Horizon Fitness Comfort R Review

horizon-comfort-r-wholeSpending half a thousand bucks on an exercise machine can be considered a good investment if the product works and you really put in the effort to use it daily. However, even bikes at that price point don’t always perform as well as you would like. In this review of the Horizon fitness comfort recumbent exercise bike, we will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.


If you want a bike that will perform well, you may want to look for something that may cost a little more. This type of product may not be very popular because of the price. Not everyone is willing to invest significant money on exercise machines because they fear they won’t stick to a regular exercise routine. The Horizon Fitness Comfort R is designed for the person who is serious and committed to regular exercise and wants a long lasting product.”

If you are familiar with exercise machines, you should have heard about Horizon, a company specializing in sporting equipment worldwide. Horizon Fitness is part of Johnson Health Tech who is a worldwide leader in exercise equipment industry for 35 years. The company has their head-quarters in Taiwan and has their North American branch office in Madison, Wisconsin USA. Horizon Fitness designs its exercise machines for both residential and commercial use. The products are well accepted worldwide and have become more and more popular as the trust from consumers has grown.

With this Horizon Fitness Comfort R, users can enjoy a stylish design with step-through approach allowing him or her to mount and dismount with ease. You don’t have to climb across a high middle bar like you do in an upright bike. The product fully gives you the chance to exercise in semi-reclined position which causes less strain to both upper and lower body. In order to have good performance, the flywheel of the product has to be large and heavy. The flywheel of this unit weighs 15.4 lbs which is considered high in an exercise bike. You will experience a great feeling and a low impact workout when you are on it.

The product comes with 16 resistance levels to add more variety to your workout. Its seat and backrest are a larger size providing better comfort while you are sitting. The contoured seat is well padded and makes your journey on it more pleasant. The console is large enough to be clearly seen and is easy to operate. Unfortunately, the 5” LCD display on the console is not backlit. It is therefore a little difficult to see in a dark room. The product comes with 10 workout programs that you can enjoy. The ten programs include manual, intervals, game, weight loss, rolling, cadence, random, constant watts, THR Zone and custom. You don’t need so many programs since everything it provides is good enough for all levels of fitness.horizon-comfort-r-with-rider

The product frame is made of durable stainless steel. You don’t have to be worry if it is going to fall apart after being used for a while. This is why the company gives a life-time warranty on its frame. With this strong frame, the product can endure a maximum weight of 350lbs without any problem. This is another good plus for the machine.

Since this product is quite new in the market, there are not so many reviews out there. However, within the few reviews we got, most of them are positive. The main complaint about the product is about the assembly process. Some people think that it is a little difficult and the manual isn’t clear enough to help them.

Flywheel, Drive, Crank and Pedals

As we have mentioned earlier, the product has a large and heavy flywheel weighing in at 15.4lbs. The two-way drive allows you to pedal both forward and backwards. The crank system and pedals work together well making pedaling smooth and quiet. The pedals come with adjustable safety straps that match any size feet. No need to worry about slippage while you are pedaling.

Brake System and Resistance

The product has resistance levels made by using ECB or Eddy Current Brake System technology. This is the same system which is used in high-speed trains around the world. It is not the brake system used to stop a standard bike but instead gives resistance. The concept of it is simple: thesystem combines a magnetic yoke with an electrical field resulting in vertical resistance towards the bike. It features 16 levels of resistance without wear or tear of parts. It is therefore very durable. You can enjoy the system for years without any worry. In addition, users don’t need to worry about any burning smells thanks to the lack of friction

horizon-comfort-r-circleSeat and Backrest

The unit comes with large contoured seat. You can sit on it and work out for a long time without feeling fatigue. The seat base is solid and strong. The seat can be adjusted to match your height while you are sitting by using adjustment lever under the seat. You don’t have to step out and adjust like in many other cheaper bikes. This feature is perfect for a household with several different people using the same bike. The seat cover is vinyl with polyurethane foam inside.

The backrest is also contoured and stylish. Once it is in your room, you will notice that this unit is well made and can be treated as a nice piece of furniture. The angle of the backrest is just about right allowing you to be in a comfortable position. There is no backrest adjustment though. In our opinion, backrest adjustment isn’t really necessary if you are a moderate sized person.

Console, Display and Readouts

The product comes with simple and intuitive console which is easy to read and operate. There are a few parts on the console including:

  • Major LCD display window tells time, distance, calories, Watts, RPM, speed, heart rate and Energy saver rating.
  • The start/stop button is used to start, stop, or pause your workout.
  • Up/down buttons are used to cycle through programs, set up the program and adjust the resistance levels.
  • Enter button is used to confirm selection.
  • Change display is used to change display mode while you are exercising.
  • Audio-in jack is used to plug in media player. You might need an adapter for some devices, but it would not be hard to find.
  • Speakers are used to play sound from your media player.

The console also has reading rack providing some tools to hold onto a book while working out.

Display Window Reading

On the display, you will be able to read time in minutes and seconds, RPM, distance, speed, Watts, level of resistance, calories, heart rate in BPM, and maximum heart rate. The display also shows the fan speed if you have turned it on.

Another exciting feature on the display is that it shows you the heart rate wheel. It displays the activity zone which you are in during the workout. For example, if you are less than 60% of your maximum heart rate, you are in warm up zone. If you are 60-70% of your maximum heart rate, you are in weight loss zone. Once the heart rate reaches 70-80%, you are in improve-fitness zone. And the list goes on until you reach your maximum heart rate.

