Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike Reviews

sunny-folding-bike-with-female-riderExpensive equipment has several features that make it expensive, but unfortunately many beginners may not wish to fully use all of these features. Some may not even care if their machine has such features. Think about it – why would you spend several hundreds of dollars for just an exercise machine, which is not much better than a one hundred dollar bike? Beginner may just want a simple unit with just a few basic features and low price. This is how the Sunny Folding Recumbent bike comes into play.

Because of its design and due to it requiring less material, the folding recumbent bike is 20%-30% less expensive than a regular recumbent bike at the same level. Of course, it may not offer the same comfort as what a regular recumbent bike will give you, however the lower price more than compensates this. This folding bike is an interesting alternative to a full-scale bike which offers a semi-recline position. This article contains reviews for the Sunny Folding bike. These reviews will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the machine and you can use this information to make a future purchase decision.


When you look at a recumbent bike, the first thing that you might be thinking about is its good sitting position. You don’t want to have too much strain on your lower body and joints like what you will get from upright bikes. Regular exercise on one of the recumbent bikes will give you good aerobic exercise and comfort when you are sitting. However most of these bikes require a larger space. The folding bike gives you similar quality workout results with a lot less requirement on space.

Sunny Health and Fitness has been founded since the early 2000 and has launched several products in the field. . As well as recumbent bikes, they also have other products ranging from dumbbells to Pilate machines. They are the only company who provide the pink magnetic bike!

The recumbent bike’s most prominent feature is its folding attribute. You can fold the unit, which reduces its size by half, giving you the option for easy storage in your cabinet or closet. The transportation wheels on the front stabilizer help moving the bike from room to room, and since the weight of the unit is rather light (36.8 lbs), it is safer and easier to transport.

The product comes with eight resistance levels that you can use for your work out. The adjustment knob is in a convenient position, so you can change your tension easily while you use the bike. Its crank and pedals allow you to have smooth pedaling of the unit with very little sound. The pedals come with safety straps, allowing you to work out without the fear of damage or injury. The unit doesn’t have flywheel, so you don’t have to rely on the size and weight of the flywheel, it works with its cranking system, which is more than enough to give you the quality workout you need.

Its small console may look a little less flash than more expensive equipment, but does its job just as well in terms of showing important information on your workout including Time, Speed, Distance and Calories. The resistance levels are seen on the knob and not on the console.

sunny-folding-bike-resistance-knob2Another main feature of the unit is its seat. The padded seat comes in a suitable size which caters to different body types. However, a negative aspect of the seat is that due to its thin padding, it can be uncomfortable for some. Extra padding is beneficial if you want to invest in this bike in the long term.

The next best thing about the unit is that its price is very affordable. Even a college student can own this bike from their savings. The product is relatively popular and gets good reviews by many customers. The complaints we heard from unhappy customers are mostly on the durability of the unit. This issue, however, is in contrast with reviews from happy users who have used it for a few years.


Drive, Crank &Pedals

The product comes with a high torque cranking system, which allows you to have smooth and consistent pedaling. The pedals are made to fit in with different sizes of feet and the safety straps are designed to prevent feet from slipping during exercise.

Its drive system gives you quiet pedaling. This unit can be used when you multi-task, such as watching TV or listening to music, without having the noise of the unit disturb other activity or other people in the same room.

The Tension Resistance

You can choose up to eight resistance levels in the unit. The numbers on the knob allow you to select the intensity you want. However, according to customer reviews, many think that the provided resistance is rather weak. This problem seems to affect only a small group of people, and does not seem to be a problem for the majority of users. The adjustment knob makes it easy for you to adjust the level when you are on the bike. You can also increase your intensity by increasing your speed. If you think that the resistance is not strong enough, you can pedal with high resistance and at a higher speed, which can also solve the problem.

Display Type and Readouts

The console is located facing the user, giving the ability to show you data on Time, Speed, Distance, and Calories. The Chinese characters on the console may not look nice, but you can ignore them since the data shown do not require you to understand those Chinese words. The number on the screen is a little small and it is not backlit, so you will not be able to see well in a dark room. The console needs 2 separate AA batteries to operate.sunny-folding-bike-console


With this bike, you can start working out by just starting to pedal. The console has a simple button to allow it to operate. You are then able to read the following data:


You can read the exercise time which starts from zero.


The console gives you the speed in miles per hour (Mph). The range will be 0-99.9 Mph.


The traveled distance is shown in miles and the maximum is 999.9 miles.


The burned calories are shown in Kcal. The data may not be accurate, so you should use calorie data for reference and not for medical purposes.

