Reebok 610 Recumbent Bike Review

Reebok-610-recumbent-bike-fullThe Reebok 610 may also be an upscale bike that gives you strong features at a reasonable price. It may also be equivalent to the professional-gym bikes, considering that it has iFit compatibility. But the unit isn’t free from flaws. In this Reebok 610 Recumbent Bike review, you will be able to see both strengths and weaknesses of the bike so that you can decide if this one is for you.


We may not have to talk about how famous Reebok brand is especially in the footwear arena. The company also enters many other sporting areas including apparel and exercise equipment. It may be one of the most recognized brand names in the world. So it is interesting to see how the company performs in its recumbent exercise bikes. Reebok 610 is one of a few models in the market and stands up well to Reebok’s reputation in terms of quality.

The product comes with many features to deliver both in terms of comfort and function. It can help you boost your cardiovascular activities and offers good support for your body at the same time. This is especially useful for someone who has just recuperated from operation or illness. It is also good for elderly people and those with knee problems. Using exercise bike may be one of the lowest impact exercise methods for lower body. The step-through design and chair-like seat are may be one of the most stunning features that this bike offers to its users. You can work out harder and get better results while putting less stress on the body.

In addition to the design, the unit also has very good drive and flywheel. The perimeter weighted flywheel that comes with the bike lets you work out with smooth and consistent strokes. The flywheel weight is made to be high giving you a better pedaling experience than average. The V-shape drive gives you quiet operation, which means you don’t have to worry about any noise while you are working out with the machine. You can watch TV or listen to music and enjoy your exercise at the same time.

There are 24 preset programs that you can choose and add more variety to your exercise routine. The 12 calorie burning workouts are designed to help you to burn your fat effectively and the 12 performance workouts allow you to increase the efficiency of your heart and lungs as well as give you the chance to tone the muscles of your lower body. With this product, you can have 22 resistance levels to choose from. You can either increase or decrease the levels by using the up and down buttons or there are quick key buttons which allow you to immediately access some specific resistance levels.

The console also has built-in fans and built-in speakers so that you can use the bike whenever you need to. If you choose to use manual set up, you can read the time, pulse, distance and calories through its large LCD display which is backlit and allows you to clearly see the display even in a dark room. The product also comes with heart rate monitors, both contact and chest strap. You can use one of them and track your heart rate while you are losing weight. Both can come in handy and not many bikes in the market offer these to their customers.

One of the highlights of the unit is its iFit compatibility. You can buy an iFit module separately and attach to the product. Then you can enjoy various benefits that iFit offers and add more fun to your workout. If you don’t care for buying iFit, the unit’s features alone can make you to want to exercise every day.

Another good plus of the unit is that it can cater maximum weight for up to 350 lbs. This is hard to find in the home exercise bikes. Therefore, this product is suitable and recommended to larger sized people who have trouble in finding good exercise machines that match their weight.

Crank and Pedals

When you buy a recumbent bike, you will have to look for one which has heavier flywheel because it provides better performance. In this case, the unit has 14 lbs flywheel which is considered above average as with any flywheel above 7lbs. The inertia-enhanced flywheel can help you to get better rotation of the wheel by distributing its weight throughout the perimeter. In the end, you can expect the evenly-weighted strokes from the use of the product.

The product comes with one-piece pedal crank. The pedals are made to be of larger size with toe straps to ensure the stability when you use the unit. The crank gives you enough comfort and quietness while you are pedaling. You can be assured of a smooth ride from the system.

Tension or Resistance System

You can enjoy 22 digital resistance levels from the use of the machine. Its silent magnetic resistance combines the magnetic yoke with electrical coils producing vertical magnetic field. You will be able to get accurate and strong resistance from the system. Since the magnetic works without having any part contact one another, you will not smell any burnt from it. This also makes the unit durable in term of resistance system.

You also can select the resistance from regular route and use up and down buttons. Or you can use the resistance quick keys which allow you to immediately access one of the installed resistance levels. You can change the levels to face different challenge at your will.

Seat and Backrest

This is another unit which gives you an extraordinary seat and backrest. The well-molded fiber seat gives you the contour surface to match the curve of your body. The backrest is well-padded and is large enough to provide comfort and support to your back. When you are on the bike, you will feel the comfort of a semi-recline position when you are pedaling.

