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exerpeutic900xl-frontCan a relatively inexpensive option like the Exerpeutic 900 XL recumbent bike really deliver?  Based on the outstanding reviews online it can – once you get it put together.  If there was any common complaint from consumers it was the assembly process but I don’t think you should hold that against this bike.  (Who really enjoys the assembly step anyway?)

When it comes to buying a recumbent bike, you will have to look at all details so that you know what you are going to get from what you have paid for. As for Exerpeutic 900 xl reviews, we are going to break down all those details for you. Let’s dive in and see if this is what you want.


This is one of the most popular models of recumbent bike. It is provided by Exerpeutic, a company who specializes in exercise equipment. Exerpeutic is one of the brands managed by a company called Paradigm Health and Wellness – the same company that owns the Ironman brand of fitness products.

The first question that may come to your mind is why you’d need a recumbent instead of a regular upright bike. The simple answer is that a recumbent bike is easier to use and gives less stress to the knees and back. It is therefore useful especially for someone who is just recuperating from injury or for seniors who need more exercise in their life but have mobility issues. It is also good for those who have osteoarthritis. Believe it or not, this type of bike provides you a safer exercise since it can save your knees and prevent the impact of the back and knees while you are working out so it’s truly a good option for all fitness levels.

The unit is not foldable but it has two transportation wheels located under the front bar of the base that allow you to move it around. Its weight is 63 lbs. It therefore can be moved around easily. All you have to do is lift the back at the base and wheel it to a new location. The step through style allows you to just walk into it and sit without having to lift one leg over a middle bar. With a regular upright bike, you would need to climb up in order to ride it. This design gives you more comfort when it is in use.

The product is called extended capacity and heavy duty for three reasons:

  • It is made to have wider seat than the previous model to cater to more body types and offer more comfort.
  • It has more comfortable back rest.
  • It comes with more magnetic resistance so that the users can enjoy more challenging workouts.

The unit is specially designed to have more stability using what is called “extended leg stabilizers”. They are the long horizontal bars which are used to support the weight of the machine and the users. The bars are made to be longer to prevent the bike from shaking or tipping when it is in use. You will get a more stable and pleasant ride than the previous models of Exerpeutic’s.

The product’s frame is mainly made of metal. There are only a few parts which are made of plastic. The seat is padded with foam and covered by vinyl. The seat rail below the seat is obviously made of metal to provide more stability and durability. Moreover, the hand rails beside the seat are made of semi-rubber material with the pulse pad for monitoring the heart rate.

The padded seat  is 16 inches wide and the total space between the two handlebars is about 20 inches. It can cater to a variety of body widths. However, for the very big person, this seat may be a little too narrow. Most people find the seat is fairly comfortable although the pad might feel a little thin and using an extra cushion helps.  The back is firm and sturdy but some might find it reclines just a bit more than they like.  You can’t adjust the angle of the back but using a wedge pillow will bring you more upright.  All things considered, it’s reliable and provides good comfort at this price range.

The seat can slide from front to back in order to be customized to  with a height between 5’3” to 6’3” although lots of consumers from 5’ to 5’2” said it worked fine for them, too.  Therefore, smaller people or kids at that height can also enjoy using this machine.

The process of moving the seat, though, is a pain.  It requires the use of 3 separate knobs to move the position of the seat and if you have to change it regularly – for example, if two or more people in a home are going to use the bike – then it might bug you.  This is probably a small thing and wouldn’t stop me from buying this bike because it’s a great value all-in-all but it’s just something you should know going in.

The height of the seat from the floor is 18 inches. The height of the seat is not adjustable though. Considering that you will sit and use your leg to spin the pedals, though, you will not have to adjust the height. The distance between the seat and the front handle bars is 20 inches.

If you are going to ride on it for the extended period of time, you may want to place a small pillow on the seat because it is a little thin.  Extra cushion won’t hurt for longer period use.  The seat comes with a large back rest which ensures a comfortable workout.

exerpeutic-900xl-spinCrank and Pedals of Exerpeutic 900 XL

The unit comes with a smooth torque cranking system which provides a smooth and consistent pedaling motion. What does this mean? It means the crank used in it is specially made with precision balanced flywheel (accurate shifting and rotating wheel) and V-belt drive ( it is a technical term for a special kind of belt used with crank system). This results in smooth and quiet pedaling which will not disturb you when you are watching TV or listening to the music.

The pedals are made to be larger to provide better comfort and prevent slippage. They also have safety straps to make sure that your feet are securely attached to the pedals.

