Schwinn A20 (2013 model) Reviews

schwinn-a20-backThe Schwinn A20 (2013 model) is a new product in the recumbent bikes segment of Nautilus. It comes out to beat the entry level market with more sophisticated technology and programs. The unit may be a little bit more expensive than other brands in the same level, but it contains good features you need for a basic bike. In this review, we will let you know both the good points and the shortfalls of the product so you can use it for making a decision about whether you should own this product or not.


When you are looking for an economical recumbent bike, you have many choices. But one choice will definitely come up, and that is the products from Schwinn. This is because the company has built a reputation for itself based around recumbent bikes. The bikes were proven to be well accepted among consumers. The mother company of Schwinn, Nautilus, is also the manufacturer of the other famous exercise equipment, Bowflex. Under the Schwinn brand, there are several products in the line, including a family of upright and recumbent bikes and elliptical machines. While the reliability of the brand has been established, we will have to see if this particular model is really worth your investment.

This A20 is a new model of recumbent bike from Schwinn. It contains several features that an entry level unit should have, including eight resistance levels and the battery-powered console, which supports several workout readings including time, RPM, distance, pulse, speed, calories, resistance, and course profiles. The eddy current brake system allows you to have a more durable belt drive motor. The perimeter weighted flywheel lets you have smooth and quiet pedaling. The pedals come with straps to make your ride more secure and make your feet firmly attach to them.

When it comes to the seat, this Schwinn model has a design that allows you to have more comfortable seating while you are working out. The padded seat is made to fit your body and the back rest is also well padded. The vinyl that covers the seat does not look cheap and the foam inside the seat is firm and can support your body well.

The unit comes with the heart rate monitor sensors located at the handlebars near the sides of the seat. You can just take a good grip of the heart rate monitor silver patches. The sensors then send the signals to the console for the display on the console. It is very easy to read. The style of the model accommodates users with various body sizes and types. The step-through design is made for easy access. You don’t have to climb over the high middle bar like the one in upright bikes. The unit can be moved around in the house thanks to its transportation wheels at the front stabilizer bars. The unit can support up to 275 pounds.

schwinn-a20-sideThe unit comes unassembled. You will need to spare one to one and a half hours to do the assembly. The good news is that the assembly is fairly easy and all the components and tools are delivered with the package. A warranty is available for buying this unit. Schwinn customer service seems to be very responsive and a lot of their customers think that they are quite helpful when there is a problem. The price is right for the features given. In comparison with other models in the range, this A20 will be more expensive, but the Schwinn’s name and its added benefits may be able to settle the price disadvantage.

Schwinn A20 Crank and Pedals

The product comes with one piece pedal cranks, which allow you to pedal with speed. The standard pedals are made to fit to most of feet and come with toe straps to firmly attach your feet and prevent slippage. Although the pedals are not as large as the one in the Schwinn 270, they are big enough to support even bigger feet.

Recumbent bike drive system

All bikes from Schwinn are made with a perimeter weighted flywheel. However, the upscale models do include the high speed and high inertia technology. The technology allows you to have a better ride when you are at higher speed. Although this A20 does not have that, it still has the standard but necessary function. The perimeter weighted flywheel distributes the weight to allover the flywheel instead of in just one place. As a result, it gives you smooth and consistent strokes. This gives you less stress on your knees, hips and muscles. In addition, the technology keeps the noise level to a minimum. It is therefore not a disturbance if you want to watch a TV program or listen to the music while you are working out.

Schwinn A20 Tension Resistance System

schwinn-a20-side-rightThe unit uses an eddy current tension system to support your resistance setting. The system is the same as the one used in a high speed train. It combines the magnetic yoke with electrical coils. The system generates vertical magnetic tension to the unit and this tension becomes the resistance on you when you are pedaling the bike. The system also helps you get more accurate control over the resistance. In addition, there is no part of the unit that touches the flywheel when the resistance is made. Therefore, there is no wear down of any part. This makes the system more durable than the regular tension system.

