Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike Reviews

An exercise machine can be a good addition to the room since it allows you to work out while doing other activities with your family. However, there are a few things to consider when you are using one. Firstly, the exercise machine can make loud noises and disturb other family members. Secondly, the size of the unit sometimes is too large and makes the room look small. Lastly, the cost of an exercise machine can be outrageous. It can cost you an arm and a leg to get a good performance unit. However, there is a product that can solve all three of the above problems for you.

The Exerpeutic 400XL is a folding recumbent bike that allows you to work out in a comfortable position with very little noise. It is compact, doesn’t take up much space, and can be towed away to store in the closet if you want. Additionally, it does not cost that much once you look into what it provides. This Exerpeutic 400XL review will give you all the information of the unit so you can use it and see if this product is suitable for you.


Exerpeutic have a few products that are quite popular in exercise machines. One of them is the recumbent bike. Two of the most popular items are the Exerpeutic 900XL and this Exerpeutic 400XL. There are some reasons to make them more popular than others. The products are provided by Paradigm Health and Wellness, who also own the Ironman fitness products. The company has been in the business for a long time and has built a substantial base in the sport equipment field.

Since the Exerpeutic 400XL is a folding recumbent bike, its design actually makes it something other than a real recumbent. It is more on the semi-recumbent side because the unit’s pedal is not totally in the front, but positioned below. However, the form of the bike still allows you to get a similar feeling as to when you are using a real recumbent bike.

Using the recumbent concept is an ergonomic benefit for the user. The recumbent product provides less strain to the knees and the back of the users in comparison with an upright bike. The products in this category are therefore good for the users who are recuperating from illness or knee surgery. Also, they can be used for elderly people who don’t need heavy exercise and want to have some aerobic exercise at home. These people do not have to go outside, to the gym or to the park to get good exercise. Just one machine at home is good enough to allow them to work out and enjoy.

The good news is that this space saving unit really does its jobs in terms of delivering good workout results within an economical budget. Its foldable feature even makes the bike small enough to be kept in the cabinet or closet. The weight is light, so you can easily move it around to different rooms or places. The two transportation wheels on the front add to the convenience of moving.

There are eight levels of resistance on the bike that you can enjoy. Unlike many of the less expensive bikes, the resistance for this machine is not weak. Level eight is hard even for a stronger person. Although a lot of parts in the unit are made of plastic, the structure of the product is quite solid and sturdy. You don’t have to worry that it will fall apart after a long use. The design of it allows you to easily get on or off. You don’t have to climb over the high middle bar like on the upright bike.

The unit comes with a comfortable padded seat and seat back made to be large enough to cater people at different sizes, from 5’2” to 6’2”. The maximum user weight is 300 lbs. The crank system allows you to have smooth and consistent pedaling, even with the high speed. The V-belt drive gives you a quiet workout. You can watch TV or listen to music while exercising on the unit.exerpeutic400xl-folding-unit

Even though its size is rather small, the unit is very stable thanks to its extended stabilizer bars, which give it good balance. You don’t have to worry that the machine will tip over or wobble when it is in use. The pedals are made to be larger in order to cope with different size feet, and the straps make the pedaling more firm and prevent slippage.

Overall it is an interesting product in the category and gets good reviews. The product comes with a one year warranty and most people don’t have to use it. There are a lot of reviews for this popular item, and most of the users love this machine. There are very few complaints. The major ones were about the defect parts and the assembly problems. These are quite common for an unassembled product like this one.


Crank and Pedals

The crank system used in the unit is a high-torque 3-piece torque crank system that gives you smooth and consistent pedaling. The drive and crank is made with a precision balanced flywheel, allowing the unit to run with accurate shifting and rotating. The V-belt drive gives a good support to the system, providing quietness when the drive is working. In the end, this system allows to you enjoy working out without much noise, which would interfere with your TV watching or music listening.

The larger pedals’ size is bigger than normal pedals, allowing you to get better pedaling. The safety straps are added to ensure the prevention of slippage. You will feel more secure as your feet are firmly attached to the pedals.

