Proform 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike Reviews

proform6ES-backThere are a few middle-scale recumbent bikes that you can find at a price lower than $500. Each has different strengths and weaknesses. As for Proform 6.0 ES, it definitely has something which makes it stand out, and it is a particular bike you should consider looking into before you buy. We are going to reveal all you need to know in order to help you decide if this bike is the right one for you.


Proform is a part of the company Icon Health and Fitness who is one of the largest global manufacturers of exercise equipment. It has factories in nine locations around the world and has launched major brands in this industry. Proform may be one of its top brands covering treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes and weight trainers.

The product offers a good and comfortable experience with its recumbent design. The seat is created to mimic the same style as a chair. It gives good lumbar support and you can enjoy exercising for longer periods and you can push your workout harder. With iFit compatible technology, it allows you to exercise to achieve your goals, no matter what they may be.

You can work out with iFit data whenever and wherever you want. You can combine your workout with Google Maps, which allows you to track your progress. You can customize your workout and you can even compete with others in the program. To get started with the iFit, you will need to purchase an iFit wireless module, which is sold separately. When you buy an iFit module, you will get a free one-year subscription. You can then access it via your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

The product’s console is large and easy to read. Its position is just about right for you, no matter how tall you are. The console displays time, distance, heart rate, calories burned and RPM, all useful features you will no doubt need during your exercise routine.proform6ES-console-front

The preset programs have 22 built-in workouts. They will keep you motivated and it allows you to change your workout routine whenever you want. The 20 resistance levels are really helpful since you can create a variety of routines from them. These programs are easy to execute–just select one of them, and you are good to go. The programs will help you burn calories, lose weight, get in shape or whatever purpose you have in mind.

The bike also offers a smooth and quiet ride which allows you to enjoy multitasking during your workout.


Drive, Crank and Pedals

The product offers inertia-enhanced flywheel, which helps smooth pedaling. The perimeter-weighted property of it allows a 360 degree pedal rotation by distributing the weight throughout the whole wheel and not in specific places. As a result, the bike offers consistent, evenly-weighted pedaling which will make your workout more efficient and more pleasant. In addition, the flywheel weighs 14lbs, which is heavy enough to perform correctly and work sufficiently. The heavier the flywheel, the better performance you will get.

The crank and pedals match the flywheel to deliver a smooth and quiet ride. Although the size of the pedals is not large, you are still able to work out in a way where you will gain great performance and safety. With strong straps, there’s no need to worry about slippage when you’re using it.

Tension Resistance System

proform6ES-heart-rate-sensorsThe product comes with 20 digital resistance levels and silent magnetic resistance (SMR). It combines magnetic yoke with electrical coils and produces vertical magnetic fields. The result is an extremely accurate and quiet resistance. Since there is no contact part in the system, there is no wear and tear. The system is highly effective and is widely used in high speed training. These 20 resistance levels are good to add variety to your workout on both manual and preset programs. These resistance levels, coupled with different workout programs help you to change your exercise routine so you don’t become bored or complacent.

Seat and Backrest

One of the best features on this bike is that its seat has a unique chair-like design. This is generally hard to find in an exercise bike. The seat is well padded with the extraordinary design the same way as a car seat. Both seat and backrest are made to provide comfort while you are working out. The seat can easily be adjusted both forward and backward to match your height. To adjust it, you will need to push downward on the seat handle, slide the seat to the position you want and then pull the handle upward to lock the seat. This is easy and practical, especially for if there are many people using the same machine. Unlike cheaper models, the seat for the unit can be adjusted while you are sitting on the bike.

The Display Type and Readouts

The second best thing about the unit is that it offers an attractive and functional console. It offers many features which are designed to make your workout more enjoyable. When you select manual mode, you can change the resistance levels by the simple touch of a button. The console also gives you your pulse which was transmitted from the sensors. There are 22 onboard workout programs including 11 calorie workouts and 11 performance workouts. Each program changes the resistance automatically according to the presets attributed to each program. You can also set calorie, distance and time goals with this console.

The LCD display on the console is backlit and measures 4 inches. You can clearly see the console, even in a dark room. In addition, the design of the display is unique and stylish. This is one of the most advanced displays you can get at this price level.

The iFit compatible feature is another highlight if you are willing to buy the iFit Live module. You can download personalized workouts, make one of your own workouts and track your workout results. You can even race against other users of the program.

