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440_440_21597-na-heroYou may want more than the entry level recumbent bike if you think that you want something that is better than a normal recumbent exercise bike. If you are willing to spend approximately $400-$500, this bike may be one of your possible choices.This Horizon RC30 Recumbent Bike review will demonstrate both the strong and weak points of the machine. You can use this information to evaluate this choice and decide if it fits your needs.

The unit offers a sturdy frame and solid mechanism, which drive the pedaling smoothly and quietly. The programs are easy to use and not too numerous for practical use. The resistance is strong and can be varied between eight levels. Last but not least, it comes with a reasonable price tag, which will surely factor in to your decision.


This is a middle-range recumbent bike. The unit is supported by Horizon, a name that is well known in the sporting equipment market worldwide. As you may know, this type of bike offers riding positions that produce less stress and pressure on the knees and back. The equipment is therefore useful for someone who has suffered injury and is in the process of recuperating. Also, the unit is suitable for elderly people who, according to recommendation from their doctors, need more exercise These people still need to build and strengthen muscle, which will also improve cardiovascular efficiency. Recumbent bikes can save your knees and prevent back injury and are recommended by physicians a the best and safest exercise tools for people with health problems.
Although the unit is not foldable, it is not too big to move around by pulling the back and using the two transportation wheels that are located on the front stabilizer bar. The weight of the unit is 106, pounds because of the solid frame and heavy system on it. It has a step-through design, which gives you the ability to walk into it and exercise, without having to climb across a middle bar. Overall, it is a comfortable bike.
Exercise bikes have become popular options for home exercise, as they allow you to multi-task during your workout, which other machines don’t let you do. You can read a book or play a game while working out on a recumbent exercise bike, without even leaving the comfort of your own home. These bikes do not take up much space and can be moved around according to your preference. The machine also allows the users at all levels – from beginners to serious athletes – to benefit. It is rare to find a good home exercise bike with the quality of a professional gym grade machine, but this Horizon RC30 may be close!1

This is an electro-magnetic, or electric, bike. This means that it needs electrical input, and therefore, the machine comes with an adapter and cord. It has eight different levels of resistance that you can adjust according to your needs. The system allows you to adjust the resistance from the computer console. Apart from that, the unit gives you another eight workout programs, including Manual, Intervals, Rolling, Weight Loss, Temp, Random, Custom 1, and Custom2. All of the programs can be selected from the LCD screen and computer, which can also provide you with feedback and help you get an effective training episode.

Since the vocabulary of ‘recumbent’ means ‘lying down,’ you can exercise in a recumbent or reclining position, which gives you full back support, without putting stress or strain on the arms, neck, or shoulders. You will not get this type of support if you use an upright exercise bike or regular bicycle. Many people find that the ease and comfort of using an exercise machine is essential to sticking to a long-term exercise program. The padded seat of the bike is well designed to fit your body. If you want to use the bike for longer time, however, you may want to add some pillows underneath to make your riding more enjoyable.
As for the price, the unit is in the middle price range of the recumbent bikes that can be found online. It is considered to be of a better quality when compared with many other lower-priced products in this market. We will cover this point as we continue with the review.

Crank and Pedal of Horizon RC30

3You will get smooth and non-jerking pedaling when you are using this unit thanks to its torque cranking system. The precision-balanced flywheel in the machine gives you accurate an shifting and rotating effect when you are using it. In the end, you will get consistent and quiet pedaling. It will not disturb you when you are watching your favorite programs on TV and listening to music at the same time you are working out.
The flywheel weight is approximately 10 lbs. Therefore, you may have to be prepared to lift this when you want to assemble the unitr. This is probably the heaviest part of the machine that you have to put together during the assembly process.
Connected to the cranking system are the pedals, which are self balanced to provide firm and safe attachment to your feet. The adjustable safety straps are there to securely attach the feet to the pedals. The pedals will stop if you stop spinning and do not rotate on their own after you have gotten off of the bike. You can also pedal backwards, if you want to do so.