One of the best features on this bike is that its seat has a unique chair-like design. This is generally hard to find in an exercise bike. The seat is well padded with the extraordinary design the same way as a car seat. Both seat and backrest are made to provide comfort while you are working out. The seat can easily be adjusted both forward and backward to match your height. To adjust it, you will need to push downward on the seat handle, slide the seat to the position you want and then pull the handle upward to lock the seat. This is easy and practical, especially for if there are many people using the same machine. Unlike cheaper models, the seat for the unit can be adjusted while you are sitting on the bike. Both can be easily adjusted to match the height of the user by move up the lever besides the seat. You can still enjoy the ride no matter how tall you are.

The Display Type and Readouts

The console of the product has both good look and good features to play with. Instead of using boring resistance adjustment knob, you can immediately adjust your resistance using the quick button on this console. Also, it reads your heart rate which was transmitted from the handlebar sensors. You can use the pulse to design your own workout patterns. The preset programs here include 12 onboard calorie workouts and 12 performance workouts. The programs change resistance level automatically to match the design and the pattern of them. In addition, you will be able to read and set the calorie, distance and time goals on the console.

Its 5-inch LCD display on the console has backlit property allowing you to clearly see it even in a dark room. The prominent display makes it unique and stands out from other competitors. This is equivalent to some exercise bikes which are used in the professional gyms.

If you know iFit Live module, you will know that it can enhance your workout to another level by downloading features from the website and using them on your machine. This makes your workout fun and more effective. You can also race with other users who use the same program at the same time online. This will give you better results in the long run.

You can also connect to another media player like iPod, iPhone or Mp3 player so that you can play the music or records through the unit’s speakers. The sound may not be that great but it works at its level.

reebok-610-consoleButtons on the Console

As you can see from the picture, the product’s console has several features that will give you much more choice. The available modes include the manual mode, onboard workout mode, iFit workout mode and set-a-goal workout mode.

For manual mode, you can start it by simply beginning to pedal or pressing any button on the console. This is to turn the unit on. Then you will have to select the manual control button on the display and it will bring you to the manual mode. You can change resistance levels using up and down buttons or using one of the quick keys. After that you can set the following:


: You can see and set the goal for the estimated burned calories.

Calories per hour

: It shows the burned calories per one hour.


: This is the distance that you have travelled on the bike in miles or kilometers.


: You can see your pulse by taking a grip on the sensors or by using the chest strap heart rate monitor.


: It simply shows the levels of resistance you are working on.


: It gives you the speed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour depending on your setting.


: It shows the elapsed time of your manual workout. If you use onboard workout programs, the time will be count back from the starting time until it reaches zero.


Onboard Workout Programs

You can work out with the unit’s 24 preset programs including 12 calorie workouts and 12 performance workouts. Both are designed for different purposes. The calorie workouts allow you to burn fat according to your intensity you set and the performance workouts give you the chance to improve your body functions.

When you want to start these onboard workout programs, you can begin with pressing any button on the console to start. Then press the 12 calorie workouts button or performance workouts button repeatedly until you reach the workout that you want. The profile of each workout program is shown on the matrix display including its maximum speed and maximum resistance. You can then start your workout.

While you are working out, you may see the upward-pointing arrow. This means you have to increase your speed. On the other hand, when the downward-pointing arrow is shown, it means decreasing your speed. Maintain the speed you are using if there is no arrow shown. You will be able to have more fun with all these features.

If you want to go for iFit workout programs, you will have to get the iFit Live module by purchasing it separately. Then a computer and internet connection is needed. You will also have to get the wireless networking and router with SSID broadcast enabled. After all the equipment is set up, you then insert the module into the top of the console. Go to the Home button and then follow the instruction on the display.

If you want to go for set-a-goal workout mode, you can use its button. Then you can set the goal for calorie, distance, or time according to your needs.


User Profile Programs

You can select your user profile if you use the iFit Live module. If you do not wish to do so, you cannot set the user profile with this console.

Heart Rate Control Programs

The onboard workout programs already incorporate your pulse into them and let you know if you need to go faster or slower. Unlike some of the machines, there is no specific heart rate control program in the unit.

IFit Compatibility

You can connect the unit to iFit program and get thousands of workouts. This includes training with Jillian Michaels and Google maps workouts. In addition, you will get calorie and training tracking from the program. You can also get the tips and articles on the exercise including the support from the fitness community. All these tools will help you achieve your fitness goals.

QuickStart Button

In order to start working out, you can start pedaling or press any button on the console. You don’t need a QuickStart button for this purpose.

reebok-610-console-diagramQuick Buttons for Resistance Level

There are seven buttons that indicate the levels of resistance which you can immediately access. The numbers are shown above the quick resistance label. You can choose one of those by pressing on the number.

