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schwinn-230-front2You might have known Schwinn before you came to this site and may be interested in finding some Schwinn 230 reviews in order to make sure that the unit really delivers. You may want to know if the money you’re going to invest in it will be worth its price. Our research shows that the machine has all the features you need for a recumbent exercise bike at this price level. The problem, if any, can be that the seat is rather hard. Still not many people have that complaint and if that’s all you’ve got to worry about then you know you’re looking at something special.

Before we go into Schwinn 230 review, we will start with why you want to get a recumbent bike in the first place. You want something that can help you to reach your exercise goal. No matter if you want to lose some weight, get fit, or want to recuperate from some illness. The good news is that the Schwinn 230 may be able to help you to achieve your goal because you can track your progress on a special website and mobile apps. Read this review and you will find both good and bad points of the unit so that you can have all the information for your decision.


When it comes to bikes, Schwinn is considered a reputable brand in the market. It has become one of the iconic American brands through innovation. It is known that the mother company of Schwinn is Nautilus a famous sport equipment manufacturer who also owns Bowflex.  Schwinn’s main products in the category for exercise equipment include the upright and recumbent bikes and ellipticals.  They are known for including  DualTrack LCD display and goal tracking function within their latest models. This means there are two displays to show you more detailed information of your workout.

At the same time, the record of the workout can be uploaded to the website SchwinnConnect in order to track your weekly, monthly, and yearly progress. The data can also be used and analyzed in MyFinessPal and can sync with GoalTracker mobile apps.

In addition, the USB port of the console can charge a smartphone, iPad, or other media device while you are working out. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about draining the power of the battery.

The seat of the machine is made to be wider in order to provide comfort. The vented seat has a contoured leg area at the bottom. This perforated plastic seat and seat back are designed to give extra lumbar support to keep you comfortable and get the air to flow through it in order to stay cool. The unit’s lumbar support can be adjusted to improve lower back support. The seat and seat back are supported by the slider seat rail system. The seat rail has a lever to help make the seat easy to move forward and backward.  All the seat’s components give you stability, comfort and support.

The seat material is plastic and because it is not well padded it can become uncomfortable after a while.  Some people are more sensitive to this than others so you might find you need a cushion to keep your rear end and back from feeling any discomfort during longer workouts.

Although it’s plastic and looks like it might not be supportive it really is able to handle the maximum weight limit of 300 pounds easily.

The machine can provide you with the challenging workout in a relaxed position. The unit comes with increased lower back support. The perforation on the seat allows air ventilation and it can slide on the rail to accommodate many positions for multiple users and body heights. While you are exercising with this relaxed positioning, you will get lower back support and good support at the minimum strain. The console of the unit is made to be oversized and allow you to track your progress easier.

You can enjoy your 22 workout programs, 9 course profiles, 20 resistance levels, a high speed and high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel, media track, in-console speakers, USB charging port, and heart rate monitoring built into the handlebars.

Crank and Pedals

The machine comes with 1-piece pedal cranks with standard pedals and toe straps. This allows your feet to have a firm attachment to the pedals so you can make the pedal stroke effectively.

Drive System

The Schwinn 230 comes with a high speed and high inertia perimeter-weighted flywheel. Why is it called perimeter-flywheel? The wheel of the bike is designed to have the weight at the perimeter of the wheel instead of all over the circle. This perimeter-weight design creates inertia as a response to the stroke it gets. As a result, when you spin the wheel, you will get smooth and consistent strokes.

That means you will get 360 degree pedal strokes instead of an up and down feeling with each round of the pedal spin. With these types of strokes, you will reduce the tension to your hip, knees and muscles. The sensation you get will be smoother, safer, more balanced and more enjoyable. The outcome is a stronger and more efficient workout. The mechanism also helps keep the noise level to a minimum.

Tension Resistance of Schwinn 230

The machine uses an Eddy current tension system to create tension while you are working out.  This is a brake system that combines a magnetic yoke with electrical coils and generates vertical magnetic tension to the machine. It uses the same technology as in a high speed train.  As a result, you will get more accurate tension control and measurement. Also, the system can be very durable because there is no mechanical contact that can wear it down over time.  On top of that, there will be no noise and no smell when you are using this tension resistance system.

There are 20 resistance levels that you can choose from. They are on the main control panel of the unit.

Display Type and Readouts

The Schwinn 230 recumbent bike comes with Dual Track 2 LCD window system. You may want to know what a Dual Track 2 LCD window system is.

