Sunny Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review

sunny-recumbent-bike-magneti-blueAt the $200 price point, there are many home recumbent bikes to choose from. But how are you going to know which one is good for you? There are many reviews of bikes at different prices on this site to read and see which one suits your needs. In this review, you will be able to see what is good and bad about the Sunny Magnetic Recumbent Bike before you make a decision.


There are two major Sunny recumbent bikes in the market. One is the pink recumbent bike and the other is this Sunny magnetic recumbent bike. Both contain similar features and have similar sizes. The pink one is directed to female target group and this magnetic one is for the general population. We would say, though, that the pink one has the competitive edge on its design. While this product has to compete with the Exerpeutic 900XL which is a lot more popular, the unit sells less than the pink Sunny bike.

Sunny health and fitness may not be very reputable in the exercise machine industry but the company has existed for more than a decade. The company has launched many quality products in the home exercise market ranging from dumbbells to Pilates machines. They have a few recumbent bikes and they are quite popular due to their attractive prices. This product is another entry-level unit for beginners who want to have good aerobic exercise using recumbent bikes.

There are eight levels of resistance in this bike. It allows you to add more variety into your workout and make it fun. Normally, the bikes in this level have a resistance adjustment knob in the front of the machine on the vertical bar just below the console. The LCD display on the console is large enough to be seen. It shows all the data required including speed, distance, pulse, time, calories, odometer and scan function.

Its seat and backrest allow you to sit in a semi-reclined position which is good for people with back problems or for elderly people. Its step-through design makes access to the seat easier since you don’t have to climb like in normal upright bikes. This is also good for people who are recuperating from surgery or illness. The seat can be adjusted to match your height by moving the front part and rear part horizontally. When you adjust the seat, you will need to step out of the machine.

The unit comes with heart rate monitoring system which has sensors on both handlebars beside the seat. You can detect your heart rate on the console after a period of pedaling. However, the value you get from the unit may not be very accurate. So, you cannot use it for medical purposes. It is just for comparison of each exercise session. In addition you can make adjustment of your workout intensity using your pulse to make it more fun.

The product has a flywheel that lets you pedal both forward and backward. The flywheel gives the machine a smooth, comfortable ride. In addition, the machine works very quietly. So, you don’t have to worry that it will disturb others and you can multi-task at the same time.

The dimensions of the product are not too large and it only weights 54 lbs. It can be easily moved around using the transportation wheels on the front stabilizer bar. As far as the reviews are concerned, the unit gets relatively good feedback. There are very few negative reviews on the product. Probably, people know what to expect for the price they pay. In our opinion, this product works well in its customers’ eyes.sunny-recumbent-bike-magneti-resistance-knob


Drive, Crank, and Pedals

The double direction flywheel lets you pedal in both directions as we have mentioned earlier. The flywheel weighs 4 Kgs which is a little low. Still, it delivers good rotation if you don’t spin it too fast. Overall, the unit allows you to have smooth pedaling without any jerky feeling. The drive system and flywheel gives satisfactory performance as you should expect from an exercise bike at the startup level.

The Tension Resistance

You can adjust the resistance level using the adjustment knob at your front. Eight levels are enough for you to make a difference when you are riding on it. You can use this to increase the level of intensity either by increase your pedaling speed or using a higher magnetic resistance level. Although the resistance may not be strong like the ones using the Eddy Current Brake system, the maximum resistance is strong enough to make it challenging.

Display type and readouts

The LCD display is simple and easy to use. There is only one button and that can serve the purpose of navigation and general use. You can read speed, distance, pulse, time, calories, odometer, and scan on the display. When you change the mode, you can either scan the data or access any information you specifically want. You can also use this same button for entering and setting the value.

Auto start/stop

Since the unit is designed to be simple, you don’t have to do anything complicated to start it up. All you need to do is either start pedaling or press the only button on the console. Then you automatically start the machine. When the unit stays idle for more than 10 minutes, it will turn off.

LCD Display

sunny-consoleWhen you choose Scan mode, you will get the data in sequence. The value will change every six seconds. The value includes:

Speed: This shows the pedaling speed in miles per hour. The value will be in the range of 0-99.9 MPH (miles per hour).

Distance: The display gives the distance you have pedaled during the workout session. The maximum value is 999.9 miles.

