Schwinn 220 (2012 model) Reviews

schwinn-220-frontSchwinn has created their reputable brand name on the recumbent bike market. This Schwinn 220 is the updated model made for 2012 to replace the old 2010 model. It has many added benefits over the old unit and has won many customers’ heart on delivering quiet and smooth workouts. However, there are also some drawbacks to this unit, which you cannot ignore. The major one would be its console. You will learn here, in our Schwinn 220 reviews, what is wrong with this console, as we help you to determine whether these flaws should turn you away from this product. We will let you know all about this product’s benefits and disadvantages in this article. Let’s dive in and see what you can get from this recumbent bike!


There are a few models of recumbent bike that this company has launched onto the market, and not all of them have good reviews and acceptance. Schwinn has worked hard to improve their products, and they are getting better as time goes by. They offer a wide range of products in this exercise equipment field. The mother company of Schwinn, Nautilus, which is a renowned company, presented with a new model for 2012. This Schwinn 220 recumbent bike is the one!

The product comes with several features that are considered very sufficient for a basic bike used for general exercise. With the technology from Nautilus, this product contains additional attributes to those of the old Schwinn220. For example, the new model is equipped with Biofit Comfort Technology. This means that the seat is designed to be more comfortable, and the handlebars contain heart monitoring sensors that are fit into the equipment. The pedals have an ergonomic design that allows them to work efficiently and comfortably. Speakers are provided, in order to allow you to listen to MP3s from the input port. There is also a rack for holding your iPad, magazine, or ebook reader. These new features all fall under what the company calls Biofit Comfort Technology.

The second attribute of the product is called BioDyne Performance. The product comes with a perimeter weighted flywheel. This makes you feel like you are riding a traditional bike when you are pedaling the unit. The stabilizer bars are made to be oversized, so that the unit has a firm support This will make your workout station more stable and prevent the machine from shaking during a fast cycle.

The third attribute is the BioConnect Feedback. The computer in the bike offers eight workout programs, six course profiles, a fitness test, and a custom workout option. These programs serve to make your workout more enjoyable and unrepetitive. The integrated grip heart rate system allows you to monitor your heart rate on the computer and adapt the information to other workout programs. There are 16 resistance levels available, so that you can set it to whatever challenge level you desire.

Although the unit is not foldable, it can be transported or moved around with the convenient two front wheels. You can easily relocate your unit into any room of the house. The seat is wide enough to cater to a larger person, with the maximum weight limited at 300 lbs. The seat and back rest are padded with proper vinyl material and are more comfortable than the earlier models of the company.

One of the benefits of having a recumbent bike instead of traditional upright bike is that you can have a challenging workout while you are in a semi-reclined position. The position allows you to experience lower stress on your body and better back support. This is especially suitable for people who are recuperating from illness or an operation. Also, the unit is perfect for elderly people, who often need to be careful with their joints and knees. In addition, people who suffer arthritis are good candidates for using this type of exercise equipment.back-2-schwinn220

Home exercise bikes have gained more popularity recently, as it provides the advantage of being able to work out in the comfort of one’s own home, instead of going out to the gym (which is more costly anyway). With a home exercise bike, you can multi-task while you are exercising, and you can also wear whatever clothing you want! You won’t have to worry about how bad the weather is outside, as your workout can be completed indoors. There are many benefits to owning one of the exercise machines!

Crank and Pedals

The unit offers a one-piece pedal crank, with standard pedals. These are the same pedals used in other up-scale models of Schwinn bikes. You can attach your feet firmly to the pedals, and adjustable straps are available for you to make your stroke consistent and effective.

Drive System

The Schwinn 220 has a perimeter-weighted flywheel mechanism. It allows the wheel to rotate with the weight placed on the perimeter, instead of all over the disc. The weight gives inertia when you pedal the bike, and that inertia gives you smooth and consistent pedaling on every strokes. You will get circle strokes instead of up and down strokes, which will help reduce tension in your hips, knees, and muscles, making you feel safer and more balanced. In addition, this technology allows you to have pedaling at a very minimum noise level.

Although the perimeter-weighted flywheel is provided, the product does not have high speed-high inertia technology, as the higher models of Schwinn have. It therefore does not work as well when you spin at high speed.

Tension Resistance of Schwinn 220

This product creates tension while you are pedaling, using the eddy current tension system. The system is a combination of magnetic yoke and electrical coils. These features generate vertical magnetic tension to the wheel and give the user different levels of challenge. This is a durable mechanism, since there is no mechanical contact between the parts. In the end, you will get more accurate tension control and results. In addition, the system gives no noise and no smell, even when used frequently.