It is the two windows which are made of LCD on the console of the unit. The upper display size is 3 inches by 5 inches. The other one is the lower display which has the size of 1 inch by 5 inches.schwinn-230-console

The upper display is a large LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display) screen which is located at the center and top of the console.  It is divided into sections which allow you to know the information of your workouts. Also, it displays many preset information items which you have input into the computer.

You can set the program here. The program display gives you the information on the course profile for the program. Each column shows one interval. The higher the column, the higher resistance level it is. The flashing column is your current interval.

On the left of the upper display it illustrates the level of intensity you are using. The very left of it has the number 1-10 which demonstrates the current intensity level.

On the right of the panel, you will see the heart rate zone display where you can see which zone your heart rate is currently in. The zones can be used as a workout guide for a certain target zone like anaerobic, aerobic or fat burn.

In the mid center below the main course profile, you can find other minor displays including:

Goal display: it shows you the current selected goal whether it is distance, time or calories.  Also, it shows you the current value to achieve the goal and the percent completed toward the goal.

User display: it shows which user profile, out of the two, you are using.

Achievement display: it will be activated once your workout goal is reached. The console display will also give your congratulation message to inform you along with celebrating sound.

As for the lower display, you will be able to find these data:

RPM shows you the current pedal RPM or revolutions per minute.

Time display shows you the total time count for the workout. Also, it shows average time for the user profile and total operational time of the machine.

Distance display shows you the estimated distance that you have come so far. It can be either in miles or kilometers.

Pulse or heart rate display gives you the current heart rate which is measured in BPM or beats per minute. In order to make this measurement works, you will need to grip each heart rate contact sensor at the handlebars beside the seat.

Speed display gives the estimated speed either in miles per hour or kilometers per hour depending on what measurement unit you have previously selected.

Level display shows you the current resistance level you are using.

Calories display allows you to know estimated calories you have burned during the exercise period.

22 Programs

easy-consolThis Schwinn bike comes with a versatile computer console which has 22 programs including:

9 Profile programs,

1 Manual program,

8 Heart rate programs (4 beginner and 4 advanced),

2 Fitness Test programs (1 beginner and one advanced),

2 Custom programs (you’ll want to describe what these are and the benefits of having this feature)

  • Profile Programs


These are the programs that have been preset to automate different resistance and workout levels. They are organized into three categories including Fun rides, Mountains and Challenges.


Fun rides include: Rolling hills, Ride in the park, and Easy tour.

Mountains include: Pike’s peak, Mount hood, and Pyramids.

Challenges include: Uphill finish, Cross-training and interval.






  • Manual Program


You can select a manual program and set your resistance level, time and other parameters by yourself.

  • Heart rate programs


There are eight heart rate programs including four for beginner and the other four for advanced users. These programs let you set the goal for your heart rate when you are working out. Then the program will monitor your heart rate from the contact heart rate sensors on the handlebars. They will automatically adjust the workout to keep your heart rate at the selected zone.

  • Fitness test programs


The two fitness test programs allow you to measure the improvement of your physical fitness level. The test compares your power output in Watts to your heart rate. As your fitness level gets better, your power output will also increase at a given heart rate. You will need to grab the contact heart rate sensors in order to make the programs work.

When you start the fitness test programs, they will first prompt you to select the fitness level if you are a beginner or advanced. Then it will use the age and weight value for the select user profile to calculate your fitness score.

When you start the programs, you will see that the intensity of the workout slowly increases. When you work harder, your heart rate will increase. The intensity continues to automatically increase until your heart rate comes to the test zone. This zone is computed to be near 75 per cent of your maximum heart rate in your user profile.

When you reach the test zone, the machine will hold the intensity steady for 3 minutes. This will allow you to reach a stable condition. At the end of these 3 minutes, the console will measure your heart rate and power output. The numbers along with your age and weight will be computed to produce your fitness score.

  • Custom programs


You can select the custom programs in order to save what pattern you like in your user profile. The selection will be like what you do in the manual program but in the custom programs you can save and restore it whenever you want. Since there are two user profiles, the machine can store two custom programs. This is good for you so that you can tailor-make your workout program and come back to it without wasting time setting the data up again and again.

When you set the time display and press start, the time will count down from the time you have entered. It will therefore show the remaining time of your workout. If you set the time at the interval time display, you will see that the time also counts down showing the remaining time before the program moves to the next column.

Other Main Console Buttons and Functions of Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike:Schwinn-230-Recumbent-Exercise-Bike41

Resistance increase button is used to increase the resistance level.

