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Is it possible to get a recumbent bike that has both good looks and good performance? Normally, you might think that it would be hard to find. However, with this product from Sunny Health and Fitness, you may change your mind. Sunny Pink recumbent bike combines both looks and performance together. Let’s dive in to find more information and see for yourself if the unit is suitable for your attention and if you should even own one.


If pink is your color or at least you would like to have something in pink, this pink recumbent bike from Sunny may be interesting for you. Or if you don’t care what color it is but want a good performance recumbent bike at a reasonably low price, it is also a good choice.

Sunny Health and Fitness has many products in the sport and home equipment field. The company has spent the last decade building the business and starting to get reputation in this field. The products they manufacturer have good variety ranging from dumbbells to Pilates machine. Recumbent bike is an addition to its product line and this year the company comes up with this pink magnetic bike.

This product comes with eight levels of magnetic resistance to make your ride more interesting and challenging. The tension can be adjusted by using the manual resistance knob on the front vertical bar of the unit. The console contains a LCD display, which is easy to read. The display has several parameters to read including the speed, distance, pulse, time, calories, odometer, and scan function. The data available can be fast to get and quite reliable.

The position of the seat and seat back allows you to sit in a semi-recline position while using the machine. As a result, you will get a good workout with less strain on your lower body and back. This is especially good for the ones who are recuperating from illness or surgery and need good aerobic exercise. The seat can be adjusted in a horizontal level in order to match the height of the user. Its seat adjustment knob is on the bar, connecting the front and back stabilizers. What you have to do is remove the pin and select one of the holes in the bar and pin it for the suitable length. Unlike in a car seat, you will need to step off the seat and adjust it according to your need outside. The product also has heart rate sensors on the handlebars. You can get your pulse rate by holding the sensors and read it from the LCD display on the console.

The double direction flywheel allows you to have good strokes of your ride while using it. The pedaling on it is smooth and consistent without up and down chopping feeling. The product works in a surprisingly quiet mode so you can multi-task when you are working out on it. The pedals are made to be large enough to cater feet of different sizes. The safety strap lets you work out without the worry of slippage.

The product comes with a good size. Its weight of 49 lbs. is not too heavy to be moved around. Thanks to its two transportation wheels on the front stabilizers this structure makes moving the unit a breeze.

The unit has good reviews from many places. This is a piece of information to confirm its quality. It has very few complaints and, therefore, becomes one of the popular products in the line.


Drive, Crank, and Pedals

The product comes with a double direction flywheel. This means it can pedal both backward and forward. Normally, the bike in this level has a perimeter weight flywheel, which allows the weight of the flywheel to distribute to all over the wheel instead of one position at the center. It, therefore, gives you smooth and consistent rolling not the up and down motion.

The crank and pedals are made to give a quiet operation. You will not feel that it is noisy while you are using and, therefore, can enjoy watching TV or listening to music. With the drive and crank system provided, Sunny pink recumbent bike gives you smooth, consistent, and quiet pedaling for your awesome workout.

The Tension Resistance

sunny-bike-pedalThere are eight resistance levels to pick from in this machine. The high resistance means you will get more intensity of your workout and burn more calories. There is no complaint on the weak resistance because the target group of this product is mainly female. Female users normally prefer not-too-high resistance bike for their exercise. Another way to get more intensity is to increase the speed of your pedaling. If you combine the two methods, increasing the tension and accelerating the speed, you will get a good deal of calories burned.

The tension adjustment knob is right in front of you at the position below the console. It is easy to see and adjust. The knob has the markers to indicate what level of the resistance you are on right now. The magnetic tension system in the unit allows you to have the tension created by the magnetic power inside the chamber. What you will get is a fast and reliable tension adjustment. You can set your level from very easy to the highest resistance at level eight.

Display type and readouts

The LCD display gives you the readings of the unit Speed, Distance, Pulse, Time, Calories, Odometer, and Scan. There are three buttons on the console including Mode, Enter, and Set. The Mode button allows you to select either one of the above functions. The Enter button lets you select the value and the Set Button gives you the chance to reset the value.sunny-bike-console

Auto start/stop

You don’t have to set up the console in order to start. What you need to do is to start pedaling and the display will work. The Scan function will allow you to read all the values in sequence. The values change every 6 seconds. All the values are shown in following manner:

Speed: It shows the speed in Miles per hour. The range will be 0-99.9 Miles per hour (MPH)

Distance: It gives you the accumulated distance you have traveled during that session. The count is in Miles and the maximum value is 999.9 miles.

Pulse: It lets you read your pulse during the workout. The value will be shown in BPM or Beats per Minute.

Time: This is where you can see your time spent on the session. The time is shown in minutes with the maximum value of 99.59 minutes.

Calories: It shows you the calories burned in this workout session. The value is in Kcal.

The Odometer: This is the accumulated distance that the machine has run. It is shown in Miles and the maximum value is 999.9 Miles. You cannot use the set button to reset this value. If you want to reset the value, you may have to take the batteries out and put them back. The Odometer will start from zero again.

All the values are for adding the varieties onto your exercise; you can use the data for manually tracking your progress or for seeing how well you do in that session.

Heart rate monitor

seat-adjustment-knob-sunnyAlthough this may be considered a start-up bike, its heart rate monitor function is good for checking your pulse while you are working out. The heart rate monitor sensors are located on the handlebars beside your seat. What you need to do is to properly hold the sensors – not too tight or too loose- and read the value on the display.

You can use the heart rate value to set your own workout program. By setting your target heart rate and increasing your workout intensity either by increasing the speed or increasing the resistance, you will have a good control of your exercise and lose some weight. This can be more fun and can add variety into your exercise routine.