With this unit, you can choose from 16 levels of resistance. This is similar to what you will get from the upscale models of Schwinn bikes.

console-schwinn220Console Display Type and Readouts

The unit computer console gives you the important information on your workout. You can control the resistance here instead of turning a knob, as you must do with the lower-end units. The computer shows a grid display with buttons that allow you to navigate through various exercise programs.

The major key pad functions and buttons include the following:

Quick Start button: This is to begin the workout.

Stop/pause button: This allows you to pause the workout. If you press it twice, it will end the workout.

Fan Control button: You can adjust the fan within three speeds.

Increase and Decrease buttons;:These are used to adjust age, time, distance, calories burned, or resistance levels.

Start/Enter button: This button is used to start a workout program. It is also used to confirm the information or resume a paused workout.

LCD Display Data

The main display shows the name of the program which can be selected. The grid area allows you to see the grid course profile. Each column is an interval of your workout. The higher is the interval, the more resistance. The current workout column is shown in a flashing color.


This shows the time count in the workout. If you do not select the time, the display will count the time forward. However, if you have set a workout time limit, the unit will count down the time until it reaches zero. The maximum time setting is 99.59 minutes.


This display field gives you the speed in kilometers per hour or miles per hour. The information is alternated with the distance information, either in kilometers or miles. The alternating period is six seconds each.

You can change your unit from miles to kilometers, or vice versa, by using the console setup mode. In order to do so, you will need to hold down the increase button and decrease button together for three seconds. This must be done while you are in POWER-UP mode. This action will allow you to enter CONSOLE SETUP mode. When you see the units prompt, push the start/enter button to start the units option. Push the increase or decrease button to change between Miles-lb to Km-kg.

RPM/KCAL ( Calories )

This shows the revolutions per minute (RPM) for 6 seconds and then change to K cal for another 6 seconds.

Level / Heart Rate

The level means the resistance level you are using. As usual, it changes to heart rate in beat per minute when you contact the sensor.

Custom Workout

You can select the custom workout option in order to personalize your program. After you have set up the user profile, you can set the custom option in the program menu. The display will then prompt you to change the time for the workout from the default value of 30 minutes. You can then increase or decrease the time value, and set it by pressing the START/ENTER button.

Profile Programs

Six workout programs are available for you to select. The programs include two courses, two circuits and two pursuits, as shown below.


Fitness Test

[contextazon id=’12’]This program allows you to measure your fitness level by detecting your heart rate with your power output. The stronger you are, the more power is generated at a given heart rate. The fitness test has two levels: beginner or advanced. The program requires you to enter your age and weight in your user profile and then calculates your fitness score. If you use the unit as a guest user, the program will allow you to enter your specific age and weight before you begin the test.

When you start pedaling and holding the heart rate sensors, the resistance level will slowly increase. Your heart rate will rise as you work harder. When the rate reaches the test zone, the resistance will remain stable for 3 minutes. After that, the console will calculate the power output from the heart rate. The result will be your fitness score.

Although the console offers a lot of information to read and play with, there are two problems that a few people have with it. The position of the console is rather high, and is therefore hard to see for some people. The second problem is that the display is not backlit, making it difficult to see, especially when the unit is in a darker room.


Performance Tracking

Unlike the upscale models (e.g., Schwinn 230 or Schwinn 270), this unit does not have any performance tracking system. It doesn’t have the famous app, Goal Tracker, which can be uploaded to SchwinnConnect or My FitnessPal. In this case, you will have to manually keep your crank-schwinn220record and track your progress on your own.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The heart rate sensors are located on the handlebars beside the seat. It is therefore convenient for you to simply take hold of the bars and read your heart rate on the screen. Unlike those of the lower-priced models, this heart rate monitoring system has a more accurate readout.

Brake System

Actually, there is no real brake system in recumbent bikes. But what is called brake is for causing tension or resistance in the unit. In this case, the brake system used in this unit is Eddy current brake system. The Eddy current tension system is the same as the Eddy current brake system. As we have explained earlier, it uses magnetic yoke in combination with the electrical field providing magnetic tension between the flywheel and the magnetic field. It is the same system used in high-speed trains.


This product needs electricity input for the computer on the console. The unit has the adapter and cord included with purchase, and you can connect the adapter to the machine and plug it into an outlet on the wall. The power cord is approximately six feet and can be connected at the front of the bike.

Assembly of the Unit

This Schwinn 220 Recumbent Exercise Bike (2012 Model) is not easy to assemble, but Schwinn does a good job in providing a decent user manual for you to follow during the assembly of the bike. It can be done within an hour or two, and all of the parts and most of the tools are provided. They also let you know the extra tools that you will need, including cutters and scissors. If you finish the assembly and find that the unit only pedals backwards, you may have to disassemble the front of the bike, pick up the grommet, and put it back on. This is a common problem with this machine, as the grommet, which is an eyelet covered the hole in the panel, can fall off if it is jarred during shipping.


lifting-schwinn220Maximum Weight and Height of the User

Like other Schwinn bikes, the maximum weight of the user is limited at 300 lbs. There is no height limitation when using this unit.


