Stamina InTone Folding Recumbent Bike Reviews


Everybody wants to buy the best product at the lowest price. The lower the price, the better deal you think you will get. That may not always true. Sometimes, we may have to trade what we want, mainly quality, when we look at the low price segment. This may be applicable to this product from Stamina. Stamina InTone is one of the entry-level products that you can check out, but there are many points to consider before you think of owning one. This Stamina InTone review will give you all you need to know.


stamina-in-tone-rideThere is a company who has a good present in sport products market; especially in the entry level exercise equipment; which includes the strength trainer, weight trainer, ellipticals, bikes and many other sport items. The company has been successful worldwide since its foundation in 1987. This Stamina InTone folding recumbent bike is another start-up exercise machine where the user can enjoy its features without spending too much money on a piece of equipment. It is now one of most popular items in its category which are sold through many retailers.

There are so many home exercise machines on the market. Why do you have to look into this recumbent bike instead of others? There are many answers to that just one question. The first one is that the unit can offer the same aerobic exercise as when you ride a real road bike, but you can do it any time of the day at your home no matter how bad the weather is outside. You don’t have to dress up or take some risk to go out to the park or spend money on gas to go to the gym.

In addition, this type of product lets you to exercise in a semi-reclined position which does not put as much stress on your lower body. As a result, the impact of the exercise on your hips, knees and muscles is far less than when you are using treadmill or other machine. In comparison with the upright bike, you also have a lot less strain on your arms, neck and shoulders. Recumbent bikes are therefore suitable for the elderly or people who have just recuperated from an operation or surgery. If you know how to combine it with other exercise methods, it can be used as a tool to train professional athletes who want to train their lower body muscles.

As for this Stamina InTone folding bike, it has all the basic functions that you need in this level of product. The unit offers a smooth and quiet workout with the adjustable tension system. You can enjoy your workout through the tracking the values on LCD monitor indicating your time, speed, distance, and calories. The Scan function will let you see all the data in real-time sequence and it will change every five seconds, as the data changes. The machine; including the LCD, will stop if the unit is inactive for four minutes. If you want to restart the bike, all you need to do is just to push the button or start pedaling again.

Two of the major advantages of this bike are that the unit has a very compact size which means it can be placed almost anywhere in the house. If you have a space of 4’ x 6’, you can place this product onto that space and enjoy the ride. When it is folded, the machine is even smaller and can definitely be placed in a closet when it is not in use. The seat and seat back are padded with foam and covered with vinyl. It can be adjusted to make it suitable for different heights. The other advantage of the unit is that it is priced remarkably low. This makes it stand out from the competitors at the similar price considering the solid features that it offers and the good reviews the product has received.

The product receives mixed reviews from the users. Most of the customers like what they get from the unit and give it good rating. The major complaints on the unit are about the defect parts and the quality issues. The customer service is not so impressive in consumers’ mind.

The Seat and Back Restconsole


The seat and back rest of the unit may not be as comfortable as the middle-end or high-end products, but it does its job. It is a rather thin padded seat. Inside is foam and the outside is vinyl. It is a bit hard for some, so you may want to use some extra cushion or pillow on it to add some comfort; especially when you want to ride on it for a long time.

There are some complaints that the back rest wobbles when you spin at high speed. The cause may come from the low quality of parts. The seat back can fold down and make a smaller unit for keeping in closet or storage.


Cranks and Pedals


The product comes with regular balanced flywheel that gives you accurate shifting and rotating wheel. The pedaling from it is smooth and consistent. The V-drive of the unit makes the ride of it quite quiet. The noise produced from the ride is small and will not disturb if you want to watch TV or listen to music during your workout period.

The regular pedals on the unit is easy to use and can be used with different sizes of feet. In my opinion, they are a little bit small in comparison to other products. There is no strap for the pedals so you will have to look out when you are using it. Slippage can happen, but there should be no harm with that.


The Tension Resistance


The resistance adjustment knob is located in your front on the vertical bar underneath the seat. There is no real level on the adjustment. By turning the knob clockwise, you will get more tension and if you turn it the other direction, you will get less tension.

The mechanical tension system is different from magnetic or electrical tension system in the more advanced bikes. It uses a spring to tighten the drive belt and create tension. Therefore, the tension created may not be so strong. Also, when the spring is weak, this function may not work. Over time, you may have to replace that spring to make it work again.

As for the comments from the users regarding the tension, many feel that it is rather weak. This is not surprising since many similar products in this range do have weak resistance and may be not enough for the serious exercisers.