Performance tracking

Unfortunately, there is no computer in the unit to keep track of your workout like in more advance machines like Schwinn 230 or Schwinn 270. You will have to do it manually. However, some of the users do the manual records and use them on the free website, and found a good result. You may also use the same approach.

Break system

Some of the exercise bikes use the Eddy current brake system to create tension for their bikes. It is not the real brake, but is used for creating resistance when you are pedaling. The system is simply to combine magnetic power with electrical power and create tension without having any part contact one another. This can prevent the part worn out and make the system last for a long time. This is the same system used in high-speed train. Unfortunately, this bike doesn’t have that. They use a regular magnetic tension system in this product.


There is no adapter or electrical cord needed for this unit. All you need to have is two AA batteries for powering the console. You, therefore, don’t have to find a place near the electrical wall socket. This is another plus for this machine.

Quick Key

In some of the more advance bikes, you can get quick keys in order to immediately select the resistance level or the program you want. That is not the case with this machine. You will need to go through the regular steps on the console. There is no special function to choose anyway. There are just resistance levels and the adjustment knob can do its job.

The Seat and Back Support of Sunny Recumbent Bike

The unit comes with a comfortable padded seat with the vinyl cover and foam inside. The seat is measured 15 inches wide and 11 inches deep. This is big enough to support people of different sizes. The thickness of the seat is 2 inches, which is standard for a recumbent bike. The seat is 18 inches above the floor.

Maximum weight and height

The manufacturer’s manual says that the unit can cater up to 220 pounds. This Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Magnetic Recumbent Bike is a little low for the machine in the same level. I think the maximum weight is low in order to make the unit last longer and build a good reputation for Sunny product in the future. There is no harm in doing so. There is no indication on maximum or minimum height for the users though. But from the reviews, we see that the person who is as short as 5’2” can use this Sunny product without any problems.Sunny-bike-side

The Noise Level

Although this is an inexpensive item, the machine works very quietly thanks to its crank and pedaling system. There are no complaints about the noise and, therefore, you can use it while you are watching TV or doing other activities at the same time.


There are no special accessories that come with the unit. You will not get the fans, speakers, or bottle holders. But who needs them anyway. There are plenty of ways that you can enjoy your workout without those accessories.


The product doesn’t have any warranty information. I guess you may have to buy an extra warranty while checking out this machine.


The product comes un-assembled. You will get a box full of parts, screws, bolts, and some tools. You will need to spend one to two hours to put them together and make a bike out of them. The good news is that to assemble it is not that difficult. Just follow the instruction manual and you will be fine. It is better to have two people work together since some of the parts may be a little heavy.


The dimensions of the product in inches are as measured 53 x 24 x 34 inches (L x W x H).

The assembled product weight is 49 lbs.

If you are talking about the delivery box, its dimensions are 28.3 x 12.2 x 25.6 inches (L x W x H). The total weight of the box is 56 lbs.



Check1OrangePink color in the design makes it a stand out unit from the rest of the products. It is considered eye-catching, especially for the female target group.
Check1OrangeThe unit works smoothly and quietly.


Check1OrangeIt has consistent pedaling without choppy feeling when you are using.


Check1OrangeThe eight resistance levels allow you to work out at different levels of intensity as you wish.


Check1OrangeThe heart rate sensors on the handlebars allow natural hand positioning.


Check1OrangeThe frame is made of metal, which makes the unit sturdy and durable.


Check1OrangeYou can use it without the need of electricity. It is easy to maintain with little cost.


Check1OrangeThe padded seat and backrest is comfortable enough.[contextazon id=’14’]


Check1OrangeThe LCD display is easy to read and to use.


Check1OrangeThe machine is lightweight and, therefore, can be moved around.


Check1OrangeThe price is reasonably inexpensive.


xredWhile the seat is comfortable, you might need some extra cushion if you want to ride it for a long period of time.

xredSome parts of the unit are made of plastic. This might make someone think that this is cheaply made.


The product is priced between the range of $140-$230, depending on whether it is on promotion. One of the most reliable price sources is Amazon. You can go and check the current price by clicking one of the links below.

As far as spending less money on an exercise machine is concerned, I have faced many bad circumstances that the unit I bought work poorly. This product is different since it offers the basic functions that you need for a start-up exercise bike and it comes with a very attractive price. I think from the price point of view, this product has a big plus on the point.

Reviews and Rating

woman-on-pink-bikeSince the Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Magnetic Recumbent Bike is rather new in the market (the manual says it was written in Jan. 2014), there are not many reviews. Still we can find two reviews sources that show impressive ratings for the machine.

The first source shows that out of 52 users, there are 50 people who give the unit four to five stars. This accounts for 96% of them! Almost all of the users seem to be happy with their purchase of this bike. The second source shows the similar result of having 14 out of 16 users give the unit four to five stars and would highly recommend the unit to others. That is another good result.

Overall, the unit gets good reviews and not many complaints. The major complaint, if any, may be about some defect parts and difficulty in assembly. That is all.


This is another interesting recumbent bike with good performance and an attractive price. The Sunny Pink Magnetic recumbent bike has a very strong point on its design, which is eye catching for female consumers. It also offers reasonably good workout results with its several features including super quiet crank system, the double direction flywheel, which allows you to have smooth and consistent pedaling, and the magnetic resistance system, which lets you choose one of those eight resistance levels.

The unit comes with a solid frame, which can last for years. The computer console is easy to read and easy to operate. There are not many functions in the unit so you don’t have to worry about how difficult it is to handle it. The seat is comfortable and wide enough to cater different sizes of people from small to large. The pedal and strap can hold your feet secure without slippage.

In conclusion, if you are interested in an entry-level bike, you should consider this product as one of the viable choices since it gives you everything you need in this price level.


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