Nautilus R514c (2013) Recumbent Bike Reviews

nautilus-r514c-frontAfter the last Nautilus R514, which has been on the market for several years, Nautilus has revised this model and come up with a new model with some added features. Many people may think it looks the same and should have the same benefits as the older model has. Well, there are a few major changes to the model that makes it more comfortable. We will get a better and larger console, and a thicker and more comfortable seat. Let’s take a look at all its features and see if the unit is what you need.


When a company launches a product under that company’s name, it has to make sure the product quality is good. Nautilus has been the leader in the home fitness market for a long time. The company has many exercise machines for home workouts and got a reputation in providing good quality products. Some of the products have equivalent features and benefits similar to the ones used in professional gyms. These products include exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines and home gyms products. This Nautilus 514c is of no exception. It offers you professional grade attributes.

There are 20 different programs for you to use in order to motivate you with the variety of programs. You can exercise without the boredom you get from repetitious routines. The unit has a flywheel, which is made with advanced technology, making the ride on it smooth and consistent. The weight of the wheel is 20 lbs, which is heavy enough to make the unit stable. The 16 resistance levels are challenging enough for every level of users from beginner to athletics. The resistances are made with electro-magnetic mechanisms, providing accurate and strong tension.

The machine is supported by two stabilizers and one mid-frame support tube. The frame is made of metal for its durability. The console is made to be of a larger size to provide better visibility. It can also be adjusted to the angle you want. The fan and stereo are built in the console, giving you more fun in your workout. The console is biomechanically designed and inspired by the gym grade exercise machines. The display comes with an LCD window with multicolored brickyard.

One of the stand-out features of this Nautilus product is the comfort of its seat. The seat and backrest are thickly padded and made of good materials both inside and outside. The contoured leg area and lumbar support allows you to have a good workout with good support to your spine and lower body. The seat and seat back come with an adjustment rail and secure locking pin to make them fit for people at different sizes.

nautilus-r514c-backThe size bars contain heart rate monitoring sensors, allowing you to measure your pulse or heart rate and have the signals sent to be read on the monitor. The machine can also be combined with a chest strap heart rate monitor by its telemetric enabled heart rate monitoring. The strap, however, is not provided. You will have to buy it separately.

The unit also comes with oversized deluxe pedals. The pedals will fit feet ofany size. The strap on the pedals allows you to get good strokes without any slippage. The integrated gear basket allows you to store towels, magazines and other accessories on it. The water bottle holder is provided on the console and separately below it. The reading rack is retractable and adjustable. You can place an iPad on it and get the best possible angle for your view.

The unit also has transportation wheels that can be used to move it anywhere. However, the machine is quite heavy. Therefore, it is recommended that you should find the best place in your house and place them there.

As far as the comments from the users are concerned, the product gets good reviews from its customers, although it is quite new to the market. This new revised model from Nautilus has a very good rating. There are very few negative comments on the product, though. The major complaints are about missing and defective parts. Nautilus customer service seemed to be responsive to the problems and got favorable reviews from its actions.

Nautilus R514c Crank and Pedals

You can put good speed into this machine thanks to its one-piece crank system. The oversized pedals are suitable for supporting the feet at any size. The safety straps are made to make your feet firmly attached and to prevent slippage. Both crank and pedals allow you to get good, consistent strokes from this bike.

Drive System

The product comes with a perimeter weighted flywheel. The flywheel is made to be oversized and heavy to provide better pedaling. It gives you smooth and consistent strokes. The high speed and high inertia technology is designed to provide you a with good ride even at a high speed. There will be less strain when you exercise with the unit. Also, you don’t have to worry about the noise since the technology gives you relatively silent workouts. You can then watch TV or listen to music while you are on it without any problem.

Nautilus 514cTension Resistance System

The tension system used in this Nautilus 514c is the same one used in almost all Nautilus and Schwinn upscale products. It comes with an Eddy current brake system. The resistance is made via combining a magnetic yoke with electrical coils. The system creates vertical magnetic tension to the electrical field and gives it tension that becomes resistance to your workouts. It provides accurate and strong resistance. Furthermore, the system gives you a durable exercise unit since there is no wear down of any part. You will also not get any burnt smell when you are using it.

Sixteen resistance levels are provided with the unit. This is more than enough from which to select, and the resistance is strong enough even for the athletic level. You can easily adjust the tension by selecting the function shown on your console.

The Display Type and Readoutsnautilus-r514c-console

There are two segments on the display, including the key pads area and the LCD display area. The key pads area is where all the buttons are located for your selection. The buttons include:

Fan button: This is used to control the fan, which has three speeds.

