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progear-190-w-frontIf you do not like the size and look of a recumbent bike, you may prefer the alternative of having a semi-recumbent bike, which offers you similar workout features, but with a significantly smaller size and lighter weight. In addition, the price can be less expensive comparatively, depending on which model you choose.

This Progear 190 is an interesting semi-recumbent choice. It gives you enough resistance levels to choose from and offers smooth and quiet operation. The LCD console gives you necessary information on your workout. It can be easily moved around by its transportation wheels, and most users love the unit. However, there are some complaints on the product. Let’s dive in so you can decide for yourself if the machine is suitable for you.


progear-190-w-lady-foldedIf you are looking for an affordable semi-recumbent bike without too many complicated features to figure out, this Progear 190 may be an ideal choice. The bike is made to provide comfort pedaling, so that you can enjoy your workout with a space-saving feature. The assembled size of the unit is already small, but if you fold it, you will find that it is even smaller – up to half of the original size. This makes it a perfect choice in a small apartment or a room that has limited space. Apart from its tiny size, the unit can be moved around by using the transportation wheels at the front bar. Due to its light-weight body of 38 lbs, you can easily lift it up and tow it to anywhere you want.

The cranking system of the product allows you to have a smooth and quiet pedaling with good workout results. The seat is well padded and is made in a large size to be able to cater people of various body builds. The back rest allows you to be in a semi-recumbent position, which is more comfortable and provides a more beneficial exercise routine, since your muscles and body will have less stress. It is therefore suitable for people who are recovering from illness, or for elderly people.

The heart rate monitoring system allows you to track your pulse while you are working out and ensures that you stay within your target heart rate zone. The sensors are located on the handlebars beside your seat. You don’t need expensive programs in order to control this. Just this feature is enough. You can read the pulse from the LCD display in front of you. The display is easy to read and understand, and its size makes it easy to see, as the numbers on it are quite large. The unit comes with eight resistance levels. The resistance is suitable for your workout and can vary depending on your adjustment.

The drive of the unit uses modern technology to give it a smooth and quiet operation. This will allow you to use the machine without interfering with watching TV or listening to music during your workout. The pedal is made to be larger, in order to prevent any foot slippage while you are exercising. The unit can be adjusted to different heights, ranging between 5’2” and 6’2”. The maximum weight that the unit can take is 275lbs.

The major advantage of this bike may be its reasonably good performance and its favorable price. The bike may not be able to compete with gym grade bikes, but it does its job well for a low cost.

Since this is a new product, the numbers of reviews may not be that numerous. Still, it has many favorable comments, and many people are happy with it. There are some complaints though. Mainly, they relate to its somewhat weak resistance levels. Apart from that, there are no other major complaints. Before we go to the review score, let’s take a look at the features of the unit one by one.

Comfort of the Seat and Seat Back

The seat is made to be wide and comfortable for various sizes of people. It contains extra cushion with thick foam inside and vinyl covering outside. The back rest slightly leans backward and puts your body in a right and relaxed posture. The pedals are a little below you, rather than entirely in front of you. For this reason, this bike is called a semi-recumbent bike.

Due to its space-saving design, the bike may not look as elegant as traditional recumbent bikes, but its small frame provides the extra benefit of requiring less space. You can have easy storage of the unit without any headache. According to users, the seat is quite comfortable and can cater to many different sizes of people. The only complaint made –if any- is that for some smaller users, the thighs may rub against the outer edge of the seat, causing an uncomfortable feeling. This can be solved by leaning the back farther against back rest and sitting a little more forward. Otherwise, there is no other complaint to be found.progear-190-pedaling

Cranks and Pedals

The unit consists of a three-piece, high torque cranking system. The system provides you with smooth and consistent pedaling. The pedals are made to be larger, so that your feet fit well into them, and they come with safety straps to prevent slippage.

The drive of the machine is the V-belt drive, which provides a smooth and quiet operation.

The Tension Resistance

There are eight resistance levels on the machine from which you can select. The tension can be adjusted by turning the knob on the front of the seat. The position of the knob is just about right for easy access. The tension provided may be a little weak for some who frequently exercise. However, a lot of people have no problem with this. The unit uses a magnetic tension system to provide you with appropriate resistance levels, either for an easy workout, or for a more difficult one.

Display Type and Readouts

The computer console is located on the front of the seat. Its position, which is below your body, allows you to exercise without anything hindering your view. You can watch TV while working out, as the display does not block your view.

The LCD display gives you the necessary readouts on your exercise, including time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse.

In order to start the machine, you can activate it by pushing the button on the console, or by beginning to pedal. If you leave the unit idle for four minutes, it will turn off automatically. When you use the console, you can press the button to select the function from the computer. If you press and hold the button for three seconds, you will reset all data to zero, except the odometer reading (accumulative distance traveled).

If you do not select any function, the computer will be in the SCAN mode. It will scan each function in sequence and change every six seconds.

