FitDesk FDX 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar Review

fitdesk-fdx-2-front-with-girl-at-sideWithin the budget of around $300, you will be able to get a semi-recumbent bike with the workstation that you can either work or play. This FitDesk FDX 2.0 exercise will give you what the other bikes won’t. It gets outstanding reviews from its customers. However, the unit doesn’t come without flaws. This product review will give you both strengths and weaknesses of the machine so that you can use the information to make decision whether you want to own it.


What if you could combine both work and exercise together? This is how the FitDesk 2.0 comes out. It gives you a good cardiovascular exercise while you are working on your laptop. You can also read a magazine or play a video game when you work out on your lower body. You can have as much exercise as you want by adjusting the resistance level. The unit also has upper-body resistance bands for giving extra exercise on the upper body parts. This is hard to find in any recumbent bike.

This folding bike from FitDesk gives you the right size of bike that can be easily folded and moved around to any place you like. Its light weight helps make moving easier. You can ride on this unit all day without feeling fatigue. The seat and back rest are adjustable to your height and your physical body size. The forearm massage feature gives you the opportunity to massage your arms while you are working on your laptop. It is perfect as an addition unit to either your home or your office.

Although it offers many features and functions, the product is made to be completely stable. Its frame is made of stainless steel to ensure that it can last for a long time. The gear box is also made of aluminum and steel instead of plastic for reliable operation. Inside the box is the high-velocity flywheel to give you consistent pedaling and the precision-balanced bearings allow quiet operation without any vibration or shaking. The frame is coated with powder color to make it stylish and beautiful.

The unit has eight magnetic resistance levels for you to choose from. The tension can be adjusted and tailored according to your need to add more variety to your workout routine. You can also add upper body exercise by using the convenient resistance bands. Your work and workout will not be boring any more. The resistance adjustment knob is located on the front vertical bar in front of the user.

Another highlight of the unit is its desk in front of the user. It gives you non slip surface with an easy-access drawer allowing you to keep anything you want in it. The massage rollers give you the right position of your forearms and make you feel comfortable while you are typing. The desk surface is 16” x 19” which is large enough for holding most regular laptops. On top of the desk is an easy-to- read console giving you the data on your distance, calories and time.

fitdesk-fdx-2-front-deskYou can use this product as an upright or semi-recumbent bike . You can access the unit easily and place your laptop, iPad, mp3 player, DVD player or anything you want on the FitDesk platform. You can cruise along while you are working or entertaining yourself. The product is good for the persons at height of 4’10” to over 6”. The recommended weight is not over 250lbs.

As far as the reviews from the customers are concerned, the product receives very good reviews with surprisingly very few negative comments. The major complaints are on its durability and that they think that the unit uses cheap components. Considering the fact that there are so many reviews for this bike, the small number of negative reviews is hardly significant..

Drive, Crank &Pedals


The unit comes with twin belt and high velocity flywheel allowing you to have super-quiet pedaling with the feeling of riding a bigger bike. The two-way drive lets you pedal in both forward and backward directions. The flywheel is balanced with precision sealed bearings, giving it a smooth operation. You can ride on it with confidence and know that you will not have any shaky feeling from the unit. The flywheel and drive are in aluminum and steel as mentioned earlier. This product doesn’t use much plastic since the company emphasizes the durability of the unit.

The pedals have safety straps for keeping your feet fixed to them. Although the straps are not adjustable, they are secure enough to hold your feet. Here are some tips that you can use to make the unit last longer and perform better including:

  • Tighten the crank arms with a 14 mm socket wrench after every 100 miles of use.
  • Check the crank arm and pedal tightness at every 300 miles of use.
  • If the belt slips, remove the gearbox and loosen idle wheel nuts and tighten adjuster nuts until the slipping stops.
  • If there is any wear or tear on the frame, contact the company for repair.

The Tension Resistancefitdesk-fdx-2-front-full

The regular magnetic resistance system on the unit allows you to adjust the tension for up to eight levels of resistance. Unlike most of the magnetic bikes, the resistance provided on the unit is not weak. It can be as strong as you want when you adjust the knob clockwise to the higher levels.

Display Type and Readouts

The product comes with digital console with LCD display to show you the data from your workout including the distance, time, speed and calories. The console is right behind the desk platform so if you place the laptop on it, the computer will cover the whole console. You will have to close the computer in order to be able to see the console. This may be one of the design flaws. However, you may not want to look at the display that much since your focus may be more on the work station or play station that you are concentrating with. The console is powered by two AA batteries which are included with the purchase.


