Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Mag Cycle Reviews

marcy-me-709The Marcy ME709 recumbent bike catches a lot of attention because of its low price. It’s not a feature-rich bike nor might it be the best choice for someone who has significant muscle-building goals but it is a great choice for anyone recovering from an injury or looking for a reliable, bike at an affordable price for some daily cardio.


At a minimum you don’t really NEED a lot of features out an exercise bike. You want it to run smoothly and quietly and not give you any grief. You may want it to have some resistance that you can adjust and finally you may want one with a not so expensive price tag. Guess what? This Marcy ME 709 has all these basic features.It does not have all those fancy attributes like heart rate monitor, preset profiles, user profiles and others but it’s a very good basic bike..

There are many benefits of owning recumbent bikes instead of a regular upright exercise bike. The recumbent style allows you to exercise with less stress to your knees and your back. It is, therefore, suitable for anyone recovering from an injury, anyone who has arthritis or the elderly who require something with low resistance settings. This type of exercise is better than jogging or long walking on a treadmill since it can save your knees and prevent the impact on your back and knees.

The unit can be moved around easily thanks to the front two transporting wheels under the front stabilizer tube. The machine’s weight is 66 pounds which makes it easy to be relocated. You can just lift the rear stabilizer tube and pull or push the bike into position. The unit comes with the step through design allowing you to walk into the unit without having to lift one leg over the middle bar. Unlike the upright bike, this unit doesn’t force you to climb up in order to ride it. It is more comfortable and easier to work with.

Marcy is a reputable company in a home gym market. They have hundreds of products for weight training and exercise including benches, multi-gyms, smith machines, power-stations, weight sets etc. The company has a very long history back to the 50’s. Their products were even used and loved by the great martial art master, Bruce Lee. The company is located in Netherland and Impex is the distributor taking care of sales and logistics in the USA. If you want to contact them, they have toll-free customer service number which you can call during the working hours.

The unit comes with a magnetic resistance system which makes it work quietly. This feature is considered great at its price level. This is an entry-level exercise bike with a solid frame and basic LCD screen. Unfortunately, there is no heart rate monitor or preset workout program. The machine offers eight resistance levels which you can adjust manually by turning the adjustment knob in front of the seat. Experts prefer this type of bike since they say the magnetic resistance system makes the ride smooth and quiet. Some users say that they can watch TV or read while pedaling the unit without any problem. The product’s frame and many parts are made of metal and quite solid and stable. It can take the maximum weight for up to 300 lbs.

The bike comes unassembled but the necessary parts and tools are included along with a detailed instruction manual. The unit is quick to assemble and the instruction are clear. It may take around one to two hours to put it together depending on the skills you have. The LCD is large and easy to read. You can read all the basic information including speed, distance, time, burned calories and odometer. The last one means the distance the bike has been used so far. The meter is set in Miles and cannot be reset to kilometers.

The good news is that the size of the unit is not large. It is therefore suitable for a house or an apartment with limited space. The machine is also not so heavy so you can pull it around to wherever you want by yourself. Unfortunately, the product is not foldable. Since it is not that big, this should not be an issue.

Some customers complained about the delivery service and how the unit comes without some parts in the box. In my opinion the number of instances of this happening as reported online seems pretty low. One other complaint that came up a few times had to do with the seat rail. Some said adjusting the seat for proper leg length is a little bothersome. That is logical when we look closely at the knob adjustment mechanism.

Some may wonder if the unit will last long since it comes at an unbelievably low price. From our research, we found that many customers reported having used it for a long time, more than two years.

While Marcy offers two-year limited warranty for the product, some prefer the three-year warranty available from other brands like Exerpeutics or Schwinn. Those bikes are more expensive, though.

Crank and Pedals

While the specifications do not identify what cranking system this unit is using, we can say that, within this price range, it should be made with precision balanced flywheel. I would contact the manufacturer to be sure. This means the unit will have accurate shifting and rotating wheel and support v-belt drive. That makes the unit runs smoothly and quietly.

As for pedals, we know that they are made with counter-balanced technology. This helps the pedals move freely and smoothly both back and front. (You are not going to spin the pedals backward anyway.) Like all other bikes, they also include adjustable foot straps that give you more secure attachment to the pedals when you are moving.

Another good thing about the pedals is that they stop if you do not spin. Some machine’s pedals don’t.