You can pedal both forward and backward in order to change your pace. The pedals stop when you stop. They don’t rotate on their own after you get off. That is another good point about this machine.

The Tension Resistance

There are eight resistance levels that you can select from the unit. The tension adjustment knob is in the front just below the console. Its magnetic resistance system is strong enough to allow you to have varying levels of intensity. It is said that the strongest tension on the bike is very strong even for athletes, but the weakest one is almost nothing. So, you can choose whatever level you want.

Display Type and Readouts

exerpeutic400xl-consoleThe unit comes with an easy to read console that can track your workout data within seconds. The diameter of the console is 7.5 inches, which is big enough to be easily noticed. The LCD screen size is 3 inches x 1.6 inches. There is only one button on the display and it allows you to select the value you want to see. You can either start the unit by pressing that button or you can just start spinning your bike. If the unit is left idle for 4 minutes, the computer will automatically turn off. If you want the unit to be in SCAN function, just push the button until you see SCAN. With that mode, the computer will start to scan the function of TIME, ODOMETER, Calories, Pulse, Speed and Distance. The value will change every 6 seconds.

The TIME display will give you elapsed time of your workout in minutes and seconds. It will be in the range of 0-99.59 minutes. The Speed display shows the speed in miles per hour. The Distance display shows the accumulative distance traveled in the range of 1-999.9 miles. The calorie display demonstrates the estimated calories you have burned during your workout within the range of 0-999.9 Kcal. The Odometer will show the total accumulative distance the bike has travelled. This data cannot be set to zero unless you change or take off the batteries. The Pulse function is for letting you know your pulse rate in beats per minute. Lastly, you can reset the value to zero by pressing and holding the button for more than 2 seconds. All the values will be reset except the Odometer.

Heart Rate or Pulse Monitor

exerpeutic400xl-pulse-sensorThe heart rate monitor sensors are implanted onto the two handlebars beside the seat of the user. By taking hold of the bars, you will get your pulse read by the console display. Note that the value may not be very accurate and cannot be used for medical purpose. Instead, it is for the comparison of your pulses under different workout regimen.

If you find there is no heart rate shown on your display or there are erratic or inconsistent values shown, you will need to check if the wire connections for the hand pulse sensors are properly secure.

Performance Tracking

There is no such feature like a performance tracking system for this start-up bike. You may have to manually take your own record and keep track of your exercise.

The Seat and Back Rest

The padded seat is 12 inches wide and 20 inches deep. It can be used by people of different sizes. The vinyl cover and foam padding inside make for good support. However, if you want to work out on this for a longer amount of time, you may want to consider adding a pillow or cushion to make your exercise more enjoyable.

The seat is at 27.5 inches above the ground. The height of the LCD is 24.5 inches from the ground.

Brake System

Recumbent exercise bikes don’t need a brake system unless they use the Eddy current brake system to provide the resistance level. In this case, the product does not use this system and therefore does not have a brake system.

The Power of the Machine

The unit does not need electrical input to make it work. The only thing it needs for the computer is two batteries. What you need to do is remove the battery cover at the rear of the computer and place two AAA batteries into the housing. Make sure they are correctly positioned and the springs are in contact with the batteries correctly. Close the cover and if the display is not readable, remove the batteries. Then wait 15 seconds to reinstall the batteries.exerpeutic400xl-seat-back


Some exercise machines, like treadmills, have quick-keys for immediate access to the speed or degree of incline you want. The same goes with other bikes, where some you may be able to select the resistance immediately, but there is no such thing on this unit.

Maximum Weight and Height

The maximum weight of the user in this product is at 300 lbs. If you are heavier than that, you may need to look for other models. You may have to spend significantly more because most of the products at this level have the same maximum weight.

The suitable height range for users who can use this product is 5’2” to 6’2”. The maximum height is therefore 6’2”.

The Noise Level

[contextazon id=’13’]The unit works quietly and smoothly, so you don’t have to worry about the noise. When it works, the product will not bother you with loud noise.