Heart Rate Monitor

There is no heart rate monitor sensor on the handlebars with this unit. If you really need to read your pulse while you are exercising, you may have to buy a separate heart rate monitor such as a wristwatch.

Performance Tracking

You have to choose “manual tracking” if you want to see progress from your workout. Some of Schwinn’s products may offer online performance tracking however Sunny unfortunately do not provide this for this unit.

Brake System

sunny-folding-bike-resistance-adjustment-knobYou might have heard about Eddy Current Brake System which is used to provide brake or resistance in high speed trains and many brands of high-end recumbent bikes use the system to give you resistance levels. The system will allow you to have more accurate and stronger resistance. This unit only uses a normal magnetic resistance system, which may be a rather weak resistance for some people. However this is great for beginners, as it gives you a great start to your exercise regime.


You don’t need an adapter or electrical plug to use with this product. The console only needs two AA batteries and you are good to go. This is good because you don’t have to find space next to an electrical wall socket to make the unit work.

Quick Key

Unlike more advanced models, in which you can select a specific function by a separate quick key that is provided, this unit has the quick key on the console itself.

The Seat and Back Support

This may be the one big weakness of the product. Its seat has been reviewed that it is not especially comfortable for sitting for long periods at a time. You will need to get extra padding by adding pillow or by purchasing a gel seat cover to add some comfort when you are using the bike. You may find the size of the seat a little small (12.5 inches width and 12.5 inches depth) and the padding a little thin. Like most folding recumbent bikes, the seating position may not be really recumbent since you will have to compromise your leg position in order to get smaller size and folding feature. The level of comfort may be a little less for this kind of bike.

Maximum Weight and Height

The maximum weight for its user is 220 pounds which is a little low for a recumbent bike. However, considering its folding feature, this may be the suitable weight for the product. There is no height limitation however there are some people who are 5 feet in height who have complained that the unit does not suit their height particularly well.

The Noise Level

Even though the Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike is sold at economical price, it still gives you a quiet workout. There is no complaint from the users on its operating noise. So you can use it freely without the worry that using the bike will disturb others.


You will not have fans or speakers when you buy this unit. The only accessory that you get is a set of the transportation wheels on the front.


Like other Sunny products, there is no information on warranty. Apart from the standard warranty of purchase from the retailer, you may have to buy extra warranty if you need one.


Another great thing about the unit is that the unit is easy to assemble. You can assemble the unit without any problems in about 30 minutes. The manual is easy to read and the steps to assemble are easy to understand.


When it is assembled, the product dimensions are 32.3 inches x 20.3 inches x 44.3 inches (W x L x H).sunny-folding-bike

The assembled product weight is 36.8lbs. The shipping weight however is 41lbs.


  • The product has good design which combines with its compact size. This is good for smaller rooms and apartments.
  • The unit is easy to fold up and the weight is not too heavy.
  • You can place it in several areas in your house.
  • The machine works quietly.
  • There are eight different resistance levels for you to choose.
  • The frame is made of metal, making the unit stable and strong. The product is easy to assemble.
  • The price is very affordable.



  • The seat may not be comfortable enough for some, especially if using the product for long periods. You may need to invest in extra cushion.
  • Resistance may be a little weak for some people.
  • For a shorter person, you might have a hard time reaching the pedals.
  • Console has Chinese characters which doesn’t look nice.


The unit comes with an attractive price at the range of $113-$169. The price varies according to the promotional period. Although the price is not expensive, the unit seems to deliver what you need for a standard recumbent bike. You can check the current price of this product via Amazon by clicking one of the links below.

Reviews and Rating

Out of 124 customers who bought the product, 76% of them give the unit four to five stars. This shows that they were satisfied with the product. Most of the users liked the product because of its folding feature and its reasonable performance. For the customers who were unhappy with the machine, the main issues seemed to be on low durability and the comfort of the seat.


What makes a recumbent bike interesting? Apart from its price, there are many things to consider before you make a decision to own one of these. With this Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike, you get both performance and aesthetic design. Its pink color design makes it unique and it stands out from other products. However, it is not the color that matters the most. The unit also has very quiet crank system, allowing you to have smooth and consistent strokes. It has magnetic resistance which allows you to choose from eight available levels. The frame of the unit is solid and this makes the machine sturdy. The console is easy to use, because features and functions are not difficult to operate. The structure of the bike supports the whole body as you exercise. The product comes with an attractive price and is probably one of the lower prices in the industry.

This product may be a good choice if you want to own a folding bike which has simple and easy-to-use features. You can purchase the unit for just a little over a hundred dollars, and you can start losing weight, gaining muscle and beginning a workout routine to achieve your exercise goals.

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