Marcy Me-709 Tension Resistance

seat-marcy-me-709You can select the intensity of your workout while you are riding this Marcy me 709. There are two things that you need to do. To increase the intensity, you need to spin fast. The faster you spin the pedals, the more intensity you get. Also, the more resistance you get from the bike, the more intensity you will have. This is how the tension resistance system comes into play. For this Marcy ME709, you will get eight tension resistance levels to choose from. The system uses magnetic force to create the tension when you are riding the bike. This is why it is called magnetic tension. As we have mentioned earlier, the adjustment knob is just right in front of the seat under the large LCD display. What you have to do is just turn the knob to the resistance you want. The eight setting ranges from very easy at one to the highest resistance at eight.

In my opinion, this bike does not offer a very strong set of resistance options. However, that’s okay. It makes it a great choice for those who don’t need the bike for heavy resistance workouts. If you are specifically looking for one that offers stronger workouts you might want to look for other models that provide more resistance choices.

The position of the resistance knob is right on bar in front of the seat. It does require that you bend down to reach the knob while reading and depending on the quality of your eyesight you might have some difficult reading the numbers while sitting but it is easy to turn the knob.marcy-me-709-tension-adjustment

Display Type and Readouts

The LCD display is large and easy to read. Since the unit does not have so many functions, it allows you to check the information easily. The numbers on the display are big and clear. Here are all the buttons and selections on the display.

Auto Start/Stop

When you start to exercise, the monitor will turn on automatically. The display then starts to function.

When you stop, the monitor will turn off by itself after 8 minutes to save the battery.

When the display starts, press the mode option to automatically scan time, speed, distance, calories and odometer for every 4 seconds.

The time display will show you the elapsed time with the maximum value of up to 99.59. The speed display gives you the current speed in miles per hour. The distance allows you to know the distance traveled in miles. The maximum value is 99.99 miles. The calories display gives you the calorie consumption in Cal and lastly the odometer display shows you the accumulated distance from the previous and current exercise. Maximum value is set at 9999 miles. To start the unit, you will need two 1.5V (AA) batteries which are not provided. Remove the battery cover at the back of the computer and place the batteries. Make sure that the batteries are installed correctly and the polarities are correct. One set of batteries can last approximately for 3 months under the normal usage.

As this is an entry level recumbent bike, we think that the display gives enough information considering its price advantage. When you measure your calories burned, you will have to bear in mind that you cannot put your weight, age, or heart rate information into the monitor. This makes the readout of calories useful only for comparison and not for accurate evaluation.

Heart Rate Monitor

[contextazon id=’9′]Some exercisers love to measure their heart rate since it is one of the ways to measure their health and their fitness. Many bikes therefore provide the heart rate monitor sensors on the handrails so that the user can grip them and later read their heart rate. Unfortunately, this product doesn’t have this feature. This may be one of the disadvantages of the unit. Still, there are so many people, like me, who seldom use this feature anyway. It is therefore up to your consideration if you really need the mechanism. If it is important for you, you will then have to look for other models of recumbent bike or considering getting a separate heart rate monitor like one of the wrist watch and strap combinations from Polar.

Performance tracking

Some more sophisticate machine gives you the chance to store your workout data and export to online workout analysis site. This feature is not here either. We think that this is for a more serious exerciser who really wants to track his progress. If you are not one of those, you shouldn’t be worried much about it.

Break System

Some exercise bikes use the eddy current break system as their tension resistance control. It is the system which combines magnetic and electricity polarities together and causes the tension. This is the same technology used in the monorail and high speed train. This bike does not use this type of break system.


console-1The Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle does not need any electrical supply other than just two AA batteries. Be prepared to have the batteries available before you get the unit and then you can place them in when you are done with the assembly.

The good news is that this means the Marcy ME709 Mag Cycle does not have an electrical cord. So, you can place it anywhere you want without having a concern of being close to the plug.

Quick Key

Since the functions in the unit are not many and not complicated, there is no quick key to learn. Quick keys are the buttons used to quickly adjust speed or elevation. These are more common on treadmills and recumbent bikes that cost several hundred dollars more than this model

The Seat and Back Support of Marcy Me-709 recumbent bike

Both the seat and back are padded vinyl with high-density foam inside. The seat and back support is wide enough to cater to different sizes of people. In addition, they are comfortable enough for a regular exercise ride. If you want to have an extra-long workout, you may want to find some extra cushion to help support your butt and back. The seat height is 18 inches from the ground. The seat height, from the ground, cannot be adjusted. However, it can slide forward and backward to adjust to the user’s height. You will have to be outside of the unit when you do this adjustment.