You can easily start the console by either starting to pedal or pressing any button on the display. If you leave the machine idle for four minutes, the console will automatically turn off.

Heart Rate Monitor

Monitoring heart rate while you are exercising may be a big issue for some The FitDesk lacks one thing for those who want to use heart rate monitoring as an exercise tracking tool.

Performance Tracking

Because there are no preset programs or user profiles, you will have to manually track your performance. You cannot transfer data to the internet or mobile apps like in some of more advanced models. If you want this fancy feature, you may have to pay a little more and get one of those upscale units.

fitdesk-fdx-2-front-diagramSeat and Backrest

The product comes with the contour seat with a medium-sized backrest. The seat size is 12 inches wide and 11 inches deep. The seat as well as the back rest are well padded and provide good support to the body while you are working out. Another good feature is that the backrest can be adjusted to be lean backward or lean forward.

Work Station Panel

71AU0Rj70AL._SL1500_You can use this as a work or play station according to your need. The size of the panel is 20 inches wide, 46 inches long, and 9 inches deep . The panel can even fit a 17” laptop which is of large size. Basically, the panel can fit almost any size of laptop. The base is made of non-slippery material so that you can conveniently place your laptop or player on. In addition, the thread hold down strap is provided to give you an extra fixture for the laptop or device. Just use the strap to tie around the device and fix it to the other end on the board.

The drawer that is located under the desk allows you to keep small items such as pens, phone, note pads, or other stationery. In front of the drawer is the massage bar. It has 3 positions to support your arms while you are on the unit. The bar can be adjusted by lifting or lowering it to match your best position.

Upper Body Resistance Bands

You don’t have to only exercise your lower body when you are on the exercise bike. This product gives you an extra exercise tool allowing you to exercise your upper body at the same time. The upper body resistance bands help you develop upper body strength.

Maximum Weight and Height

The maximum height recommended by the manufacturer is between 4’10” and 6’. The maximum weight of the user is 250 lbs. This is standard weight for most of the foldable recumbent bikes.


The FitDesk FDX 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike is measured 24 inches wide, 26 inches deep, and 54 inches tall. Make sure that you have spared approximately 30 inches of space on both sides of the unit to make sure that your body parts do not hit any surrounding objects.


Apart from the desk, work station, drawer, transportation wheels and upper body resistance bands, there are no other accessories. However, you can lean your water bottle on the groove below the tension adjustment knob if your bottle size is right.




The product arrives semi-assembled. You will have to do a little part to put the rest together. The manual is clear and easy to follow. It will take you around half an hour to one hour to finish the task.




The product comes with one-year warranty on frame and parts. It also allows 30 days return in case you are not happy with the product.




  • The product provides consistent and quiet pedaling.
  • Its size is good for a room that has small space. You can move it around using the transportation wheels on the front.
  • The bike is foldable and can be kept in the closet or cabinet.
  • The desk allows you to combine work and exercise together. Apart from that, you can play games, read magazine and do many other things on the desk.
  • The assembly is quite easy so you don’t have to worry much about the lack of skill to put the parts together.
  • Upper body resistance straps allow you to build upper body strength while almost all other bikes do not have this.
  • The massaging bar can help relieving strain on your arms.
  • The magnetic resistance is strong enough to give you variety on your workout.
  • The customer service is great according to the reviews from the users.
  • Despite its small size, the bike is sturdy and is not shaky when you are pedaling.


  • Console is in the back of the desk. You will not be able to see it if a laptop is open on the platform.
  • You cannot use a mouse on the desk because of its non-slip feature. But if you use a mouse pad and your laptop is not too large, you may be able to use the mouse.


[contextazon id=’30’]The product is priced at the range of $299-$350 depending on the promotion and timing. You can check the most current price on Amazon by clicking one of the links here.

Reviews and Rating

As we have mentioned earlier, the product gets very good reviews with full of positive comments. Out of 273 customers, we find that 251 people (92%) give the product four to five stars indicating that they are happy with the product they get. Less than one per cent of the customers are very unhappy with the product. The major complaints are about the cheap components. Again, the numbers of complaints are so small when they are compared with the positive comments.


The FitDesk FDX 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike is suitable to help you have an aerobic workout while working or playing games at the same time. Its size is compact and it can be folded in order to be kept anywhere in the house. The extra features on the upper body such as the resistance straps, massage bar and the drawer are another plus. With the offered price, we think the product is a good buy.




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