Pulse: The machine gives you your pulse in beats per minute. The pulse is read from the signal sent from the grip sensors beside the seat.

Time: This shows the time you spent for that session. The maximum value is 99.59 minutes.

Calories: It gives you calories burned in the session in Kcal.

Odometer: The value represents accumulated distance that the unit has run. The maximum value is 999.9 miles. In order to reset the odometer, you will need to replace the batteries.


Heart rate monitor

The product has a heart rate monitor system which can be read on the console. In order to get a heart rate reading, simply grip the side sensors. Make sure that you don’t hold them too tight or too loose. Damp hands will help the sensors to transmit the signals quickly.

When you get the pulse, you can use it to control your workout. By setting your heart rate goal, you can adjust intensity and make your workout more interesting. Working on heart rate is also useful for improving the health of the heart.


The Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike needs 2 AA batteries to run the computer. There is no need to use an adapter or electrical cord with the machine.

Quick Key

In some of the bikes, you get the quick keys to immediately access certain functions like resistance level or preset program you want. For this bike, you will have to follow the regular steps, but the steps are simple. Besides, there is no preset program for you to choose anyway. The resistance can also be adjusted easily using the adjustment knob.

The Seat and Back Support

The seat and backrest are well-padded with polyurethane foam inside and a vinyl cover. The seat measures 15 inches wide and 11 inches long. It can cater to different size people. The seat thickness is 2 inches. The height of the seat above the floor is 18 inches.

Maximum weight and heightsunny-recumbent-bike-magnetiwith-rider

The unit can carry users up to 256 pounds. This may be a little low for an exercise bike However, if your house doesn’t have anyone who exceeds that weight, you should have no issue with this.

The Noise Level

The machine works quietly thanks to its good drive system. You can multi-task while working out including watching TV or listening to music.


There are no special accessories that come with the unit. You will not get the fans, speakers, or bottle holders. But, at this price, who needs them anyway? There are plenty of ways that you can enjoy your workout without those accessories.


There is no extra warranty with the unit due to its low price. Anyway, you may not need it since the machine reviews seem to have a lot of positive comments.


You will need to assemble the product yourself because the unit comes un-assembled. The assembly process is not difficult and can be done within an hour or two. The manual is clear enough for you to follow and the tools are provided with the package. It is recommended that you work together with someone when assembling the unit because some of the parts are heavy.


The product has dimensions of 58.3 x 22.8 x 36.6 inches (L x W x H). The size is a little bigger than their other model, the Pink recumbent bike, but contains more or less the same features.

The assembled product weight is 54.4 lbs.


  • The design of the product is good enough to be a part of an exercise room.
  • The product works smoothly and quietly.
  • The product comes with eight resistance levels that you can play with.
  • The unit has heart rate monitor to show your pulse while you are exercising.
  • The frame is made of metal and this makes the unit sturdy and durable.
  • Console is easy to operate.
  • LCD display is big enough to see. It has enough functions to track your workout data.
  • The product is lightweight and can be moved around using transportation wheels on the front stabilizer bar.
  • The padded seat and backrest are comfortable.
  • Its price is attractive.


  • If you plan to ride the bike for longer than 45 minutes, you may need extra cushioning to make your ride more pleasant.
  • Some of the parts are made of plastic. This may make the unit look a little cheap for some.


[contextazon id=’35’]The unit is sold in the price range of $158-$230 depending on the promotion offered when you are purchasing. You can go to check the current price at Amazon by clicking one of the links here on this page.

Although the price is rather low for the product, its quality is not that bad. It has all the features you need and the unit has good frame that can last for years.

Reviews and Rating

The product is rather new in the market and therefore doesn’t have many reviews. However, from the records of 23 reviews, 73% of the users give the product four to five stars. They are happy with their purchase. The unhappy customers complained that the unit wobbles when it is pedaled at high speed. However, the number of these complaints is small.


This Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike is another less expensive bike that you can use if you are at a start-up level or you don’t need anything fancy. It is just a basic exercise bike offering basic functions. And frankly, those basics are all that matter. However, if you are serious about exercise and want to use it for a long time, you may want to invest a little more and get a more advanced bike. But if you are not ready for that, this product may be a good call.

You can compare it with Exerpeutic product and see by yourself which one is better.




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