There is a port to connect your MP3 player or CD player. You can then listen to your music or records from the speakers or from your iPod or iPhone.

console-diagramButtons on the Console

The LCD display and console comes with several features that you can use including manual mode, onboard workout mode, iFit workout mode and set-a-goal workout mode.

You can begin the manual mode program by pedaling or pressing any button on the console. After you have turned it on, you can then select the manual control button on the console. Unless you have the wireless iFit Live module, you are now working out in manual mode. You can change the resistance by pressing quick resistance increase and decrease buttons. When you have done that, the following information will be shown on the display:

Calories (Cals): This is the estimated number of calories you have burned.

Calories per Hour (Cals/Hr): It shows the burned calories per one hour.

Distance (Dist): This is the distance that you have pedaled in miles or kilometers.

Pulse: You can read your heart rate here by using the handgrip heart rate monitor.

Resistance (Resist): It shows the resistance levels that you are using.

Speed: The display demonstrates the speed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour.

Time: When the manual mode is selected, this display will show the elapsed time. If the onboard workout is selected, it will show the remaining time in the program.

Onboard Workout Programs

There are 22 onboard workouts that you can choose including:

11 Calorie Workouts

11 Performance Workouts

In order to start these workouts, you have to begin pedaling or by pressing any button on the console. Press 11 Calorie Workouts button or Performance Workouts button repeatedly until you get the program you want. You can see the profile of the program you want to select on the matrix. Maximum speed and maximum resistance levels will also be shown. You can then start working out. During your exercise, you will be encouraged to increase your speed by the upward-pointing arrow on the display. On the other hand, if the downward-pointing arrow is shown, you will need to decrease your speed. You should maintain your current speed if there is no arrow shown. This can add more fun to your workouts.

iFit Workout Programs are a little bit more complicated to operate. You will need an iFit Live module which will have to be bought separately. You will need a computer with an internet connection and a USB port. Also, you must have your own wireless networking and router with SSID broadcast enabled for the iFit Live module. Insert the module into the console. Press the Home button and the iFit Live main screen will be shown on the display. You can then follow the instructions shown on the display.

The last feature is the set-a-goal workout mode. You can access this mode by pressing the set-a-goal button. , In this area, you can set calorie, distance or time goals. proform6ES-iFit

User Profile Programs

There is no separate user profile that you can use except for the one in the iFit program. You can have as many users as you want with iFit, but each account has to be registered and is required to pay a fee. This unit is designed to be more compatible to iFit than having its own onboard user profile.

Heart Rate Control Programs

There is no heart rate control program on the console. But you will be able to access something similar by using iFit Live programs. Alternatively, you can check your pulse periodically while you are exercising and increase or decrease your intensity to control your heart rate during your workouts.

Fitness Test Programs

You will not find a fitness test program in the unit. But you can do it manually by monitoring your heart rate while you are working out.

Man’s maximum heart rate usually decreases from 220 BPM in childhood to approximately 160 BPM by age 60. You can know what your maximum heart rate is by checking on the heart rate table that can be easily found either online or from books. Then, you can use that heart rate to work out and test your fitness. The acceptable range is between 60%-85% of your maximum heart rate.

For example, if you are at the age of 30, your estimated maximum heart rate is 186 BPM. This means you have the heart rate zone of 112-158 BPM. When you exercise and increase intensity, speed and resistance, you have to see how far your pulse goes. If you can achieve 158 BPM without any sign of exhaust, your fitness level is in good condition.

QuickStart Program

A QuickStart button is not needed for this machine as all you need to start working out is by pressing any button and starting to pedal.

Quick Buttons for Resistance Level

There are ten buttons that allow you to instantly access the resistance levels you want. You can select if you want to get levels 2-20 (in increments of 2), by just selecting the number you want.

Console Settings

You may want to change some of the settings by choosing information mode. Here, you can view usage information, select a unit of measurement and adjust the contrast of the LCD display.

In order to access the information mode, you will need to press and hold down the display button for a few seconds until you see the information mode appear on screen. You will then be able to see the data for number of hours that the bike has been used and the distance that has been pedaled so far.

You then can see the word English for miles or Metric for kilometers. You can select either one of these for the unit of measurement. You can press the decrease button to adjust the display’s contrast. Press the quick resistance increase or decrease buttons to adjust the contrast to the level you want.

