Lifecycle Recumbent Bike: Benefits and Key Features

lifecycle9500HRCycling offers a wide range of benefits to the body. It can help build muscle strength around the led-torso area, increase stamina, and improve your cardiovascular, making you less susceptible to heart diseases and weight problems. A recumbent bike is a type of stationary bike that helps you enjoy the experience of a regular bike from the comfort of your home. Recumbent bikes offer a wide range of benefits for people seeking to get in shape. The technology behind the recumbent bike is in many ways an improvement from that of the upright bike. Users find it much more comfortable and it is possible to scale up the intensity of exercises depending on your objectives. A number of vendors exist, but if you looking to have this bike at home, then you may want to check out Lifecycle 9500HR recumbent exercise bike. The product comes with a track record of producing quality bikes. Because poor quality bikes or improper use can lead to some injuries, you should at least look at high-end bike to compare with others with lower cost.

Key Features of Lifecycle 9500HR

The biggest distinguishing factor of a recumbent bike is you perform the exercises whilst in a sitting position. You need to lie on your back, and stretch out your legs in order to reach the pedals. The pedal is located at the front of the machine instead of at the bottom as you will find in a regular bike. The product provides you with a very comfortable seat to give you those properties.

Some key areas to focus on before using a recumbent bike include; being able to appropriately adjust the height and seat. Before purchasing this bike, you may first want to try it out to make sure that you are comfortable on it. Its seat gives you the adjustment lever which you can adjust it according to your height without having to step outside the bike.

Other factors that you will need to take a keen look at include the pedals and the safety shroud. It is important that the pedals allow for a smooth ride and are of the right make so as not to cause any injury to your body. The pedal and the shroud of the product are very well made. Since it is almost a professional gym grade, you don’t have to worry about this feature.

Lifecycle 9500HR provides all benefits of using Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are often recommended for those who have a history of back problems, are looking to build exercise intensity gradually or simple do not find the conventional bikes quite comfortable. A number of benefits have been attributed to using recumbent bikes for fitness and these include;

Distributes your Weight Evenly across a larger surface area

When using an upright bike, most of your weight is concentrated in a small area, around the saddle. This makes the exercise less efficient as key body parts are not fully worked. Over a long period of time, you might experience some pain due to the pressure of your back and lower tendons. Recumbent bike distributes your weight evenly over your buttocks and lower back reducing stress and making you feel comfortable.

Builds more Endurance

The comfort that comes with using recumbent bikes means that you can go on for longer, thereby helping you to build endurance and increasing the health benefits of cycling. Quite a number of people find cycling difficult, easily warm up to recumbent bikes as they find them enjoyable to use. This includes the elderly and those with terminal body injuries.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

This bike improves your cardiovascular systems as it reduces pressure on the chest and lungs, thus aiding breathing. Due to the position you are in when using this bike, blood is able to flow through all parts of the body easily thereby reducing the incidences of cramps and muscle joint pains. Oxygen flow through the lungs and other body parts help you achieve longer distances and give you a healthier hearts.

Lifecycle Recumbent Bike is much Safer

When compared to a regular bike, there are fewer chances of you hurting yourself. As your body is much closer to the ground you are less likely to incur major injuries should you fall. It is much easier to brake and control when cycling at higher speeds.

Good for the abs

Once you make the decision to start using a recumbent bike, you not only get to exercise your lower body area but also the abs. The sitting position helps you burn fat in the abdomen area. Initially you may not realize any significant difference, as the effort required seems minimal. After a month or so, your body will have developed the necessary muscles to get the most from this work out.

Lifecycle 9500HR Recumbent Bikes

In recent years there have been a number of innovations on recumbent bikes, some have to do with the design for easier use while others are meant to cater for specific groups. The most interesting innovations are those which allow the user to create their own experience. No longer must exercise be seen as a long and arduous necessary chore.

Entertainment and Internet Features

Incorporating entertainment features onto gym machine has been known to help exercisers meet their fitness goals. This comes in handy especially for those that are trying to lose weight or require lots of motivation. Latest recumbent bikes have video screens and users can switch between different videos and music files. In general this improves the user experience. You can also browse the internet, check your email and keep up with your work stuff while enjoying your exercise.

Integration with Mobile

The recumbent bike can integrate with your mobile device apps so as you can keep track of all your exercises. By following your stats through mobile, it is possible to measure your performance and set new goals.

Life Fitness LifeCycle 9500HR Recumbent Exercise Bike are an effective tool for anybody trying to achieve fitness whilst maintaining some comfort. Check out if the product is still available and enjoy your ride at the professional gym grade product. If you do not find that the product is available or there are only used ones, you may want to check out Reebok 610 which has similar features and prices.

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