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stamina-frontStamina may not be very famous on sport and exercise equipment, but it offers several types of the machines in this field. This makes it an interesting choice when it comes to an entry-level recumbent bike. Their products may not be that fancy, but they give you all the basic features you need. Like this Stamina 1350, the unit may lack in a few exciting features the higher-priced machines have. However, many of the users don’t care. It is therefore up to you to deem if those features are that important. The Stamina 1350 reviews here will give you all you need to know about this recumbent bike so you can decide for yourself if you think this bike is for you.


When you are looking for a recumbent bike that is not so expensive, you will have to make sure you do not spend money in vain. You will need to get the bike that at least performs the way you want it to, and one that should at least last a long while. This Stamina 1350 recumbent bike can be a good candidate since its price is affordable and the look of the product is good. The product gives you a comfortable seat with padded upholstery. It is covered with vinyl and makes your ride more enjoyable. The seat can be adjusted to provide comfort for people of different sizes.

stamina1350-woman-pedalingThe InTouch monitor is made with a large and easy-to-read display. The LCD display’s numbers are large enough to be clearly seen even for the elderly. The display can help you monitor your time, distance, calories, and scan. The console comes with a one-button control, which is easy to understand and use. The pedals are big enough to cater to people with larger feet.

The machine is supported by two stabilizer bars in the front and back. Its length allows you to work on the unit without wobbling. The two transportation wheels on the front bar let you roll it away for easy storage. The unit is also light-weight so moving it is not a difficult task.

You can adjust the resistance to the level you want by using the tension adjustment knob in the front. In order to do so, you just turn the knob clockwise to increase the tension. If you want to loosen it, just turn it counter-clockwise and the resistance will decrease. You will not get an exact resistance level as you would in more advanced machines since this is a start-up unit.

Using the Stamina 1350 is a great way to get an effective low-impact aerobic workout. You can do it at your home and save the gym fee and the gas cost to travel out of the house. The unit is a perfect tool for increasing metabolism and for fat burning with a minimal impact on your joints. Its semi-reclined position gives you the chance to work out your major muscles in your hips, thighs and buttocks.

The unit runs smoothly and quietly thanks to its heavy-weighted flywheel and the belt drive train. The heavier the flywheel is the smoother and more stable your ride will be. This bike gives you that attribute. This exercise bike doesn’t take up much space, so it is suitable for a smaller room or an apartment. If you are a beginner with a recumbent bike, this unit may be an ideal choice. The quietness of the machine allows you to work out while watching television or reading a magazine. Not all exercise machines let you do this.

The product has a walk-through design that allows you to easily access the unit without climbing over the high middle bar like in the upright bikes. Its ergonomic back support gives you good exercise without causing strain on your arms, neck and shoulders.

Overall, the unit gets good reviews from the users. Due to its attractive price, the customers are quite happy with it, although there are not many frills that come with it. The major complaints on the bike may be a little on how difficult it is to assemble, the lack of straps on the pedals and the defect parts on the unit. However, Stamina customer service seems to respond well to the request according to reviews.

Drive, Crank and Pedals

The unit uses the standard one-piece crank and pedals, which are preassembled in the box. The crank allows you to have a smooth and quiet ride on the product. As mentioned earlier, the heavy-weighted flywheel also lets you pedal the unit without a chopping feeling because the weight is evenly distributed throughout the flywheel. The belt drive train gives you the smooth feeling when pedaling. All of these will make your exercise on the unit more enjoyable. It provides all you need from this level of bike.

Stamina 1350 Tension Resistance System

The product allows you to easily adjust the tension to the level you want by turning the resistance adjustment knob in front of you at the front vertical bar. It is just below the console. In order to get stronger resistance, you can turn the knob clockwise. If you want to decrease the load, you can then turn it counterclockwise.

Unfortunately, there is no number to indicate the tension level you have. You may have to use your feeling to make a judgment. The good news is that you can adjust the knob whenever you want, even when you are pedaling. This adds another convenience to your exercise.