My Nautilus button: It is made for controlling the two programmed users.

Quick start button: This is for beginning a quick start workout program.

Stop button: The button is used to pause an exercise session or end a paused workout. You can also use the button to go back to the previous screen.

Increase button: This is used to increase value, including age, time, distance, calories or workout resistance. It can also move through available options.

Start/Enter button: It starts a program workout or confirms the information you have selected. It can also resume a paused workout.

By pushing it and holding it for three seconds, this button allows you to begin a Guest User or Profile Program workout.

Decrease button: Use it the same way you would use the Increase button.


The second part is the LCD display area. The unit comes with an advanced and easy-to-read display that offers different readouts for your exercise. The program display located on the top shows you the name of the program that was chosen. The grid display below gives you the course profile. You can read your workout interval and the resistance you are working on in form of piles of columns. Each column represents one time interval. The higher the column is, the more resistance you will get. The flashing column is the current interval you are now in.

The next one you will see is the Time/Interval display. It gives you the time and the current interval time. The two will automatically alternate every six seconds. When you have input the workout time you want, the time will start to count down until it is at zero. If there is no time input, the machine will count from zero until you finish. The maximum time count will be 99.59 minutes.

The Speed/RPM display is for showing the speed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour. Again it will alternate with the RPM (revolutions per minute) every six seconds. The next one is the distance display, which gives you the count of distance in either miles or kilometers.

Watt/Level display gives you the power in Watts you have got from your workout. The level is the resistance level you are on. It is going to be one of the 16 levels you have on the machine. Calories display allows you to see the estimated burned calories from your workout. Heart rate area shows you pulse or heart rate value. The rate is in BPM on beats per minute.

The LCD display is backlit. It is therefore easy to see even in a dark room. You can monitor up to 20 preset programs. You can also read your heart rate, which was sent from the sensors on the handlebars or the telemetry monitor.

Nautilus R514c Preset Programs

nautilus-r514c-crankThere are 20 programs, including profile programs, heart rate control programs and others. The two user-profile programs can be selected through the Nautilus Advantage button. The 20 programs in the machine include:

  • 9 profile programs as shown below
  • 2 user profiles
  • 4 Fitness tests
  • 3 HRC (Heart Rate Control Workout)
  • 1 Distance Goal Program
  • 1 Quick Start

Profile Programs

You can select one of the preset programs and get a profile that will automatically adjust the resistance levels as time goes by. The 9 profile programs include a manual program, three course programs, three circuit programs, and two pursuit programs. You will exercise with more variety with these profile programs and enjoy more. Below are the patterns you will get from each program.

Heart Rate Control Programs

These will let you use your heart rate as a measurement to control your intensity levels. When your pulse reaches a certain level, the resistance will be automatically adjusted to increase or decrease the intensity. The sensors located on the handlebars will send the signals to the computer to read. In addition, you can also use the telemetry monitor if you have one in case you don’t want to fix your hands on the sensors the whole time.

Custom User Profile

Nautilus R514c allows you to keep the memory of the programs and profile up to two users. You can call it out any time you want and use the preselected memory program within seconds. This is convenient and time-saving.

Fitness Test Programs

This is how you can find out what your fitness level is. By selecting these programs, you will use your heart rate as a meter to gauge your fitness while you are on the machine. At the end of the program, it will let you know your fitness score and give you an analysis of whether this is good or not.

QuickStart Program

As mentioned earlier, the QuickStart button is made to let you manually select the workout pattern you want without going through the regular process. After you have selected the button, you will be opted to select the user profile. Then you can select the resistance level to identify your intensity level and adjust it the way you want.

Quick Buttons for Resistance Level

In some of the upscale machine, you can immediately go through the resistance levels you want by selecting quick buttons on the console. It is not the case with this unit. You will have to select the resistance via the regular mode.

Sleep Mode

When the machine lays idle for five minutes, it will shut down automatically. You don’t have to turn it off. When you are done with the machine, it is recommended that you unplug the unit to save the energy and prolong the life of the console and adapter. To get the machine back, just plug the adapter in and press any button on the console.

Selecting Measurement Unit

There are both miles and kilometers on the unit for you to use. In order to get the value you want, you will have to set it when you first use the machine. When you first set up the unit, it will let you set up the date and time. Then it will go to selecting the measurement unit. You can then either choose miles, which are indicated as Imperial English, or kilometers, which are shown as Metric.