This unit from Schwinn comes with eight different resistance levels. Unlike other entry level recumbent bikes, the resistances here are strong enough and the variety of the resistances are quite obvious. In some brands, there is almost no difference between weaker and strong resistances. The direct adjustment on the console makes it very easy to adjust. There is no need to turn the knob like on some less expensive units.

The Display Type and Readouts

There are a few buttons on the console that can be explained. The console is made to provide the information necessary for your workout. Also, it gives you access to the features the unit has. The console also has a grid display that allows you to navigate through your exercise programs. The major buttons on the console include:

Quick Start button: This is where you begin a quick start workout.

Start/Stop button: It is used to start your workout. Press another time, and it will pause. If you push twice, it will end the workout.schwinn-a20-console

The three preset profile programs include fun rides, mountains, and challenges. The console has three separate buttons that demonstrate each of them so you can quickly choose the program without going through the settings inside before you can reach these. The three program patterns are shown below.

As for the LCD display, you can use it to show the name of the program selected and the grid area shows the course of your workout. Each column in the grid demonstrates one interval of the workout. The higher the column, the higher the resistance is going to be. The current interval is the flashing one.

You can also see the time display field on the screen. If there is no preset time, the value will be shown to start the workout time from zero until you end your exercise. The maximum time for this setting is 99.59 minutes. However, if you have preset the time, it will count down from that period until it reaches zero.

The speed/distance field on the display shows the maximum speed of the unit in kilometers per hour or miles per hour. You can switch from one to another by doing the following:

In order to change your measurement units, you will need to push and hold the Enter button and the Start/Stop button together for 3 seconds. It will go to Engineering mode. The display will show the current unit, and you then push the increase or decrease button to select the measurement you want. Then you finish your setup with the Enter button.

The speed/distance field gives you the machine speed for 6 seconds and the distance for 6 seconds. The RPM/KCAL shows the revolutions per minute for 6 seconds and changes to KCAL, which displays the estimated calories you have used during the workout for 6 seconds.

The last field on the display is the Level/HR field. It shows the current resistance level, which has to be between 1-8 for 6 seconds and then changes to your heart rate in BPM, or beats per minute.

Schwinn A20 Preset Programs

The preset programs for this entry level bike are the same as profile programs. The programs include:

2 programs in Fun Rides, including Rolling Hills and Ride in the Park

2 programs in Mountains, including Pike’s Peak and Pyramids

2 programs in Challenges, including Uphill Finish and Cross-Training

If we include the Quick Start program, the total count of programs will be seven for this machine.

Let’s look into each program so you understand what they are:

Contact Heart Rate Monitor

You can use the sensors to send your heart rate to the console. The sensors are the metal parts on the handlebars. Just grab the sensors by touching both the top and bottom of the sensors on both sides. You will need to firmly hold them but not make it too tight or too loose. After the first signal is shown on the display, you will need to keep your hands still for another 10 to 15 seconds. The console will validate the pulse.

Custom User Programs

schwinn-a20-with-userUnfortunately, there is no custom user program that comes with the A20. If you really want this type of program, you may need to look for a Schwinn 220 or upwards.

Fitness Test Programs

The same can be said of the custom user programs. There is no fitness test program for the entry level bike. You will have to check out the Schwinn 220 or a higher model.

Quick Start Button

The quick start button is available, but it is used to just quickly start your workout. There is no other special feature for the button like those quick keys on treadmills or upscale bikes.

Resistance Level Quick Buttons

There is no quick button for resistance like the ones in Schwinn 270. However, the setting of the resistance is quite easy using the up and down buttons on the console.

Other Buttons and Functions

Apart from the quick start button, the three preset program buttons include the start/stop button, enter button and up/down buttons. There is no other special function added to the console. But you may not need that many functions or buttons to make your exercise effective.

Is Schwinn A20 Foldable?

You don’t need to fold the unit up in order to keep it. There are two reasons for that. The first one is that the machine is quite compact. Its design makes it slim and does not require much space. The second point is that the unit has two transportation wheels at the front stabilizer bar. To move it, you can just lift the back of the unit and pull it away. The weight of the unit is only 76 pounds. You can lift it vertically and lean it against the wall if you want to save space.