The Display Type and Readouts

You can use a simple but workable display on the console. It has a one-button function that allows you to automatically scan each function of time, speed, distance and calories in seconds. You will have to press and release the button until the “SCAN” appears on the display.stamina1350-console

The time will be counted up from one second to 99.59 minutes. The speed will be displayed from zero to 999.9 miles per hour. The distance will be shown from zero to 99.99 miles. And lastly, the calories will be shown from zero to 999.9 Kcal.

The calorie value is the only estimated calories consumption for an average user. It cannot be used as a reference for medical purpose, but instead for the comparison between each workout on this unit.

If you want to start exercise, you can either start pedaling or push the button on the console. The unit will automatically shut off after four minutes of inactivity.

In order to reset all the functions to zero, you can press the button and hold it for three seconds. Alternatively, you can remove the batteries and all the information will be gone.

Stamina 1350 Preset or Profile Programs

Due to its surprisingly low resale price, the unit does not have the feature that allows you to have user profiles to record your preferred programs. Actually, it doesn’t have any preset program for you to choose. But you may not need it. It is really up to you whether you deem such functions as necessities.

Seat and seat adjustment

You will need to adjust the seat horizontally to make the unit fit your height. In order to do so, you will have to adjust the bar that connects the front frame to the rear frame. To adjust the length, unscrew to remove the adjustment knob from the front frame, slide the rear frame to the position you want, and when you get the right position, lock the rear frame in to place by inserting the pin of the adjustment knob into one of the alignment holes. Tighten the knob and you will lock the rear frame in place. Try it by sitting onto the seat and pedaling it. Make sure you can make a complete rotation with the pedals without locking your knees or shifting your hips on the seat. If so, the seat is too close and you have to move it further away.

You cannot adjust the seat while you are on the bike. Unlike the system on a car seat, this bike system requires you to step out of the seat and adjust it.

Profile Programs

stamina1350-backThere is no profile program apart from the standard time and distance demonstration on the console. You may have to be a little creative if you want the exercise to be more fun. A manual record is recommended in order to track your progress with the bike.


Heart Rate Monitoring System

One of the major features in many exercise machines is the heart rate monitoring system because it allows you to use your pulse as a measurement of the intensity of your workout. Therefore, many units have this CHR and telemetry heart rate monitoring. Unfortunately, it is not applicable in this entry-level bike. You may have to look for other model if you really want it.

Quick Start Button

We can call the only button on the console a quick start button. However, there are not many functions that you can choose and make it quick. This is just a basic bike with basic functions. You may not need a quick start button for them. As for starting the bike, you can just pedal to begin. There is nothing simpler than this.

Resistance Level Quick Buttons

There is no quick button for resistance levels in this product. All you need to do is just turn the knob to increase the resistance until you think it is enough.

Stamina 1350 Sleep Mode

If you do not use it for four minutes, the machine will automatically shut off. Once you are on the bike and start pedaling, the unit will start to function again.

Maximum Weight and Height of the User

The machine can cater up to a person of 250 lbs. As for the maximum height, there is no limitation on that.


Measurement Unit Selection

The measurement unit in the machine is in miles. You cannot change it into kilometers.

Noise Level

Even though the product is made for an economical price market, the bike runs smoothly and quietly. You can work out while watching TV or listening to music without any disturbance.


Since this is a basic bike, there is no accessory that comes with the unit. You will not have those like fans, speakers or book holders. But you may not need those if you really focus on your exercise.


No other electrical input is needed apart from two AA batteries for making the computer console work. This is another convenience for the bike since you can place it anywhere without the concern of finding a wall electrical socket.


[contextazon id=’18’]The Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike is under one-year warranty for frame and a 90 day warranty for parts. No commercial use is allowed to honor the warranty. The proof of purchase will be required, so make sure that you keep your receipt well.

