Folding recumbent bikes: Top pick from what you can buy from the web

sunny-folding-bikeFolding recumbent bikes, which can also be called semi-recumbent bikes, are made to provide you the chance of pedaling the bike in a semi-recline position while using limited space. The products are sold at the price of a little lower than $200 so they are suitable for the one who doesn’t want to invest too much on full scale recumbent bike. Also, the products are suitable for use in a small apartment or the room which has limited space. Due to their lower specifications, they may be suitable for the beginners or someone who doesn’t expect to use the machines heavily.

Even if you have large space but you don’t want to show your bike for any reason, this type of bike allows you take it away and keep it in the closet of cabinet. It is convenient to move and light to carry around. There are many of these folding units in the market but there are four major ones.

Here are the products which we considered popular and should be viable choices when you consider buying one of these online:

4 Stamina intone folding recumbent bike

stamina-in-tone-frontThe product offers basic function with a solid frame. It is compact and its design is nice to look at. However the unit lacks important function in an exercise bike, heart rate monitoring function. No matter if you need it, the function can be useful when you want to detect your pulse. Another weak point is that the product has rather weak resistance system which can be worn out in time. The price is a little bit more than the rest of its rivals. We rank the product in the fourth position from the four products.

3 Sunny folding bike

woman-on-pink-bikeAlthough this pink bike has got very good reviews from the consumers with the high scores rating, we still think that the product should do better in term of structure and design. Like other competitors, the product offers all basic function including digital console, heart rate monitor and workable crank and pedals. The extra offer is that the product comes in pink which may be attractive to female customers. The weight of the product is 36.8lbs which makes it is easy to be moved. The drawback of the product is that it can carry the maximum weight of 220lbs. This is the least among the four.

2 Progear 190

progear-190-w-lady-standThis is the only recumbent bike from Progear. Although the company may not be famous, they have many products in the sport related market and their product receive pretty good reviews. As for this product, it has all the basic functions as well as strong body frame. The product comes with eight resistance levels and heart rate monitor. The size of the unit is comparable to other competitors but the product can cater people at the maximum weight of 275 lbs. This is far more than what the previous two products can take. The drawback of the unit is that it doesn’t come from very reputable company so it doesn’t have endorsement from its brand. Still, good reviews show that the product can perform as the customers should expect and it can deliver what you want. Pricewise, it is not an expensive product and should be considered a good choice if you don’t mind about the brand.

1 Exerpeutic 400 XL

Here comes the product which we think should be the top pick for anyone who wants to buy a folding recumbent bike. The product is Exerpeutic 400XL.exerpeutic400xl-front

Although Exerpeutic only have a few recumbent bikes in the market, their products are very popular thanks to their quality. As for this folding recumbent bike, it delivers all the standard functions and attributes that you should expect from this level of bike. The strong point of this bike is that it delivers very strong resistance in comparison with other rival products. The eight resistance levels can be used from beginner to professional athlete. It has good design and big console LCD display which can easily be seen even from the long sitting distance. Another good thing about this product is that it is designed to be able to carry the maximum weight of the user for up to 300lbs. This is the most among the four. With its strong frame, you will not be disappointed about the stability and durability of the product. The product also receives good review scores from its customers.

Four popular folding bikes which you can purchase online are listed here in order to compare and let you know the rankings in our mind. With their similar prices and features, it is hard to identify by yourself which one is the best. The differences are not that obvious but we can still come up with the rankings and the explanations for your consideration.


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