Recumbent Bike Buying Guide: How to Make the Right Purchase

bike-think-about--buyingOne of the types of exercise equipment that has been growing in popularity recently is the recumbent bike. However, not many people know what to consider when they are considering purchasing one of these from the market, which offers so many brands and models. In this article, you will learn some buying tips that you can incorporate into your decision-making process to determine whether you want to own one of these products yourself.

  • Why do you want a recumbent bike?

There are three major exercise bikes that you can choose from in the market. The upright bikes are the ones that are similar to regular bikes, with the adaptation to make them more comfortable. The recumbent bikes are the ones with a wider seat and back rest. You will have a semi-reclined position when you are using this unit. The last type of exercise bike is the indoor cycling unit (spinning bike). This type of bike simulates the traditional road bikes, providing you with a more intense exercise and more flexibility in your exercise program.

The benefits of each bike are different. If you want a bike that gives you the regular bike position, as well as features such as a good console, heart rate monitor, or profile program, you may want to check out the upright bike. However, if you want something more solid and intense, you may see that the indoor cycling option is more practical for your needs, since it offers a road bike experience with resistance adjustments. Both of these types of exercise bike allow you to lift yourself up on the pedals while you are working out. This gives you additional exercise benefits and various muscle workouts.

On the other hand, if you are not that serious about being an athlete, you can look into recumbent bikes as your option of choice. The step-through design allows easy access and exit. The larger seat and back rest give ample lower back support. This makes it perfect for the elderly, or those who are still recuperating from an operation or injury. The unit also can provide you with additional features that other exercise bikes offer.

After you have researched all three types of exercise bike, you should be able to decide if you want to go for the recumbent bike option. Read on to discover a more in-depth buying guide.

  • Do you want a magnetic or electric unit?

The magnetic bikes are less expensive, but they provide have less resistance. They do not have electrical plug, so you don’t need to locate your unit near the electrical socket. The machine needs batteries to run the computer console, and that’s it. On the other hand, the electric options use electro-magnetic power to give stronger resistance. This makes them more reliable when it comes to resistance level.

  • What type of seat do you want?

The longer you plan to be on the seat, the more comfortable you want it to be. Most of the recumbent bikes come with a padded seat, and most have been made to provide the best possible comfort. However, some models offer plastic contour seats, which are falsely advertised to be more comfortable. My opinion is that, no matter what type of seat you have, you may need an extra pillow or cushion, should you want to exercise for a longer amount of time.

  • What extra functions do you want?

Many bikes offer special features, such as a heart rate monitor, pre-programmed workout plan, profile programs, user profiles, follow-up programs, or progress monitoring programs. These additional features are up to you. The more features there are, the more expensive the unit is going to be.

  • Is the seat easy to adjust?

If you have several people who plan to use the same machine, you may want to get one with easy seat adjustment. A few units in the market do not offer this feature. You will have to select one with this option; otherwise, it can be painful every time you need to adjust the seat to match your height.

  • How long of a warranty is offered?

Although you plan not to use it, a warranty is necessary in order to ensure peace of mind. It can become handy when there is something wrong with your unit with which you need some help. Most of the products offer long enough warranties, but you should not ignore this point.

If you decide to purchase a recumbent bike, you may need some advice before you actually purchase one. In this article, we give you the basic buying guide for recumbent bikes, so that you can read and get the information you need.

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