Thanks to new technology, this unit works quietly, with its perimeter weighted flywheel producing very little noise. So, there will be no disturbance when you use it if you want to watch TV or listen to music.


There are a few accessories that come with this product, including the following:

  • The speakers are located on the console.
  • An MP3 player connecting port is available. A fan is on the console. Although it is rather weak, it is nice to have.
  • There is a retractable media rack for holding your iPad, magazines, or book.
  • An Mp3 player or mobile phone holder is located on the console.A water bottle holder is located on the front vertical bar. It is rather small, though.



The product comes with several types of warranty, including the following:

The warranty for the frame lasts five years. As for the electrical parts, the warranty is one year. For the wear of parts and labor, a 90 day warranty is in place.

As usual, damage from misuse, accident, neglect, abuse, improper assembly, improper maintenance, or failure to follow the instructions or warnings shown in the manual is not warranted.


Dimensions of the Unit:


The unit measures at 56.7 x 10.8 x 25.8 inches. The weight of the assembled unit is 111 pounds.

Assembly and Placement:

The product arrives in a box. You will need to put it together, which will take around one or two hours to complete. The good news is that the assembly is quite simple, and the manual is clear and easy to follow. All of the necessary parts are also attached with the delivered true-side-schwinn220package.


One thing that you will need to know is that you will need to leave 24 inches of on each side of the unit in order to make sure that the unit runs smoothly, without any interference.




Check1OrangeThe machine works smoothly and quietly.
Check1OrangeIt has a sturdy frame. You will feel safe and steady while using this unit.
Check1OrangeThe seat is very comfortable. You can use it for long duration without any extra cushioning. However, the material used on the seat and seat back is vinyl, which is rather slippery if you do not have your shirt-on while working out.

Check1OrangeThe console is easy to use, without much extra skill required.


Check1OrangeThe assembly is not difficult in comparison with other brands on the market. The parts and accessories – including most of the tools – are included with purchase. You may need to prepare some cutters or scissors to use as well.

Check1OrangeThe MP3 port is a nice touch for this level of bike.


Check1OrangeIf you stop pedaling, the bike will pause. This is good, because you don’t have to worry that the bike will continue to pedal, even though you have stopped moving, as many people worry about when using an electric treadmill.

Check1OrangeSeat adjustment can be done without a problem and can easily fit most users.
Check1OrangeThe MP3 holder on the console can keep your cell phone, MP3 player, or TV remote control secured in place. It is quite convenient.


Check1OrangeThe water bottle holder can hold the bottle up to a size of 20 oz.


Check1OrangeThe back and front stabilizer bars make a steady and strong support for the bike.


Check1OrangeThe front transportation wheels make moving of the unit easy. You don’t have to be very strong to move it around.


Check1OrangeThe workout programs offer enough selection and variety, so you can change your workout routine around, to prevent boredom.


Check1OrangeThe price is reasonable for the benefits offered.



xredThe console is hard to read because it’s position is rather high, and the LCD display is not blacklit. This is a major complaint on this unit.

xredThe media rack on the top of the console is rather high to reach for a shorter person.The fan works weakly. You should not expect much from it. In addition, the position of the fan is a little bit high. The speakers do not offer good sound quality.


The price can range from $310 to $ 499, depending on the promotional activities available at the time of purchase. The best source of price reference is Amazon, which can be reached via the link below.

Reviews and Rating

The unit has a reasonably fair rating from the reviews of its users. According to information from 148 customers who bought the product and used it, 93 people gave the unit four to five stars, indicating that they are quite happy with the unit. That is 63 percent of users. The major complaints are about the hard-to-see console and the malfunction of some units. It seems that the console issue has cut down a lot of stars from the reviews.



Although the  Schwinn 220 Recumbent Exercise Bike (2012 Model) has many features added onto the old 2010 model, the product still has major disadvantages on the console, which gains the unit many negative reviews. The unit’s console position and darker display make some consumers turn away from this product. Therefore, if you can spare an additional of $60-$100, you may want to get Schwinn 230, which has more positive reviews and more convenient console. You will also get the high speed-high inertia technology, which makes the bike work better. In addition, you will have 20 resistance levels instead of 16 and get 22 workout programs instead of eight. You will also get the performance tracking system, which you will not find with this product. The Schwinn 230 is definitely a better choice, even though you have to pay a little more.

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