Maximum Weight and Height of the User

The maximum weight for this unit of bike is 275 pounds. As for the maximum height, Schwinn said that there is no height limit. However, if you think that you might be too tall, you can find one at a store near your location and try it out.

Noise Level

The product has a very quiet noise level. With this feature, you can enjoy your riding while you are doing other activities. There is no limit on that.

Seat and Seat Adjustment

The unit has the padded seat and seat back. Both are designed to provide comfort while the machine is in use. The size of the seat is 16.5” width and 10.5” depth. This is big enough to support different sizes of people. The seat can be adjusted horizontally to match the height of the users. The system contains a seat sliding rail and the locking pin. The seat setting is not difficult, but you may not know which hole you should put the pin in. You may need a marker to tick on the hole you regularly use in case there are multiple users in your home.


schwinn-a20-seatThe unit comes with a few accessories, including:

  • A bottle holder on the front bar. It is rather small, though.
  • Speakers to be attached to the MP3 player. The connecting port isright on the front of the console.
  • A small media tray is located in the front of the console. It will cover the display when you are using this.


The Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike (2013) will need 4 D batteries to operate the console. Alternatively, you can buy a separate adapter from the same place you bought the product so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries. Besides, buying an adapter will save you the money in the long run since the price of one set of the batteries may be almost the price of an adapter. We recommend that you spare some $15 and buy an adapter if you decide to own a unit.


The unit comes with a conditional warranty, including:

2 years for the frame, 6 months for the mechanical parts, 6 months for the electrical parts.

There is no warranty for labor.

The unit has to be used in the residence, not a commercial gym.

Dimensions of the Unit:

[contextazon id=’19’]Product Assembled Dimensions: 37″ X 23″ X 13″

The unit will come without assembly. You will need to do the assembly yourself. The assembly is rather easy and straightforward with the manual provided. It may take you around one hour to finish the assembly.

As for placing the unit, make sure you have left 24 inches of space on each side of the machine so it can run smoothly.

The weight of this A20 is 76 pounds.



Check1OrangeThe machine works smoothly and quietly.


The resistance performs well even with the high resistance setting.

The console and display is large enough to be clearly monitored.

The programs are easy to understand and use.

The pedals are firm and can attach well to the feet.

The seat is sturdy and comfortable. The size of the seat is suitable to people at various sizes.


The assembly process is not difficult and does not take a long time.



    There are speakers and a media tray for your use. Even though they may not work that well, they are available.



    The price is attractive considering the features of the product.




    The adapter is not provided. You will need to spend another $15 to buy one.


    The seat adjustment pin can be a pain if you have multiple users in the house. There is no mark on the holes on the seat rail for you to remember where you normally place the seat. You may need to use a marker if you want to save time finding the right setting.


This Schwinn A20 comes with the reasonable price range of between $249 and $299. The price can vary depending on the promotional time. Considering this is a new model with very good reviews, the price is attractive enough for you to consider. In order to check the latest price from Amazon, please click the link below at the end of the article.



Reviews and Rating:

Since this is a new product, there are not that many reviews from customers. However, from the reviews of 40 people, 80% of the users think the machine is a good purchase by giving the unit four to five stars. The only major complaint is only about the lack of adapter. I think that problem can be easily fixed. The unit works well for most of the buyers.


It is not difficult to find a cheap recumbent bike, but you should not let only the price influence your decision. There are some other points you will have to look into before you determine what to buy. The Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike (2013) may not be the least expensive unit on the market, but it has the reputation of a Schwinn and the added benefits that many other less expensive bikes do not have. The features like preset programs, the heart rate monitor, and a solid structure can be a good addition to your purchase. The unit also has accessories like a media rack, speakers or a water bottle holder for your use. In addition, the seat of it is comfortable and the console is easy to see and monitor. The main complaint about the unit includes needing to buy the adapter separately, but this problem can be solved.

Overall, this Schwinn product is considered a good buy considering what you get from the product.

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