If an iFit Live module is connected, you will be able to adjust audio setting for the voice of the personal trainer in the iFit via this information mode.

After you are finished adjusting the settings you require, you can exit the information mode by pressing the display button again.

Heart Rate Monitoring System

proform6ES-with-womanThe heart rate monitoring sensors are located at the handlebars beside your seat. During your workout, you will need to grip the sensors and they will send the signal of your pulse to the display. This is easy and convenient way to show your heart rate during your workout. Unlike some competitors, the unit doesn’t support telemetry heart rate monitoring system which allows you to combine a chest strap heart rate monitor with its console.

Sleep Mode

With this type of electrical recumbent bike, you can just unplug the unit when it is not in use. This will also save energy and prolong the life of your adapter.

Maximum Weight and Height

The unit can take up to 300 lbs of weight. This maximum weight is almost standard for the bikes at this price level. According to the manufacturer, there is no limitation on maximum height.

Noise Level

Thanks to its good crank and pedal system, the machine works quietly. So the noise from the bike will not disturb you if you want to watch TV or listen to music at the same time as exercising.


Since the major feature of this bike is its compatibility with iFit, the main accessory here is the iFit Live module port on the top of the console. Other accessories include speakers and a media tray on the console. The bike also comes with a bottle holder.

There are also adjustable leveling feet on the machine so that you can use them to make the unit more stable on an un-even floor.


You will need to plug in the adapter to the wall electrical plug. It needs 110-Volt AC electricity to run and the adapter is provided upon purchase. No battery is required to run the machine.


The ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike comes with 5-year frame warranty and one-year warranty for parts and labor.

Proform 6.0 ES Dimensions

The product comes with the assembled dimensions of 25.5 x 52 x 51.5 inches (W x L x H), and its weight is 113 pounds.

The product will need 24 inches clearance space on each side of the bike to make sure you don’t hit any surrounding objects during exercise.

Assembly of the Unit

Since the product comes un-assembled, you will need 1-2 hours to assemble the parts. The good news is that the assembly is not difficult and it is quite straightforward as the manual is easy to understand. All parts including bolts, washers and screws are included in the package and are clearly labeled. You can assemble the product on your own, but having two people to assemble helps to speed up the process.



right-buttonThe product comes with a recumbent frame, allowing you to work out in a semi-reclined position which reduces strain on your lower body and joints.

right-buttonThe seat is oversized for your comfort. It can be adjusted easily to match your height by using the adjusting lever under your seat. The seat and backrest are very comfortable as they are in a similar design to a chair.

right-buttonThe unit has smooth and quiet pedaling.


right-buttonThere are 20 resistance levels for you to choose from. It has silent magnetic resistance technology to add more fun to your workout.


right-buttonThe product is iFit compatible.


right-buttonThe unit comes with a 14-pound effective inertia-enhanced flywheel. It also offers a smooth and consistent ride throughout your workout routine.

right-buttonThe console has 4” backlit display which can be seen even in the dark. The display is sophisticated and has a good design.


right-buttonThere are 22 workouts that you can choose from.


right-buttonThe unit offers a heart rate monitoring program so you can analyze your workout.


right-buttonThere is a music port which is iPod and iPhone compatible.


right-buttonIt is easy to mount and dismount (step-through design)


right-buttonThe pedals come with ergonomic design with adjustable straps to prevent slippage.


right-buttonThe transportation wheels on the front bar can be used to tow the unit wherever you want.


right-buttonThere are a few accessories to enjoy including a water bottle holder, speakers, music port and transportation wheels.


xredNo user profile program if you don’t choose the iFit Live module.

xredMinority of customers claim that there were defect parts upon arrival. Make sure that you check your package carefully when you buy..



This product is sold at the price range of $399-$499 depending on which model version you buy. When there is a promotion, the price can go down significantly. You can check the current price at Amazon, one of the biggest online stores, by clicking one of the links below.

Reviews and rating

[contextazon id=’25’]Out of 14 customer reviews, we found that there are 9 people gave the product four to five stars to show that they are quite happy of the unit.


This ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike stands out in the middle level recumbent bikes and it does a great job compared to other product out there. The unit offers most of the features you need with a nice touch on design and the price is reasonable. We believe this is a good buy, especially if you want to purchase the additional iFit module. .


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