Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits

ek7_bikeThe recumbent bike has been popular in the exercise bike market for a long while. It is considered one of the best workout machines for cardiovascular exercise especially for the elderly or people who are just recuperating from illness or from an operation. The bike also has many other benefits. But- before we go into that segment- we should know how many exercise bikes there are to choose from.

Exercise bikes classified by the seat and features:

There are two types of bikes if you look into the seat and features including:

Upright Exercise Bikes

These are bikes which have similar features to the standard, traditional bicycles. They are made in order to work similarly to outdoor regular bikes. They have typical seats and pedals. When you ride one of these, you will feel the same way as when you are riding a regular bike. Instead of riding the bike outdoors, you are riding indoors with the stationary actions.

When you exercise with this type you will get both an upper and lower body work out, although most of the workout is on the lower body because the upper part is used to lean forward and take a good grip at the handlebar.

The upright exercise bikes can also be put into two different categories:

  1. Spinning Bikes: These are basic exercise bikes used more in the spinning classes at the health clubs or gyms. They are very similar to the regular upright exercise bikes but their components are closer to the ones of the real bicycles. The resistant levels of this type of bike are more intense in comparison with the regular upright exercise bike. Normally, this type of bike does not have a console or additional features apart from the resistance adjustment. The seat is very much like the one of a regular bike. The bike is popular for triathlon training, serious bike lovers and professional athletes. The units can also be called indoor cycles.
  2. Regular Upright Exercise Bikes: Although the bikes are made to be similar to the typical bicycle, they also combine other displays of measurement like distance, exercise time, resistance choices, heart rate monitoring and different modes of riding for making your exercise more interesting. The more expensive the bikes are, the more features you will get. No matter if you want it to be more basic or more luxurious, you can select one from many choices in the market.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Some people may need to be in a better position when they are on the seat and be more comfortable, this is when recumbent exercise bikes come into play. The seat of a recumbent bike is similar to a chair. The back rest provides additional back support and its angle allows the user to lean a little backward. As a result, the rider will be more in a recline position. The bike pedal is in front of the seat while the ones of the upright bike are below the seat. The units provide greater comfort and better blood flow for the users. As you can see on this site, there are so many recumbent bikes for you to choose from with different features and price ranges. Normally, recumbent bikes are more expensive than the upright bike.

The exercise bikes can also be classified according to the functions provided:

Single Action Stationary Exercise Bikes

These are the bikes -either upright or recumbent design- which are made with the purpose of pedaling exercise. Although, they help for both upper and lower body exercise, too, the focus is more on the lower body and cardiovascular exercise.

Dual-action Stationary Exercise Bikes

If you want an exercise bike which helps your upper body, too, you may want to look for a dual-action bike. It gives you a full-body work out while still focusing on the lower body. Think about elliptical trainers. They are similar but replace the walking or jogging feet panels by the pedals. Their handlebars move backward and forward in synchronicity with the pedaling. Your arms will move constantly while working out resulting in upper body exercise. Overall, the bike will increase your exercise intensity.

All other features of this type of bike are similar with the ones of the regular exercise bike. They can come with accessories like built-in fans, resistance adjustment, heart rate monitoring etc. The bikes are normally made in an upright style more than a recumbent style.

Interactive Stationary Exercise Bikesbike_pink

Some bikes allow you to use more advanced technology. They are made to give you more interactive functions like endurance training, interval training, weight loss, fit test and many other options. The users can choose from the computer which is pre-programmed to make your workout more enjoyable and not boring. Some of the units like the Schwinn 230 or Schwinn 270 even give you the chance to monitor your progress through a website or mobile app. These can be a good addition for the advanced user. These high-tech features can be available on both upright and recumbent bikes.

Now that you know all the types of exercise bikes, you can see the benefits of the recumbent bike including:

  • Can be used as a replacement of outdoor bicycle riding especially when the weather does not permit.
  • Provides similar results of a cardiovascular and lower body workout which you get from riding a regular outdoor bicycle.
  • Provides time saving in comparison with regular outdoor bike. The bike is also great for the working out your abdomen, buttocks, hips and upper body. Your heart and lungs also benefit from the workout.
  • You can multi-task when you are working out. You can watch TV or listen to music at home while you are exercising.
  • The additional back support provides a more comfortable seating position. This is good for both elderly people and recuperation.
  • You can comfortably read a book while you are exercising on recumbent bike. You cannot do that on the upright bike. However, not engaging your hands on the handlebar will result in less upper body workout.
  • Most recumbent bikes come with the step-through design. This means you can easily access the unit without climbing over the middle bar like the ones of an upright bike.
  • Since the center of gravity of a recumbent bike is very low, the user and the ride are more stable.
  • Because of your reclining position and your arms hanging naturally at the sides, you may not get pain in your hands, arms or wrists, because there is no weight or stress put on them while you are working out.
  • Your butt muscles work out better on the recumbent bike in comparison with the upright bikes.
  • The rider of the bike is in a good, natural position without the need to bend their neck or back.
  • The seats of recumbent bikes are more comfortable and give less pain and aches to the butt.
  • Recumbent bike gives more natural body alignment which reduces the stress to your body.
  • People with lower back problems can be more comfortable using this type of bike.

There are so many types of exercise bikes in the market but recumbent bikes are the ones that can give you extra benefits because of its comfortable seat and style. There are also many other benefits that you might have not known before reading this article. After you have been through all the information, you may be able to decide if you really want to own one of these bikes.




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