The pedals stop when you do and do not spin on their own after you get off – that’s something that bothers a few people but that doesn’t happen with this bike.  You can also pedal backwards on this for a change of pace.

The Drive System

The unit is driven with precision balance flywheel which was mentioned earlier.

The Tension Resistance

The intensity of your workouts on this type of bike depends on two factors. One is how fast you spin the pedals, the other is how much resistance you get from your spinning. This is how tension resistance comes into play. For this Exerpeutic 900XL, you will find eight tension resistance levels for you to choose. The tension, by the way, comes from a magnetic system. That is why they call it magnetic tension. The adjustment knob is just in front of you under the LCD display. Just turn the knob to select the tension and enjoy your workout.  This bike has 8 settings and goes from very easy – almost no resistance at all – to a tight resistance level that will give a good workout to those who want a challenge.  You can change the tension while pedaling but because of its position you can’t see the numbers on it while seated so you’ll have to tell by feel whether or not you’re moving it in the right position and to the right setting.exerpeutic-tension-adjustment

Display Type and Readouts

The product comes with an easy to read console with LCD display. The LCD display shows the time in minutes and seconds, speed in miles per hour, distance in miles, calories burned, odometer (the total miles on the bike over time) and pulse (heart rate) in beats per minute.  The display runs by two AA batteries which are provided with the machine. There is no other electrical power input needed for the machine.

Control Panel Buttons:  Mode, Set, Reset

The Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike comes on by just starting to push on the pedals. When it is not in use, the unit turns off automatically after 4 minutes.

Scan function sets the screen to rotate through all data points showing each item for 6 seconds before moving on.  I sometimes prefer just to keep an eye on one item – like the miles I’ve pedaled – instead of having a screen scroll through everything and there is a way to freeze the display on just one item rather than having it flash through everything. If you don’t set a time the bike will just start counting up to 99.59 minutes.  Or you can pre-set a time up to 99.59 minutes and the bike will count down while you’re pedaling. The display will beep when you’ve reached a pre-set time if you set one before starting your workout.

You can’t enter your weight into the bike’s LCD panel so the calories burned info is good for a comparison one session to the next but probably not an accurate reading.

Although the design of the display is rather basic, we think it is reasonable for this type of start-up bike with economical design in mind.


Heart rate monitor of Exerpeutic 900 XL

exerpeutic900xl-heart-rate-monitorYou can monitor your heart rate by using your handrail grips. With this design, you don’t have to bend over to take the hold at the handle bars in the front all the time like you would on an upright bike. Just sit back, exercise and grip the handrails.  The only issue is that if you want to read a book or look at your iPad while pedaling then your hands are no longer on the sensors and that’s the only way this machine calculates your heart rate.

One option is to use a separate heart rate monitor like those you strap around your chest or wear on your wrist so that you can leave your hands free to hold something other than the handrails or so you can position your hands on the rails wherever they’re most comfortable rather than on the sensors.

Performance tracking

Unfortunately, there is no sophisticated performance tracking in this machine. You will just get the basic exercise routine information while you are working out. If you want, you can keep a manual record to track your progress.

Brake system

Normally, recumbent exercise bikes do not need a brake. However, there are some machines which use a mechanism called Eddy’s current brake. It is not a real brake used to stop the bike wheels. Instead, it is used for giving the tension resistance so that you can set the intensity level while you are pedaling. The mechanism is used to replace magnetic tension resistance. However, for this Exerpeutic product, it does not have this system.[contextazon id=’6′]

The power of the machine

It does not need any additional electrical input. You can just use two AA battery and you are good to go.


Quick-keys are the buttons used to select either speeds or other parameters without going through the normal process on the main control panel. For example, some treadmills have two quick keys on the hand rails so that the user can immediately adjust the speed and incline. Some recumbent bikes also have this mechanism. Unfortunately, this unit does not have this feature.

Maximum weight

The information from Amazon on the same page is contradictory. One column says the max weight limit is 300 pounds and the other says 325 pounds. The mention of the 325 limit seems to be a typo as the manufacturer’s site and the manual both stress the weight limit is 300 pounds.  If you are heavier than this, you might look for a larger model for more stability.exerpeutic900xl-seat-and-seat-back

The Noise Level

Thanks to the good crank system and the drive, the machine works quietly. So, you can enjoy your favorite TV program or music while you are working out.


Since this is a basic bike, it doesn’t have any other accessories apart from what have previously been mentioned. No sound system, bottle holder or fan.