Dimensions of the Unit:

Dimensions of the assembled unit are 50 x 24 x 33.5 inches (LxWxH).

The weight of the assembled unit is 57 pounds.


The assembly process is not difficult, nor is it easy. You will need to spend one to two hours to assemble it. It is recommended that two people help each other doing this. I think one person would work, but it may take a little longer time. The manual is clear but not thorough. You may have to improvise a little when you find some parts that are not clear. There are tools sent along to make sure you have everything when you assemble it.stamina1350-woman-adjust-seat

Remark on Assembly

You may need to carefully find the cable that is wired up through the front frame tube and attach it to the display and resistance control.

You will have to snap the top of the tension knob bracket into a slot, which is not easy.

If the digital monitor won’t work when you started/stopped pedaling, you may try to reset it. If it still doesn’t work when you start pedaling, you may have to open the case and try to find a little magnetic pickup that may move out of its position. It may be too far away from the magnet that’s attached to the pulley, and that is why it won’t trigger. The sensor itself is glued to a flimsy piece of plastic covered in a protective gel and held to the frame by a single screw. You may have to tighten up the screw and this may solve your problem. This method is recommended only to those capable of doing some mechanical work. If you are not one of those, you may as well call the Stamina call center and ask what to do.


Check1OrangeThe unit runs smoothly and quietly.


Check1OrangeThe frame is solid and sturdy. Most of the structure is metal so it can last long with the frame.


Check1OrangeThe size of the unit is compact. It is suitable for a space-limited place.


Check1OrangeThe Stamina inTouch monitor is large, allowing us to see easy-to-read numbers.


Check1OrangeThe transportation wheels on the front help you move the machine around to different places in the house and can be placed for storage.
Check1OrangeThe seat and back rest are well padded and comfortable. It can cater different sizes of people.


Check1OrangeLeveling stabilizer caps helps adjust the machine position even with the uneven floor.


Check1OrangeThe seat can be repositioned in order to make you workout in the comfortable manner.


Check1OrangeThe console is in the front, but in the low position. It does not obstruct your view if you want to watch TV in front of you.


Check1OrangeThe price is affordable. You get the necessary functions with this entry-level bike.


xredThe shape of the pedals is flat and they do not have straps. This makes some people worry about the slippage when using it.

xredAlthough the seat is comfortable enough, you may need some extra cushion if you want to work out for a long time.

xredThere is no real resistance level to choose. You will have to adjust the tension by feeling.

xredThere are some important points of assembly missing on the manual. The parts are clearly laid out on the previous remarks on assembly.
xredThere is no heart rate monitor, so you don’t have a chance to use this parameter in your exercise.

xredSeat adjustment is not that easy. You will have to get off the bike and adjust it. This may be a pain if you have many people with differing sizes using the same machine.




The unit is sold at the price range of $150-$250 depending on whether it is on promotion. You can check its current price at Amazon, which is a good place for a price reference, by clicking one of the links below.

Stamina 1350 Reviews and Rating:

This Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike is one of the popular recumbent bikes. Apart from the price advantages, the unit has many other strong points, which make it a strong candidate for being your start-up bike. According to the reviews from 106 customers of Stamina 1350, 78 %, or 83 people, give the unit four to five stars. This means they are satisfied with the product in terms of its performance and what it delivers. As for the unhappy customers, the major complaints are about the defects on some of the parts and some need for replacement. But it seems that the customer service of Stamina works reasonably well in handling the problems.


The unit is really a start-up product for the one who doesn’t have to work out heavily. It is suitable for the patients who just recuperated from illnesses and need exercise. Also, it is good for elderly people. It is a workable unit at its price. But if you want to get more features, like eight levels of resistance and 7 profile programs, and you don’t mind spending $50 more, you may want to check out Stamina 4825, which is more complete and has a good review score. This 1350 product is still a good choice, though, considering you can spend significantly less. This is definitely up to you.


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