Finally, there is an energy saver segment which shows you when the machine is in Energy Saver mode to reduce energy consumption.

horizon-comfort-r-display-circleMajor Programs Usage

You can select the preset programs and have fun with them. Here are some of the included programs:

  • Manual Program: When this is selected, you can set time and then use the up and down buttons to choose the resistance level that you want. Press Enter to select.
  • Interval Program: This gives you weight losing exercise by increasing and decreasing the resistance. The bike then keeps you in the fat burning zone. Just set the time and select a level. The unit will run the program after that.
  • Game Program: This is a fun program which simulates a racing game in which you have to avoid hitting the walls. In order to steer your car in the game, you will have to pedal faster. The program also challenges you with random resistance changes and you will have to adapt to those. If you fall out of the RPM range, you will crash into the wall. The program will end if you crash more than ten times. There are three levels of the game for you to select.
  • Weight loss program: The program gives you weight loss exercises using increasing and decreasing resistance. The goal is to keep your pulse in the fat burning zone. There are 16 levels of the program that you can choose.
  • Rolling program: This is used to mimic the feeling of moving up and down the hills. The resistance will gradually increase or decrease in resistance. There are 14 levels of the program to choose from.
  • Cadence program: This is designed to improve your cadence comfort. The levels of the intensity use both speed and resistance. There are 16 levels of program for you to select.
  • Random program: It provides more workout variety by mixing up different resistance levels. There are 14 levels of the program.
  • Constant Watts program: Instead of using heart rate, this program uses Watt base.
  • Heart rate zone program: You can use this program to identify your maximum heart rate and see how to keep your pulse in the heart rate zone. The zone is described on the tables below.
  • Custom program: This allows you to create your own resistance-based workout. There are 15 different segments of workout that you can play with.

Heart Rate Monitorhorizon-comfort-r-console-2

You can track your pulse or heart rate by gripping the heart rate monitor sensors on the handlebars beside the seat. The sensors then transmit the signals to the console where you can read it. Some people might prefer a chest strap heart rate monitor which is more accurate. But you cannot read on the console here because it doesn’t have a remote receiver for signals. In our opinion, the grip sensors are enough for this purpose.

Sleep Mode

The machine will automatically turn off after it sits idle for four minutes. This is to save energy and extend the life of the console. If you also want to prolong the life of the adapter, you should unplug the machine when it is not in use.


The product comes with several accessories including a fan, speakers, bottle holder, audio-jack, reading rack and transportation wheels. They may not be great but they are nice to have.

horizon-comfort-r-with-heart-rate-monitorAssembly of the unit

The Horizon Fitness Comfort Recumbent Exercise Bike comes unassembled. Although, the drive shroud has already been assembled, all other parts have to be put together. Since the unit is quite big, it is recommended that you have another person to help you with the assembly. The manual will walk you through the process. Overall, it might take you one or two hours to finish the task. The assembly is not difficult, but someone who is not used to assembling things may find it difficult. This is the main reason why the product got complaints from some users.


The unit will need electrical input to run the console. The 110V electrical adapter cord is included.

Dimension of the product

The assembled product measures 67” x 53” x 29” (L x H x D). The product weighs 99 lbs. Please make sure that you have 24 inches clearance space on each side of the bike so that your body parts will not hit any surrounding objects.

Performance Tracking

There is no performance tracking program on the unit. You will have to do it manually.



  • The product has a solid and sturdy stainless steel frame which is designed to last for years.
  • Step-through design gives easy access to the unit. This is especially suitable for the elderly and persons in rehab.
  • The design is stylish and can be seen as a premium product.
  • 16 resistance levels are available to add more variety to your workout.
  • Heavy flywheels allow you to have consistent strokes when you are riding.
  • The bike rides smoothly and quietly. You can multi-task while exercising.
  • The seat can be easily adjusted to match your height while you are on the seat.
  • The contoured seat and backrest are well-padded and are oversized for the comfort of the user.
  • Front and rear leg stabilizers create a rigid stand that doesn’t shake when the machine is in use.
  • The transportation wheels on the front stabilizer allow you to move the unit around.
  • Larger pedals come with safety straps to prevent slippage.
  • Console is large and the LCD display is easy to read.
  • There are 10 preset programs with many sub-levels for you to work on.
  • The product has weight capacity for up to 350lbs which is higher than most of the bikes in the same level.
  • The product comes with a fan, speakers, mp3-jack, and bottle holder. This is a nice addition to the regular benefits.


  • The LCD display is not backlit. So, it may not show clearly in a dark room.
  • The assembly may need some skill since the manual may not be very clear.
  • No Apple adapter and phone charger which are now popular accessories.


[contextazon id=’34’]The product is sold at a price range of $599-$699 depending on promotional campaign. Check out the latest price at Amazon by clicking one of the links below.

I have bought a few items of exercise equipment because they were cheap and ended up being disappointed. I then learned a lesson that buying cheap stuff may not be the only option. Sometimes when you invest a little more, you get a much better result. Since you expect the equipment to last long, you should be willing to look at something a little more expensive but with better features. This product may be a good start.

Reviews and Rating

Since the Horizon Fitness Comfort Recumbent Exercise Bike is rather new in the market, it doesn’t have many reviews. We therefore cannot give you the statistic for the evaluation from the users. Its overall information including the reputation from Horizon fitness may convince you that the product offers enough to make the customers happy. We will come back and add more reviews when we have enough feedback in the future.


This is another interesting choice for the product in the range. It gives you sturdy frame with full features. Plus, the seat is large enough to cater people of different sizes. The maximum weight is 350lbs which is more than the capacity of most bikes. The machine should be very durable. If your budget is allowed, this might be right for you.



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