Details of the Functions

progear-190-consoleTIME: This function will show you the elapsed time of your workout in minutes and seconds.
SPEED: The display will show you the current speed of your workout.
DIST (Distance): It displays the cumulative distance traveled during the exercise.
CAL (Calories): It shows you the approximate amount of calories that are burned during your workout. This is just an estimated measurement and cannot be used for medical reference.
ODO (Odometer): It is the accumulative distance traveled. The odometer cannot be tared to zero unless you take out the batteries.
PULSE: It shows you the current heart rate reading. You will have to take a grip of the handlebar sensors in order to get the result. You will need to hold the sensors with both hands.

Heart Rate Monitor

This recumbent bike from Progear has a heart rate monitor located at the handlebars of the unit. The sensors are the metal parts of the handlebars. By holding the sensors firmly – not too tightly or too loosely – you will be able to read the pulse on the console display. Your pulse will be shown in BPM (beats per minute).

Performance Tracking

Since this is an entry level bike, there is no performance tracking program in this machine. If you want to measure and track your progress, you will have to do it manually. Many people who are serious about their exercise also do the same thing with their workouts.

The Power of the Machine

You don’t need other electrical inputs for the unit, except the two AA batteries. The power from the batteries will help you get all the values from the console.

Maximum Weight and Height

The maximum weight capacity of the unit is 275 lbs. This is the appropriate weight for a bike like this one. The unit is designed to fit people within the height range of 5’2” to 6’2”. If you are not in this range, you may have to look for other alternatives.

The Noise Level

The machine works quietly, without making any disturbing sounds. Therefore, you can watch your favorite TV program or listen to music while you are working out on this bike.


You may want to know if there are any accessories that come with the machine. Unfortunately, there is nothing except its strong performance. You will not get a book holder, water bottle holder, speaker, or fan. However, you will get transportation wheels on the front bars for easy movement of the unit. You can consider this as an accessory, if you like.


One of the good things about this unit is that the assembly of it is quite simple and straightforward. You don’t have to worry about complicated diagrams. They are fairly basic instructions, and all necessary parts are provided. These include the Allen Wrench with Phillips Screwdriver number 5 and Double Open End Wrench numbers 13 and number 15. All of them come in the box.progear-190-w-lady-stand

The ProGear 190 Compact Space Saver Recumbent Bike in the pack has many parts pre-assembled. There will be five to six big pieces in the box, along with other small part,s including magnetic wheel parts, two pedals, the handle bars, seat, seat back, the middle adjusting seat frame, LCD display, and the main frame. The time required for assembly is approximately one to two hours, depending on your assembly skills. If you carefully follow the instructions in the manual, you will not have problem putting the unit together.



Check1OrangeThe product is space-saving. It is suitable for a small room or apartment.


Check1OrangeThe unit is foldable and can be stored in a closet or cabinet.


Check1OrangeThe pedaling is smooth and quiet. This can make your workout an enjoyable experience.


Check1OrangeThe seat and seat back are comfortable enough to give you a good ride during the workout.


Check1OrangeThe computer console gives adequate function for a basic exercise.


Check1OrangeThere is a heart rate monitoring system available. You can read your pulse while working out, and you can use it to increase your intensity, in order to keep it at your target heart rate. This can add more fun into your exercise.

Check1OrangeThe console is in a good position and does not block your visibility in front of the machine. This makes it easy to watch TV during your workout.

Check1OrangeThe structure of the unit is well-built. It does not sway from side to side when you are using it.


Check1OrangeThe unit has an economical price.


xredThe resistance may not be strong enough for some people. If you are a regular or avid exerciser, you may need to consider buying another model. However, a lot of buyers are still satisfied with the tension they receive with this machine.
xredThe unit may be a little high for smaller people. You may have to reposition yourself a bit if your legs do not properly reach the pedals.


The unit is priced in the range of $159 to $200, depending on the promotional period. You can check the current sell price at Amazon by clicking one of the links below.


The ProGear 190 Compact Space Saver Recumbent Bike with Heart Pulse Sensors comes with the compact dimension of 38 inches (L) x 21 inches (W) x 44 inches (H). The assembled weight of the unit is 47.2 pounds. In order to have the machine work properly, you will have to spare 24 inches of space on each side of the unit.


The product is warranted for one year from the date of purchase. All parts and workmanship on the product, including computer, display, upholstery, foam, ball bearing, belts, cables, etc. are covered to be free from defects for 90 days. The warranty is only for the original owner and is not transferable. Proof of purchase is required for the warranty claim.

Reviews and Ratings

With the affordable price tag, this product could be of interest for many people who want to own an entry-level, semi-recumbent bike. The reviews from 31 users show that 71% of the customers are happy with their purchase and gave the unit four to five stars.

The strongest point of the unit is its compact size and its performance. The most common complaints are about the weak resistance the machine has, as well as defects in some of the units.


If you are an avid exerciser who already has a regular exercise routine, you may find that the unit’s resistance levels are too weak for you, even at the highest level. You may look for an electric bike that has a stronger resistance level. However, if you are someone who doesn’t really need a very strong bike and just wants to use an entry level bike at an affordable cost, this unit may be suitable for you.


This model of Progear190 is the same as the Progear1113, which is sold in other stores. Don’t be surprised if you find that the other model looks exactly the same.

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