Resistance decrease button is used to decrease the resistance level.

Quick Start button is used to begin a quick start workout.

Programs button is used to select the category and workout programs.

Pause/end button is used to pause and end the pause of your workout.

Goal track button is used to display the workout totals and achievements for the selected user profile.

Increase button is used to increase the value of age, time, distance calories or used to move through the options.

Decrease button is used to decrease the above values.

Left button is used to display different workout values during a workout and moves through options.

Right button is used to do the same as left button but with different direction.

OK button is used to start a program, confirm information or resume a paused workout.

Fan button is used to select one of the three speeds of the fan.

Resistance level quick button is used to shift the resistance level quickly during the workout.

Achievement indicator lights display when the workout result is reviewed.

The sleep mode of the machine

The unit also has an auto shut-off function. The console of the unit will shut-off automatically within 5 minutes if it is not used or there is no input. You will not need an off switch in the machine. But you can turn it on by pressing any of the buttons and then press enter-program button on the display.

To change the measurement units

The information mode of the machine enables you to select either English or Metric units. By pressing and holding the up and down buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds, you will go to the mode. Then you will have to select whether you want English or Metric unit by pressing the up or down button again. Then press enter to confirm. For your information, the English measurement units include miles, miles/hour, pounds and inches. The Metric measurement units include Kilometers, Kilometers/hour, centimeters and Kilograms. After you have selected the unit, press enter again to exit the information mode and the computer will get you back to the enter program mode.

Calorie Goal measurement:


This feature allows you to select an amount of calories you want to burn during your workout. When you select a calorie goal, you can use up and down to choose the amount of calories you want to burn from 10 to 990. The incremental change is 10 for the interval. You then confirm the value by pressing the enter button.

Then you will get the chance to select the profile program. One it is selected, press enter. When you start working out, the display will start counting down the calorie until the number reaches zero.

Quick Start

The QuickStart button is used to make it faster to select the manual program. When the screen shows the enter program selections, this is just a one-touch button of starting the manual program.


Schwinn 230 Performance Tracking:

The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike use Goal Tracker which is a famous app to track the progress of your workout. Additionally, you can get the information from the machine into a USB thumb drive and upload to SchwinnConnect which allows you to check out how you have done so far and if that is not enough, you can use the data with MyFitnessPal to do the same free of charge.

Heart Rate Monitoring:

You can monitor your pulse or heart rate while you are working on this machine by just taking hold of the grips on the two handle bars beside your seat.

schwinn-230-driveBrake System:

Recumbent bikes do not have any brake system. However, some of the bikes, like this one, has an eddy current brake system. The other name of the system is eddy current tension system.


Does the machine run with electricity? Yes, it will need current to run the computer on the console. The unit comes with the adapter with cord so that you can plug into your plug at home.  The adapter plugs into the front of the bike at the base and then plugs into a regular wall outlet. The power cord is about 4 feet long and it plugs into the front just above the cross bar.


Quick Keys:

There are 10 resistance quick keys to rapidly take you from easy to hard and back again. The keys are located on the console. You can quickly select the resistance level at your finger tips. You just select one of the ten different resistance levels of 1,3, 5, 7,9,12,14,16,18 and 20 and you are ready to go.

Maximum Weight and height of the user

The limitation of the weight is set at 300 lbs. There is no limited height for the user as far as the manufacturer is concerned. A person with the height of 6 feet and 2 inches can use the machine without any problem. As for the lowest height, 5 ft would be fine for using it.


The noise level of the unit pretty low, thanks to its perimeter-weighted flywheel and the three cranks system.  This is really an extremely quiet bike.  You’ll be able to watch TV or listen to music while riding.  Every now and then it seems a consumer ends up with one that has a catch in the flywheel that makes a periodic noise but for the most part consumers rave about how quiet this bike is while in use.


The unit comes with a few extra accessories including:


  • There are two built in speakers that will play the audio of your attached device – an MP3 player or iPod for example.  The speakers seem to work well and the noise seems to be quite good. Not outstanding but get the job done.
  • A fan to help keep you cool. Don’t expect to have a great fan but it is just there to make you maybe a touch cooler because it seems to be rather weak.
  • Media rack just under the top LCD screen to hold your iPod, MP3, tablet, magazine or book
  • Built in oversized water bottle



The company offers the following warranty for the product:schwinn-230 watch-movie

Condition of the warranty: Residential environment

-10 years frame

-2 years mechanical

-1 year electrical

-90 days labor


The warranty already excludes the wear items which need to be replaced because of the normal wear or tear.


