Schwinn 270 and Schwinn 250 Recumbent Bike Comparison

poster-compare-schwinn250-270Somehow making comparisons between the two products that come from the same company is a little strange because the products from the same company should not compete for the same customers. But that is not the case with these two. The Schwinn 270 and Schwinn 250 share similar features and come into the market with a very similar price. So, the consumer could easily get confused by the two and not be able to decide which one is better. They are both Schwinns! In this article, we will give you what the similarities and differences between the two units. Also, the recommendation will come at the end. You will then be able to take all the information and decide which one you want to own.

Schwinn 270 is a rather new product from Nautilus in the recumbent bike category. The unit comes with a good design and allows you to have fun with its additional computer features. It has a thicker padded seat, which makes it more comfortable. The seat is designed to be large with the contoured backrest. The seat and seat back let you have better support in your back and butt. One of the best features of the product is its easy-to-slide seat rail. This makes the seat adjustment easy for the unit. So, it is convenient for adjusting the position for multiple users.

The unit’s console is made to be easy to operate although it has 29 workout programs, 12 course profiles, and 25 resistance levels. There are far more functions than other competitors at the same level. The drive and flywheel are made to provide smooth and quiet pedaling, like many middle-end bikes. The accessories include a USB charging port, media rack, speakers and fans.

A heart rate monitor is another feature the product has. You can select the contact sensors or choose the telemetry chest strap heart rate monitor, which has to be bought separately. Unfortunately, many people complain that the heart rate monitor doesn’t work well. Although the number of complaints is not high, it is sizeable. Therefore, there is some risk of having a bad unit and needing to wait to get a replacement of the heart rate monitor later.

Another good point about this product is that the data of your workout can be uploaded through a USB thumb drive and to the SchwwinConnect website. You can then track your progress through the program. Also, the data can be used with the MyFitnessPal website to make the full use of it.

On the other hand, the Schwinn 250 is an established model that has been on the market for quite a while. The unit has a reputation for its functions and sturdy frame. The perimeter-weighted flywheel in the unit gives consistent strokes the same way you would get them from the genuine road bike. There are 16 resistance levels in the unit for offering different intensities to your workout.

The preset programs are made to be just 17, but they are enough to cover the exercise and avoid routine boredom. Unlike its brother model, the Schwinn 250 receives no complaint on the function of its heart rate monitor.

The seat and backrest are designed to provide comfort to any shape of the body. The seat is well padded. The size of the seat is wide enough to take even the larger persons. The seat can be adjusted on the rail to match the body height of the user. The adjustment may not be as easy as the one in the Schwinn 270, but it does its job.

Since the product has fewer functions, the display is therefore easier to understand and use. The buttons are clearly marked so you don’t have to guess at how to use them.


Although the two products are sold at the same price range, $ 500-$699, there are a few differences between them, including:

  • The Schwinn 270 is newer and has far more functions and programs to play with.
  • The Schwinn 270 has a better seat rail, allowing you to adjust the seat a lot easier.
  • The Schwinn 250 has a more solid frame with a more durable console from many years of the existence on the market. The product has very few complaints. It seems to be more reliable than the Schwinn 270.
  • Some units of the Schwinn 270 may have problems with the heart rate monitor,while there is no complaint on the Schwinn 250.
  • The seat and back rest of the Schwinn 270 may be a little better.
  • The price of Schwinn 250 is approximately $50 more expensive.


It is difficult to make the judgment between the two models, which have different strengths and weaknesses. I think if you want more advanced features and are not afraid of claiming the heart rate monitor sensors should they be found defective, you should go for the Schwinn 270. But if you want a rock solid product with no worry of facing a defective unit, the Schwinn 250 may be a better choice.


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