records for different purpose. In this unit, you can have up to 4 user profiles.

Heart Rate Control Programs

This means you can use your heart rate or pulse as the parameter to change the resistance on the unit. Upon receiving your personal data, the computer will calculate your maximum heart rate. You can then select one of the HRC programs in order to work out. Let’s say you choose 90% HRC which is the most difficult one. The computer will calculate your maximum heart rate out. Suppose your maximum heart rate is 200 BPM. When you start working out, the unit will increase the resistance level until your heart rate reaches 180 BPM (90% of the maximum heart rate). Then the resistance level will automatically drop in order to reduce the heart rate. When your heart rate drops to a certain level, the resistance will increase again. This adds more fun into your exercise routine.

Custom User Programs

You can use the four user profiles where you have set personal data and record your manual program onto it. Next time you log into your user profile, you can recall that program which you have previously made and enjoy the same ride.

Fitness Test Program

There is a fitness test mode for you to select and work out to check what fitness level you are in. By choosing this mode and pedaling while your hands grasp the heart rate sensor, you will know how fit you are at the end of the program.

Quick Start Program

There is no quick start button on the unit but there is a diagram to show you how to start working out quickly in just four steps. Actually, the process is not at all complicated. You may not need the quick start button anyway since it is so easy to start with the normal process.

Resistance Level Quick Buttons

There are no quick buttons for the resistance level either. You will need to go to resistance selection mode and use the decrease or increase buttons to get to the level you want. The good news is that it is easy to do so and you will be able to get to that level in no time.

Other Buttons and Functions

Apart from the buttons that we have mentioned, there are no other buttons or additional functions. The mobile tracking function alone may be worth the incremental cost of the unit. There is no other special button or function that comes with the unit apart from what we have mentioned.

Sleep Mode

When you switch on the machine and leave it unused for four minutes, it will automatically go to sleep mode. In order to get it back to work, you will need to just simply press any button on the console or start pedaling. The process will help save energy and prolong the life of the machine.

Heart Rate Monitoring System

There are two sensors on the vertical bars beside your seat that you can hold and monitor your pulse. The bars are a little over soft arm-rest cushioned bars which can be a good support especially when you need a long exercise. They will reduce your fatigue when you are holding the sensors.

Noise Level

The product works perfectly silent. You can hardly hear any noise when it is in use. You can enjoy its quiet noise even when you are pedaling at high speed.

Product Assembly

The Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike with Bluetooth Technology and Mobile Application Tracking has to be assembled. Because the owner’s manual is not well written, you may need a couple of hours to assemble it. Be prepared to spend some time on this if you decide to buy one.

In addition, the assembled bike may not be able to pass through a regular door. Make sure that you assemble the unit in the room you want to place it. Otherwise, you may have to dissemble it and re-assemble again.


The product comes with two accessories: a cup holder and an adjustable media tray that you can place your iPad or tablet on. The tray can be handy if you combine your unit with the mobile tracking feature.

User maximum height and weight

The product can be used by the people whose height is between 5 feet to 6 feet 3 inches. The maximum weight is 325 lbs or 147 Kgs. This is one of those few machines that can cater to big size people. So, if there is one or more of the users in your house in this category, this machine can be your choice.


The product is designed to be used with 110-V electricity.


The manufacturer warranty is 1 year for frame and 90 days for parts. The parts include computer display, electronics, upholstery, foam, ball bearings, pulleys, belts, cables, wires, shocks, covers, tension, internal mechanism, wheels, pedals, knobs, accessories and hardware.

Dimensions of the Unit:

The product comes in the size of 58″L x30″W x 41″H. The assembled weight is 71lbs


  • The product is well made with solid frame and structure. It can last for years to come.
  • The product can take up to 325lbs of the user’s weight. The weight is considered high in comparison with other similar bikes in the market.
  • The “open step in” design allows you to mount and dismount easily.
  • The stabilizers have extended legs more stability. They will prevent movement or tipping of the unit.
  • Front transportation wheels give you the chance to easily move the unit around.
  • The mobile app tracking can be connected via Bluetooth to any smart phone you want. You can enjoy the bike with more enhanced graphical interfaces and functions.
  • There are 12 workout programs that you can choose from. These don’t include 4 profile settings.
  • The product comes with 7 different training modes.
  • The 24 resistance levels allow you to adjust the intensity at your will.
  • The unit has precision balanced flywheel which gives you a good pedaling experience as well as quiet operation.
  • Bigger pedals give you rim support and the safety straps prevent you from slippage.
  • Its seat comes with an Air Soft system which provides aerodynamic support while you are using the unit. It means that it allows air to breathe through the fabric. You will feel cool even when you have sat on it for several hours.
  • The seat is 3.5 inches thick for your comfort.
  • The backrest is a molded mesh piece. Its contoured design can go along well with the shape of your body. The elbow rest pads help support your arms as well as reducing the stress on your back.
  • The computer is made in the streamline style. You don’t have too many buttons on the console for easy operation.
  • The console has an adjustable latch to hold your mobile devices including phones or tablets.
  • Soft Gel pad helps hold mobile devices firmly.
  • You can enjoy the features of your smart phone or tablet while riding this bike. You can watch video, read emails or do many other activities.



• The seat can be wobbled a little when you are pedaling. Many of the customers don’t notice it but some people complained. If this problem concerns you, this product may not be for you.
• Seat can be adjusted to match your height but you need to step out of the bike to adjust it and the process is not so easy.
• The assembly instructions are poorly written. You may have to put up with it.


The price of the product varies between $400 and $600. We cannot specifically say how much it is now. One of the best price sources for this product is Amazon. You can click Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike with Bluetooth Technology and Mobile Application Tracking to see what the current price tag is now.

Reviews and Rating:

Since the unit is rather new in the market, there are not many customer reviews. From the survey of 24 customers of this product, 16 of them give the product 4-5 stars. This means that at least 67% of the customers think that the product performs according to their expectations. The positive reviews gave the same good points we have mentioned earlier. The negative reviews are mainly about the wobbling of the seat and the difficulty of seat adjustment. Also, there are some complaints on the poorly written manual. To be on the bright side, by the time you read this review, Paradigm may have corrected this problem.


The item is very interesting especially for the ones who love technology and constantly make full use of their smart phones and tablets. In comparison with their rivals at the same level, Schwinn 230 and Proform 6.0ES, we think that the item gets the advantage for using a free App. The other two machines you will need to pay for the iFit program. The console of Exerpeutic 4000 is easier to use but has less modern options. A lot of features have been minimized. If you expect a better console features, the latter two options may be more attractive. The names of Schwinn and Proform are also more appealing. But if you want simple machine with free mobile app, this Exerpeutic can be your good choice as well.

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