Display Type and Readouts


You can turn on the bike by starting to pedal the bike or press the only one button on the console. When the console starts working, it will automatically scan the speed, distance, time and calorie in sequence. The value will change every five seconds. The data that you can read on the display includes:


Time: It displays the time from one second up to 99.59 minutes. You can reset the value to zero by press the button and hold it for two seconds.


Speed: The unit shows the current speed from zero to 999.9 miles per hour.


Calorie: It lets you know the estimated calories consumed from the workout in Kcal. The maximum value shown is 999.9 Kcal. Please be reminded that the value you get from the unit is for comparison purpose only. Do not use the value for medical purposes.


Distance: This gives you the travelled distance from the start of riding to 999.9 miles.


Heart Rate Monitor

folding-stamina-intoneThere is no heart rate monitor with this product. You may have to separately buy a pulse monitor if you want to use it with this bike. There is not much complaint on this from the users though since they know that you may not get it at this price level. But if you really want one within this budget, you may have to look at Exerpeutic 400XL and compare it to see which one gives you what you want.

Performance Tracking

Again, there is no performance tracking system in the unit. If you want to track your progress in the workout, you may have to do it manually. There is some people combine their manual data with the free MyFitnessPal website. You may check it out and see if that is for you.

Brake System

The unit use regular mechanical tension system and therefore do not have Eddy current brake system which is used to create resistance. There is no other brake system in the unit.

The Power of the Machine

You don’t need electrical input for the unit. What you need is just two AA batteries to run the console. The batteries are provided with your purchase.

Quick Keys

The Quick Keys are the buttons used to immediately access each function like resistance levels or user profiles. There is no such key in this start-up bike.

Maximum Weight and Height of Stamina InTone Folding Recumbent Bike

The product can support up to the maximum weight of 250 lbs. The manual doesn’t say what the maximum height of the user should be. But from the reviews, 6 feet may be the highest point since anyone who is taller than this may encounter difficulty in getting a smooth ride.

The Noise Level

Although the unit is a less expensive machine, the V-drive makes it ride rather in a quiet mode. It may be not soundless as the more expensive model, but it is reasonably well accepted by the users. It can therefore be used while you multi-task yourself.


You cannot expect any sound system or fans from this basic bike. The only accessory offered here are its transportation wheels which are located at the front stabilizer bars. You can easily move this light-weighted unit to wherever you want.stamina-in-tone-lift


The Stamina InTone Folding Recumbent Bike comes with a 3-year warranty on the frame and a 90-day warranty on parts and labor.


The assembly of the unit is not difficult and can be done within less than an hour. The instruction manual is clear and easy to understand. The key is to strictly follow the manual and make sure that all the screws and bolts are tightly in place.


Check1OrangeThe product size is compact and you can move it around either at full extension or folded.


Check1OrangeIt works as it advertised, but may not be able to handle heavy duty task.


Check1OrangeIt has a small footprint. You can use it in small room or apartment.


Check1OrangeThe frame is solid and should last long enough.


Check1OrangeThe assembly is quite easy.


Check1OrangeThe price is affordable.



xredSome parts and the console may look a little cheap.


xredThere are some complaints on the quality of some units. There might be some risk of getting the defect one.

xredThe tension system uses the spring to tighten the drive belt. It can be worn out over time.

xredThe seat can be uncomfortable after a long ride. In some case, the seat can wobble if you do not assemble it well enough.

xredThe pedals are a little small and may not be able to hold bigger feet.



The product comes in the price range of $160-$250. The price varies depending on the promotional period of each store. One of the most reliable sources of product price is Amazon. You can check the product’s latest price at Amazon by one of the links on this page.


The unit’s assembled dimensions are 42L x 25W x 47H inches. The weight is 52 pounds for the finished product. The delivery box weight is 53.1 pounds.

Reviews and rating

This Stamina InTone Folding Recumbent Bike is another less expensive product that you may want to know if it really performs the way it is supposed to be. According to our records, from the users of 183 people, we found that 72% of them like the product and give it four to five stars rating. The percentage is big enough to show that most of the customers are happy with their purchases.

However, there are around 14% of the users who give the unit only one star and they are not at all happy with the quality of the products. They may run into defect units; which may come from manufacturer flaws. But the percentage should not be this high.


This Stamina InTouch may not be an expensive item, but it should deliver what you need in owning a recumbent bike as your home exercise equipment. Although, a few of this product have some quality issues, but most of them still give good results. If you are not the one who wants to heavily use your bike, this one may do the task. The price is good and the basic functions are there.

But if you want the machine that can handle heavy duty exercise, you may have an option to look at more upscale models from Stamina or other brands.

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