It does not cover the following:


  • Component that carries a separate consumer warranty of the parts supplier.


  • Normal wear or tear.


The damage, failure or loss caused by accident, misuse, neglect, abuse, improper assembly, improper maintenance or failure to follow the instructions or warnings shown in the manual.


Dimensions of the unit:


66.5 x 27 x 12.5 inches. The weight of the unit is 95 pounds. Per the manufacturer site the weight is 81.6 pounds.  The shipping weight is 95.7 pounds.


Assembly and Placement:


The unit comes unassembled. You will need to spend around 1-2 hours to assemble it. Luckily, it is relatively easy to do it and the manual clearly explains how to do. All the components and tools have been provided with the package.


Please be informed that you will need to have 24 inches clear of each side of the unit in order to make sure that it runs smoothly.


[contextazon id=’7′]Models:


  • Schwinn 230 ( 2013 ) is the same as Schwinn 230/Journey 2.0. At other store, Schwinn Journey 2.0 is sold at a much higher price than Schwinn 230 in Amazon. You can check the updated price at Amazon here.
  • The differences between Schwinn 230 model 2007 and model 2013 include:

–          2007 model consol is normal tilt-adjustable display, while the 2013 model consol is Dual Track Display with more functions.

–          2007 model has 6 profile programs, while the 2013 model has 9 profile programs.

–          More function features are added in 2013 model including the 8 heart rate programs, 2 fitness test programs, 2 custom programs, and 2 user-profile settings.

–          2013 model data can be transferred to use in SchwinnConnect, MyFitnessPal and Goal Tracker apps.

–          2007 model has padded seat and back support while the 2013 model has perforated plastic seat and back support which are designed to contour to the body.



Check1OrangeThe unit’s display is easy to read.


Check1OrangeIt has a walk through frame for easy access.


Check1OrangeThe unit is well made and looks durable. The components are mainly metal.


Check1OrangeIt has a good and accurate resistance system which allows you to have great workout.


Check1OrangeThe unit is made to be steady. The construction is solid and well made.


Check1OrangeIt offers a wide variety of programs to choose from. This will add more fun to your exercise routine. You will be more motivated and able to achieve your exercise goal.


Check1OrangeThe performance tracker is useful. It can be used with both Schwinn connect and without any extra charge. In addition, it can be linked with GoalTracker,a famous android app that will help you track your performance in comparison with your goal.


Check1OrangeThe product works silently without much disturbing noise.


Check1OrangeIt has both a USB and a 1/8 inch stereo jack so you can plug in an iPod or mp3 player you want to connect.


Check1OrangeThe seat comes with a slider rail system and the lever which is easy to adjust.


Check1OrangeThe unit has a convenient handle on the back stabilizer-bar (cross bar) for lifting. The two wheels on the front stabilizer-bar allow you to roll it around easily.



xredThe adapter cord to be connected to the plug makes it difficult to move around.


xredIt is suitable to the people at the height between 5 ft to 6 ft. Anyone who is taller or shorter may have to look for other models.


xredYou can sometimes get a static shock when you hook up the iPad/ iPod to the machine. Be careful when you make the connection.


xredThe LCD screen is not backlit. It is therefore hard to read in the dark.


xredA few people complain that the seat is too hard. But most people do not complain and like it. If you are afraid that this perforated plastic seat will be an issue for you, you might want to get Schwinn 270 which has thick padded seat. You will get additional features. But of course, the price will be significantly more (almost double).


The price of the unit is at the range of $319 to $699 depending on the promotion period. You can check the latest price of the product here at Amazon.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Reviews and Rating

Since the machine is rather new in the market, the current reviews are not as many as other products. Still, it has very good reviews from most of the consumers. According to our record, one source of the data shows that 50 people out of 59 people who bought the machine give the unit four to five stars. This means they are quite happy with what they get. That is equivalent to 85 per cent of its customers. The other source shows that out of 9 people who bought the machine, 8 of them give the product four to five stars.


Although the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike was just launched in September, 2013, it gets a lot of attention and customers started to give reviews on the unit. The main strong points are about the functions on the console, the special flywheels that makes the ride smooth and performance tracking. There are a few complaints about hard seat but that may not be much of an issue since most people still say that the seat is comfortable and can be addressed by adding your own cushion. Overall, our review concludes that the product should be worth your money.


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