The Drive System

The precision-balanced flywheel system is used to drive the unit. This allows you to get smooth and more consistent pedaling paces when you use this machine.

The Tension Resistance

The tension resistance system is the ECB ( Eddy Current Brake) magnetic system. This is the system that combines the electrical current with the magnetic brake. The system offers a no-contact alternative, which does not wear out over time. It is the same system used in modern monorails and high speed trains. As you can see, the resistance you get from the unit is strong and reliable. It may even be too strong for some. This quality may not be found in some of the lower-end models of recumbent bikes.

There are eight resistance levels of Horizon Fitness RC-30 Recumbent Exercise Bike that you can choose in the computer. You can select the resistance directly from the console, without having to turn a knob. It is very convenient. However, a few of the users say that the resistance is rather strong, even on the first level, so you may meed to take into consideration that you will not be getting easy riding when you are using this bike. You will have to exert some force, in order to use the machine effectively.

Display Type and Readouts

440_440_21596-na-consoleThe LCD display is well placed in front of the unit, with a size of five inches. The display is easy to read, and there are no complicated buttons to bother you when you are using it. The readout is simply straightforward. You will get what you want when you select the buttons.
The only issue on the display is that it is not fully backlit. It therefore does not show clearly when the room is rather dark. The company should use better quality LCD in the future.



Control Panel Buttons: Mode, Set, Reset

There are a few buttons that you will need to know when you are using the machine. There is a thin, plastic cover that overlays the console when it is brand new. The plastic sheet should be removed for clear viewing of the screen. Here is what you will see on the display:
The monitor display shows the program profile, time, level, calories burned, heart rate, distance covered, and speed.
The up and down arrow buttons are used to adjust the program, set the values, and set the resistance levels.
There are eight quick resistance adjustment buttons on the console, in case you don’t want to go through the formal process on the pre-programmed profile. The resistance can be adjusted during the workout, without having to pause or stop.

The enter button is used to select the program you want. The start/pause button can be used to start or pause your exercise. The stop button is used to end your workout. If you hold the button for three seconds, you will reset the entire bike. And, of course, there is an on/off button for you to turn it on/off. This button is located at the back of the console.

The programs you can choose include the following:

P1 Manual program: It allows you to adjust the resistance level according to your preference, without a preset program.
P2 Intervals program: This will give you a series of alternating resistance levels. There will be ten difficulty levels for you to choose from.
P3 Rolling program: You will get challenges with different combinations of resistance. The seven difficulty levels are provided.
P4 Weight-loss program: This is your fat burning program. The resistance levels are adjusted automatically to make sure that you will burn fat. There are ten difficulty levels to choose from.
P5 Tempo program: This program allows you to pedal at different speeds, making for an interesting and challenging workout.
P6 Random program: This is another choice of workouts that mixes up different resistance levels. There are seven difficulty levels from which to choose.
P7&8 Custom 1&2: This option allows you to design and store your own customized exercise programs.

Heart Rate Monitor of Horizon RC30

In order to properly use this function, place the palms of your hands on the handlebars. You will need to use both hands for at least 15-20 seconds for your heart rate to register. When you are holding the bars, you should not hold on too tightly. Gripping too tightly may result in elevating your blood pressure. You may get an erratic readout if you do not touch the right position on the handlebar. You will also need to clean the pulse sensors to make sure that you have proper contact on them.2

Performance Tracking

There is no other performance tracking system, apart from what is on the display. You will have to manual record your performance.

Brake System

As mentioned earlier, the unit has a brake system, but it is not for really braking. Rather, it is for increasing the resistance on the bike. It is the eddy current brake system, which is the modern and reliable system used in advanced, high-speed trains.
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The Power of the Machine

The unit will need electrical input. Hence, it comes with the adaptor and cord. You will need an electrical socket nearby the unit in order to make it work. The electrical cord length is seven feet. It should be long enough for you to find a proper place to plug the unit in.


Apart from the quick resistance buttons on the display, there are no other quick keys on the unit.