Console Settings

This is how you can set your console to the settings you want: when you start the machine, you can then choose the information mode in order to change some of the settings. To access the information mode, you need to press and hold down the display button for a few seconds. You will see the information mode is shown on your display and now you are good to go. If you want to change from miles to kilometers or vice versa, you will have to select the unit of measurement on the LCD display. Then you can select English for miles or Metric for kilometers. You can also change the display contrast by using quick resistance buttons while you are in this mode.

When the iFit module is connected to the console, you can adjust audio setting of the personal trainer voice from the module using this information mode.

When you are done with all settings and want to get out of the mode. You can do so by pressing the display button one more time.

Heart Rate Monitoring System

You can get your pulse by taking a grip of the heart rate monitoring sensors on the handlebars. Alternatively, you can use heart rate monitoring chest strap which comes with the unit. You can then use the heart rate to track your progress in the workout.

Sleep Mode

It is recommended that you unplug the unit when it is not in use. This is to help prolong the life of the adapter and the console.

Maximum Weight and Height

The product can carry the maximum weight for up to 350lbs. This may be one of the highest in the industry. This is therefore the best product for a heavy weight user who cannot find real good recumbent bike that can carry his or her weight.

Noise Level

Since the unit comes with very good crank and pedal system, the unit works very quietly. You don’t have to worry about bothering other people when you are working out. In addition, the noise of it will not disturb you if you want to watch TV at the same time as your workout.


Apart from the compatibility with iFit Live module, the unit also has other accessories including the 2×2” speakers that can play music from iPod or mp3 player. The bottle holder is right in front of you. The fan is built in the console.


The product needs electricity to run. It comes with the adapter and cord that you will have to use them to connect to the wall plug. The cord length is approximately 60 inches.


The product comes with the following warranty:

Life time warranty for frame

2-year warranty for parts

1-year warranty for labor.

Dimensions of Reebok 610

The assembled Reebok 610 Exercise Bike of the product has the dimensions of 20 x 47 x 55 inches (W x L x H). The product weight is measured at 48.2 lbs.

Please be aware that the recumbent bike needs some 24 inches clearance space on each side of the unit to make sure that you get a good ride on it and none of your body parts will hit any of the surrounding objects.

Assembly of the Unit

You will need to prepare for the assembly of the unit when you decide to buy it. The good news is that the assembly is not that difficult and the user manual is clear enough to show you all the steps. You may not to spend one or two hours assemble it. The necessary tools are also included with the package. The only extra tool that you may need is a cutter and that’s it.



right-buttonThe product is well made. The frame is solid and sturdy. It can last for years. This is why the manufacturer offers life-long warranty for the frame.

right-buttonThe design allows you to work out in a semi-reclined position. It can reduce strain on your body and joints.

right-buttonThe fiber seat is made to be contour to fit the shape of your body. You will be comfortable on the seat and the backrest gives you a good back support.

right-buttonThe product offers smooth and quiet pedaling.

right-buttonThere are 22 resistance levels to add variety to your workout. The silent magnetic shifting allows you to change the resistance without much noise.

right-buttonThe unit is compatible to iFit module allowing you to enjoy all the features in the iFit program.

right-buttonThe flywheel is made to provide smooth and consistent strokes from the ride.

right-buttonThe console has 5” backlit LCD display allowing you to see even in the dark.

right-buttonThe display has good design and is sophisticated.

right-buttonThere are 24 onboard workouts that you can choose from.

right-buttonYou can use either gripping heart rate monitor or chest strap heart rate monitor.

right-buttonThe console can be connected to iPod or mp3 player.

right-buttonThe transportation wheels and the back handle allow you to move the unit easily.


right-buttonThe unit comes with many accessories.




You cannot save your user profile if you don’t use iFit module.



The product is sold at the price range of $699-$799 depending on the promotion that each store has. One of the best places to check the price is Amazon. You can access it by clicking one of the links on this page.


You may see all the features and benefits of this Reebok 610 Exercise Bike from what we have analyzed above. Now, we can conclude that if your budget allows, you can comfortably buy this bike and enjoy what it offers. Alternatively, you can check out Proform 6.0 ES which has a little less features but with more attractive price tag. Still, you will not get the Reebok brand name. Overall, we think that the unit is really worth your money should you decide to own a recumbent bike with good brand and that can last very long time.

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