There are a few complaints that the seat is not so comfortable after 20 minutes of riding. This may not be the case for each person but something I think you should know.

Maximum Weight and Height

The maximum weight for the user is 300 pounds. If you are heavier than this, you may want to look for other models. The maximum height is not indicated anywhere because a lot of bikes claim that there is no maximum height for their bike. After a thorough research, we think the reasonable maximum height for the use of the bike is 6 feet and the minimum should be around 5 feet 2 inches. A lot depends on how long your legs are, though.

The Noise Level

The unit gives you a smooth and quiet exercise due to its magnetic resistance system. You can enjoy your favorite movie or TV program while you are working out.


There is no extra accessory apart from the basic features provided in the bike. There is no sound system nor bottle holder nor fan. Some people think that they don’t need them anyway because all they want is just the bike.


Most of the reviews said that the assembly is not too difficult and can be done by one or two people. The wrong assembly, however, may cause some irregularity in the function of the unit. For example, if you do not put the flywheel right, you may hear some squeaking sound from it. In that case, you may have to un-assemble it and place it on correctly and add oil lubrication if needed. The assembly time should be around one to two hours depending on your skill.


The unit comes with limited two-year manufacturer warranty. This is a little less than the average three-year warranty from its competitors.


Product in Inches (L x W x H): 55.0 x 25.0 x 40.0

The unit weight is 66 lbs.


marcy-709-reviewCheck1OrangeThe unit has a step-through entry which is good because you don’t have to climb over the middle bar.


Check1OrangeThere are 8 preset resistance levels for you to choose.


Check1OrangeThe seat is padded with high-density foam and covered with vinyl for your comfort.


Check1OrangeThe display is very easy to read with large numbers on the display to track your speed, distance, time and calories.


Check1OrangeThe unit has counterbalanced pedals which gives you smooth and quiet stroke.


Check1OrangeThere are adjustable foot straps for your feet attachment.


Check1OrangeThe tension-tightening knob is easy to adjust.


Check1OrangeThe unit size is compact and can be moved around with the transport wheels.


Check1OrangeIt comes with an attractive price. Within this price range you may not be able to find a decent machine with all the features you want.



xredThere is no heart rate monitoring program in the machine.


xredThere is no preset workout program to choose from.


xredSome people think that the seat is not comfortable for long rides.


xredSome find that the resistance level even at the highest is not challenging enough.


xredThere are a few complaints about the durability of the product as it can sometimes wobble at higher speeds..


The machine offers an attractive price to the users at around $150-$299 depending on the promotional period. You can check one of the most reliable price sources here at Amazon.spin

As far as the price goes, there are many inexpensive exercise machines in the market. I have bought a few of them just to find out that they didn’t work. This unit is different. A lot of parts are metal and it seems that the machine can hold up for quite a long time. You don’t have to bear a lot of noise from the unit so you can exercise while you are doing other activities like watching TV or listening to music. If you want to do a long work out, you can add a few pillows here and there for more comfort. And that is about it. Unless you expect more sophisticated functions that you will really use, the unit is all you want for a start-up exercise bike.

Reviews and rating

Since the unit is in the market for so many years and it is priced economically, there are many reviews around. Surprisingly, there are not so many negative reviews when we look at the percentage. Let us give you some examples. One source of reviews showed that out of 661 customers of this product who really purchased it, 67% of them give the unit four to five stars. From another source there were 91 per cent of the 1,719 users of this ME-709 that give the machine four to five stars. This is a good indication that there are more happy users than unhappy ones. This should be useful for your decision especially for a large survey population like this.


The Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Mag Cycle(2009) and the Marcy Recumbent Bike (2011) are very similar in term of features and prices. The major differences of the two are the slight design changes and the color theme. We would say that they are more or less the same but the mag cycle has been in the market longer and has more sales. In addition, the seat of the mag cycle is a little bit bigger and the handlebars are positioned a little differently.


This Marcy me 709Recumbent Mag Cycle can be a good choice considering the low price tag. It doesn’t have the resistance of a heavy duty machine but not everyone wants that anyway. My suggestion is that if you are the one who wants to exercise intensively, you may want to look for a higher level model. If you don’t need serious resistance then this is a great value.

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