Maximum Weight

The maximum weight for users of this bike is 275 pounds (125 kg). There is no height limitation for the users. So, the unit is also suitable for a tall person who is under this weight limit. The limitation can go up with Horizon RC40, which can cater to a 300-pound weight of the user.

The Noise Level

The bike runs smoothly, with very little noise. There is no complaint that the unit works loudly.


The machine comes with an extra bottle holder on the front. You can attach the water bottle onto it.


The product price is in the range of $399- $599, depending on the promotion period. The best place to check the price online is Amazon. You can check the current price here, with the link below.


The unit comes with a generous lifetime warranty on the frame, 20 years warranty on the brake, and one year warranty on parts and labor.

Dimensions of Horizon RC30

This machine measures 66 x 52 x 26 inches (W x H x D). Although the unit does not require a lot of space, it still needs 24 inches clearance on each side in order to function fully, without any crash.
The assembled weight is 48 kg / 106 lbs. Although the unit can be moved around on its wheels, the weight of it may be a little difficult for some users to move. You may need help from a friend to move the equipment.


Check1OrangeThe machine frame is sturdy and firm. Most of the materials are metal, so it looks to be very durable and can handle heavy duty tasks.

Check1OrangeThe seat is comfortable and made to be of high-quality.
Check1OrangeThe seat can be easily adjusted. You have to loosen a knob, and then move it to your preferred length and tighten it back when you have it where you want it. Because of this, you should adjust the seat only when you step out of the unit.

Check1OrangeThe resistance is strong and can be adjusted according to your need. Unlike the entry level bike, there is no difficult adjustment knob. You can just push a button to select the level from the console, and you are good to go. Eight levels of resistance are enough for your strength test.

Check1OrangeThe unit works by A/C electrical input. You can just plug it into a wall outlet. There is no need for any extra battery.


Check1OrangeDue to its quality design, the assembly of the bike is quite easy, even for the unskilled person. The assembly time is about 45 minutes to one hour.

Check1OrangeThe bike pedaling is smooth and quiet. You can enjoy your workout with this attribute of the machine, without interfering with other activities of yours, such as watching TV or listening to music.

Check1OrangeThe unit comes with a very generous warranty. The lifetime frame warranty and 20-year brake warranty is more than enough for this type of product.

Check1OrangeThere is a water bottle holder for your convenience.
Check1OrangeThe price is reasonable. It is not a cheap bike, but the quality of it makes it worth your investment.



xredThe strong resistance may be difficult for some people who don’t want to do difficult pedaling.

xredAlthough there are very few complaints on the seat, some people still think that it is a little small.

xredAlthough the seat adjustment is not difficult, if you are sharing the unit with another person, it can be a hassle, because one person has to adjust the knob after the other person has used it.

xredThe display looks a little cheap. It doesn’t show clearly in a low-lit room.

Reviews and Ratings

The information from our reviews show that, from 80 people who purchased the product, 62 people (84 % of the users) gave the unit four to five stars. This means that they are happy with their product. There are very few complaints on the unit. The few complaints are about the malfunctioning of some parts, which may happen only on that individual unit. There is almost no other complaint on other issues. As far as the customer service is concerned, it seems that the company handles the problems well and timely.


In comparison with many other recumbent exercise bikes, this Horizon Fitness RC-30 Recumbent Exercise Bike may be a little simple. However, it contains all the features you need. It is suitable for a wide range of people, from beginners to professional athletes. The unit is easy to put together and easy to use. The console is not complicated, and the program is easy to handle. The machine has strong resistance, so it is good for those who like challenging workouts.
The unit is also durable, according to people who have used the product for several years. I think that it is a good choice if you have the budget for this price range.

Final Remarks:

The unit is Horizon entry-level model, which is very similar to the Horizon RC40. The RC40 comes with ten resistance levels, 14 preset programs, and a Heart Rate Zone function. Also, the higher-end model has a speaker that you can use with iPod or mp3 players. It is now difficult to find the RC40, though. It seems that the company now focuses on the RC30 and sells only this SKU at the moment.

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