One extra feature that makes this unit stand out though is the leg stabilizer. This means you get extra-wide leg support that makes the machine stable and not shaky when you are using it harshly. This will make sure that it will not tip or move when you are exercising.  Many reviewers noted that this recumbent bike was incredibly stable – it didn’t “walk” across the floor while they were pedaling and worked well no hard floors, mats, and carpeting.


The machine comes with limited three-year manufacturing warranty. This means the company guarantees that product is free from defects in material and workmanship when used for the purpose intended, under the condition that it is installed and operated according to the owner’s manual.  The company will replace the parts which are proven to be defective under normal home use free of charge.

The warranty, however, does not cover any damage caused by improper use, operation or commercial application. The warranty will last for 3 years after the date of purchase. Moreover, the parts including upholstery, foam, ball bearing, pulleys, cables, shocks, all tension mechanisms, wheels, pedals and hardware will be under warranty for only 90 days.

There are not many complains on the customer service from this company which is a good sign.

bike-movingDimensions of Exerpeutic 900 XL

22” width x 34” height x 54” Length. The machine weight is 63 lbs.

When it is packed in carton the size will be 22” width x 10” Height x 42” length. The weight will be 70 lbs when it is packed.

The Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike comes un-assembled. You will need to do the assembly by yourself.  This process can take 1-2 hours depending on your skill level but is relatively easy to accomplish.  Most exercise bikes have the same kind of assembly and the bolts in this one are at least positioned inside their respective parts so you don’t have to figure out which ones go where but you do have to follow the instructions to get everything put together just right.


Check1OrangeStep thru feature gives an easy access to the machine. This is especially suitable for elderly and persons in rehab.


Check1OrangeWider seat gives more comfort.


Check1OrangeLeg stabilizers give  you more rigid stand without moving or shaking when the machine is in use.


Check1OrangeThe machine runs smoothly and quietly.


Check1OrangeThe transportation wheels allow you to move it freely.


Check1OrangeLarger pedals prevent slippage.


Check1OrangeIt comes with a very reasonable price.


Check1OrangeExtremely positive user experience


Check1OrangeStable and reliable with no wobbling during use


xredNo sophisticated extras. It comes with just the basic functions.exerpeutic900xl_review


xredPeople who are taller than 6’3” would probably not be able to adjust the seat the right distance from the pedals.


xredIt takes time to assemble the machine. May be one to two hours.


xredNo holder for a book, magazine, tablet, iPod, or water bottle


xredWhile you can change the seat position forwards or backwards the process to do so is cumbersome and can’t be done while on the bike


xredThe back rest angle is not adjustable


The price range is around $169-229 depending on promotional campaign. Check out the latest price of Exerpeutic 900XL at Amazon here.

I’ve bought quite a few pieces of exercise equipment at this price and often been disappointed because the unit wasn’t stable.  It just felt cheap. That’s not the case with this bike.  The seat looks flimsy but is incredible supportive and holds up over time.  The bike doesn’t make a lot of noise, has a nice display screen, is very sturdy, and all of that at a price that’s, frankly, unbelievable.  There are a few things you have to learn to live with like adjusting the seat and maybe adding a pillow here and there but the performance at this price is unbeatable.


Reviews and rating

exerpeutic900xl-step-trough-designSince this is a popular machine and it has been in the market for a while, there are so many reviews for this product. Interestingly, there are not many negative comments on the machine.

If you like statistics, we can give you some details. One review source shows that from 634 purchasers of the unit, 541 of them give the product four to five stars. This results in 86 per cent of the survey. The other source indicates the universe of the data of 440 users, there are 398 people who gives the product four to five stars. This accounts for 91 per cent of the total users.

The major complaints are mainly about the shipping and damaged parts from delivery. Others are about the assembly of the unit which might take time as we have mentioned earlier. The adjustment of the seat is another issue but it is not taken as a big issue. From our opinion, there is no serious complaint on the product quality or the use of the product.

That is a good trend. With the large scale review survey like this, the unit gets more than four stars rating. This means that most users are happy with it.


Two factors that people look into when they are going to buy something are whether it gives them what they want and if it is worth the price they are going to pay. For this Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse we think that the bike gives all the basic functions and convenience that you need with its economical price. Although you will not get all the fancy and sophisticated features, you get what allows you to exercise effectively. This is a good start-up bike for someone who is looking for getting a good workout, getting fit or losing some weight.

Closing remark:

As we have mentioned earlier review, this model is similar to Exerpeutic 300 but this one is a little bigger and is not foldable. That is why it is called extended capacity. It is also the same as Exerpeutic 1000 which is sold in several places. The information source indicated that it is the company policy to use different model number for different outlets. If you’re looking for a budget recumbent bike we think this one should be at the top of your list.


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