Sunny Mini Cycle Exercise Bike

sunny-mini-cycle-exercise-bikeMini cycle exercise bikes can have several advantages. One obvious advantage is that it can be used to work out both legs and hands. Due to its small size, you can place it on the floor and sit on the chair. Then you can pedal the same way you do with recumbent bike. It is not exactly the same feeling but you may get similar results. It will work if you are not that serious to get fit and get very strong muscles. Interestingly, when you place the product on the desk, you can also use your hands to hold the pedals and rotate them the same way you do with your feet. This will help you exercise your arms, wrists, and hands. The resistance setting on the mini bike can help you adjust the level of your intensity while you are working out. It can be more fun and effective with the right setting.
However, there are so many mini bikes in the market with so many price levels. How are you going to select the right one to use? Like many other purchase decisions, the answer to this depends on your needs. If you need a more durable and effective machine, you may want to invest at least two and three times more in order to get the unit that matches your requirements. You cannot think that they are all the same because they are not. Different prices may mean totally different quality levels.
Like this Sunny Mini Cycle Exercise Bike, it is one of the least expensive in the market. Sunny brand name may not be reputable but it exists and some of their products are pretty good. As for this model of mini bike, I would say that it is OK if you are budget conscious. Not too bad but not very impressive. I think that the company has it in order to add into the line of the bikes to match other brands. So, the major competitive edge of the unit is the price. That’s it. When the product is totally inexpensive, you may have to beware that the quality may not be up to par.
Let’s see what come with the unit first. The product comes semi-assembled. You will need to do some assembly but it is minimal. Due to the size and its lightness, you don’t have to worry that it will be that difficult for being one person’s task. It comes with a simple computer which is operated by one AAA battery. There are a few functions on the computer that you can work with including Mode, Scan, Time, Count (repetitions), and Calories. The computer is built-in and the monitor is with LCD display. This is not too bad for the price. However, there may be some issues with the parameters. We will talk about this later.
The pedals are quite small. So, if your feet are rather large, you may find that they don’t fit well. There is a resistance adjustment knob that you can use to adjust the level of your exercise intensity. The knob is in the front so the adjustment is pretty easy.

Here are the good points about the Sunny Mini Cycle Exercise Bike:

• It is light and compact. It can be easily moved and used for your needs.
• It is very in-expensive.

Here are the shortfalls that you should consider:
• The resistance levels are not that strong. You may not feel much even if it is set at the highest strength.
• The calories shown may not be accurate.
• The product doesn’t look premium at all.

Overall, you can buy it if you have limited budget or you don’t expect to exercise a lot with high intensity needed. But if you are willing to invest a little more or want to get better exercise results, you may want to check out and compare with MagneTrainer which is much more powerful but of course a lot more expensive.

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