There is no extra accessory that comes with the product. Please don’t expect to have fans, speakers or bottle holders like some other machines. The unit, however, gives you a solid frame and extended stabilizer bars. You will get extra-wide support to its legs. The unit will not shake or wobble while you are working out. The reviews show that people think the product is very sturdy.


The product comes with a one-year limited warranty.


exerpeutic400xl-resistance-adjustment-knobThe Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike comes with the compact size of 33”L x 19”W x 46”H (assembled unit). Product weight is 39 lbs. Carton dimensions are 47.2”L x 16.4”W x 10.4”H and the Carton weight is 43 lbs. When it is folded, the dimensions change to 24”L x 19”Wx46”H.

Although the unit is quite small and does not require much space, you will need to leave a clearance of 24 inches on each side of the unit in order to let it work properly and so none of your body parts hit other surfaces. This is a common practice to all recumbent bikes.

The product comes in a carton and is not yet assembled. You will have to spare some time to do the assembly yourself. The process will take around one to two hours, depending on your skill. It is not difficult to finish the task since many parts are pre-assembled. Make sure you follow the manual and you will get it right.


Check1OrangeThe unit works smoothly and performs as a good aerobic exercise tool.

Check1OrangeIt works quietly. Its noise will not disturb you when watching TV or listening to music.

Check1OrangeThe size is compact. You can use it in a small room.

Check1OrangeWhen it is folded, the size is even smaller. You can keep it in the closet, storage or cabinet.

Check1OrangeThe frame is sturdy and firm. The frame should last for years.

Check1OrangeThe functions provided are enough to evaluate your workout.

Check1OrangeTransportation wheels make it easy to move around.

Check1OrangeThe display is easy to read.

Check1OrangeThe resistance is good. You can have a wide range of difficulty.

Check1OrangeThe product comes at an affordable price.


xredThe seat can get uncomfortable after a long ride. You may need some extra cushion.

xredComplaints on customer service are often found.



The product is sold at an affordable price range of $149-189 depending on the promotion. You can check the updated price by clicking on the links below to go to Amazon.

You may not be able to look at just the price in order to justify buying a product, but prices are a good decision making indicator. If you have a budget in this range and want to make sure your purchase is worth your money, you will need to do some research before you buy. This is how our site comes into play. While most of the less expensive items have some flaws, it doesn’t seem to be so in this case. The product comes with strong performance indicators and the price is very attractive.


Reviews and Rating

exerpeutic400xl-seatDue to its good performance and attractive price, the product gets great reviews from several places. For example, from one of the review sources, we found that out of 752 customers who bought the unit and used it, 91% of the users give the product four to five stars. They are quite satisfied with the product and endorse it as a good purchase.

Of course, there are a few people who are not happy with the product and give the unit 1-3 stars. The major reason why they gave a low rating was because some of the packages had defect parts or the unit broke after being used for a while. However, the number is comparatively low if you look at the whole population. For example, the customers who are entirely unhappy with the unit and give the product only one star are equivalent to only 3%.


It is easier to decide when you buy a less expensive item than when you want to buy a more expensive one. Many times we end up spending money on the useless product that doesn’t last long and does not function as advertised. This is not the case of this Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike. The product offers a good performance for the price you would have to spend. It may be one of the most popular entry-level recumbent bikes on the market. The strongest points apart from its performance are about its compact size and its fold-ability. It can be stored in your cabinet when it is not in use. This is another plus of the product.

It seems that the drawbacks of the unit are not so many according to the reviews. The major complaints are about the defective units, which can happen. Unfortunately, the company has a few issues with their customer services. This is an awkward condition and we hope you don’t have to go to that phase because there is far more good experience than bad experience comparatively.

This is a good recumbent bike if your budget is in this range. You may not get many added features or accessories like in the upscale bikes, but what is offered with the product is enough for you to get good daily exercise.

Closing Remark

The product is the same as Exerpeutic 300SR, which is sold in many places at a similar price. You don’t have to spend time to compare them since they are identical but come with different names. This may be a marketing strategy of the company to focus on different markets.




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