Heart Rate Monitoring System (CHR and Telemetry Heart Rate Monitoring)

You can get the pulse signals from the sensors located on the handlebars and read them on the console. The unit of the pulse will be BPM, or beats per minute. The signal can also be used to design a fitness test program or to tailor your exercise routine. Alternatively, you can use the signals from the heart rate chest strap. The machine has a telemetry heart rate monitor to help you get the signals remotely. Just make sure that when you buy a chest strap, it is un-coded and from Polar Electro or an un-coded Polar compatible model. The coded one will not work with this machine.

Maximum Weight and Height

The user’s maximum weight for this unit is 300 pounds. The machine is designed to be strong enough to cater to even large persons. It is very stable. You don’t have to worry that it will wobble or shake when you are using it.

As for the height, there is no limit on that according to the manufacturer. The seat adjustment is good enough for you to adjust it to fit people of various sizes and shapes.nautilus-r514c-side

Noise Level

It is a very good machine when it comes to the noise produced by it when it is in use. You can therefore enjoy watching TV or listening to music while you are working out. Also, its’ noise will not disturb other people in the room when you are using it.


Seat and Backrest

One of the best things about this Nautilus R514c is that its seat is very comfortable. It is molded to be contoured with your body shape and the padding is thick enough to give you more comfort. In addition, the seat can be easily adjusted to match your size. This makes it one of the most interesting units at this price level.


You can have many accessories that come with the product, including:

  • A media rack for holding an iPad, magazine or book.
  • Its speakers can be connected to an iPod or mp3 player. As usual, the sound quality may not be great, but they are OK.
  • The fan is on the console. It has three levels and works fine, although it may be not strong enough.
  • There are two places that can hold cups or bottles. One is on the console and the other is on the vertical bar below the console. You can work out and have your water bottle available with this machine.
  • It has transportation wheels so you can move it.
  • The utility basket underneath the seat is used for keeping your necessary items.


The unit uses 110V-120V electricity. It comes with an AC power adapter thathas to be connected in order to make the machine work. The cord length is approximately 60 inches.


The product comes with generous warranty, including:

Warranty for frame is 10 years.

Warranty on mechanical parts is 2 years.

Warranty on electrical parts is one year.

Warranty on wear parts is six months.

Warranty on labor is six months.

When you buy the unit, make sure you have safely kept your proof of purchase since you will need it when you want to claim any defect that happens to your machine.

Nautilus R514c Dimensions

The Nautilus R514c (2013) Recumbent Exercise Bike has dimensions measured 64” x 25” x 46”. Its assembled weight is 120 pounds.

Please make sure that when you prepare the space for the machine, there is some 24 inches of clearance space on each side of the unit. This is to make sure the machine has enough space to work properly and none of your body parts will hit any surrounding objects.

Assembly of the unit

You will have to prepare to assemble the product since it will come un-assembled. There will be tools available for putting it together. Since the machine is large and quite heavy, it is recommended that you prepare two people to do the assembly. The time to put it together is approximately one to two hours depending on your skills. The manual is clear enough to make your assembly possible and easy.



  • The machine is well designed. It has a good look that makes it stand out.
  • The 20 programs and 16 resistance levels are enough for you to add variety to your workout.
  • It offers a smooth and quiet operation.
  • Its seat is comfortable and can be adjusted to people of different sizes. The seat and backrest are thickly padded and well contoured.
  • The metal frame of the unit makes it sturdy and solid.
  • When you use the product, it reduces strain on your lower body parts.
  • The console is big and easy to read.
  • The backlit on the console makes it clear to read even in a dark room.
  • Assembly is not difficult, although it takes one to two hours to finish.
  • The heart rate monitor works well and you have a choice of using the telemetry feature.
  • There are several nice accessories that come with the product, including fan, speakers, a basket, bottle holders, and a media retractable rack.
  • The bike requires minimal footprint.


  • The position of the console may hinder the visual in front. This might cause problems for those who want to watch TV while working out.
  • As usual, the fan is weak.


[contextazon id=’21’]The product is priced in the range of $437-$699 depending on the promotional period. You can check the current price at Amazon by clicking one of the links below.


Since this is a new model, the reviews are not that many. However, from the 38 people who had bought the product, 79% of them give the unit four and five stars. This means they are quite happy with their purchase. There are some complaints for some one-star givers. The major complaints are more on the defect product upon arrival or missing parts.


The unit is very similar to Schwinn 250. Comparatively, that product may be a little more expensive. So, Nautilus R514c may be a better buy. You can compare the price between the two and make a decision on which one has a more attractive price.

As far as the quality is concerned, the Nautilus R514c (2013) Recumbent Exercise Bike offers everything you need from recumbent bikes in this price level. I think that the product is worth looking into and can be your good choice for your purchase.

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