Velocity Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike Review

velocity-dual-motion-with-maleFinding a good recumbent bike that offers an upper body workout is not always easy.. This Velocity Exercise Dual Motion recumbent bike is one of a few. In this review, you will find both strengths and weaknesses of the bike as well as our recommendation. Use our review to make your decision on whether or not this bike would fit your lifestyle.


If you have not heard about Velocity Exercise, you should know that this company has more than 30 years of experience in the fitness and exercise industry. The owning company, CAP Barbell, Inc, has many products in the field including elliptical trainers, upright exercise bikes and recumbent bikes. The company strictly tests the products and makes sure that they have passed all the quality control standards. Their products are reputable in terms of safety and durability. Although the products from the company are made in China, its long time existence in the market has proven that the products are acceptable.

The Velocity Exercise CHB-RGK862R is a dual motion recumbent bike. The dual motion feature allows the use to use both the bike mechanism and the hand exercise mechanism in the same machine. This is a unique feature that is hard to find in other recumbent bikes. It can help eliminate stress to the back, neck and shoulders. At the same time, it provides the benefits of regular lower body exercise.

Its walk-through design lets you mount and dismount the unit without having to climb over a high middle bar like in upright bikes. You can get decent aerobic exercise at home no matter what the weather outside is. The design of the product has many benefits including an adjustable seat, conveniently positioned console, nice shroud and good hand workout tools.

The unit comes with an ultra-quiet belt drive system which gives you smooth and consistent strokes while you are pedaling. The bike’s flywheel weight is 5KG which is considered to be heavy. As you might have known, the heavier the flywheel, the better the performance will be. The one-piece crank is made to be solid and durable. Most of the parts are metal, so you can expect that the machine will last long enough to be worth your money.

The console is easy to read and use. Its large size allows you to see clearly on the seat. The console also has a clear digital display monitor where you can track your distance, time, speed, calories, odometer and heart rate. The heart rate monitor sensors are situated on the side handlebars beside the seat. They will send the information on your pulse to the reader on the console. There are eight levels of magnetic resistance for the lower bike. You can adjust it using the adjusting compartment in front of the seat.

The unit also has an upper body exercise part. It contains rotating hand grips with tension adjustments. You can rotate them and use the tension to strengthen your arm muscles. The exercise is also good for the back and neck. This upper body part adds real value to the unit since you will not easily find this in most recumbent bikes. You would have to buy separate dumbbells to hold with both hands while pedaling to get the same effect.

The padded seat is contoured to the shape of your body. The seat may be a little small or thin for some but you can add a pillow to give you more comfort. It can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. Again, this is not easy to find in the market.

As far as the reviews are concerned, there are not that many reviews in the market. Most of them are positive but there are a few complaints. The major complaints may be about defective parts upon arrival. The customer service seems to respond well when the problems occur.

Flywheel, Drive, Crank and Pedalsvelocity-dual-motion-console

Overall, the system gives you what you are looking for in a bike of this level. It gives you smooth and consistent strokes allowing you to have an effective workout. The perimeter-weighted flywheel is made to be heavy, as we have said earlier, to ensure good performance. The one-piece crank works well and makes for very quiet pedaling. Even when the bike is being used in a room with other people, no one will be bothered thanks to its smooth and quiet operation

The pedals are ”one size fits all.” They come with safety straps to make sure that you will not slip while you are using it.

Heart Rate Monitoring System

You can read your pulse by holding the sensors at your sides while you are pedaling the unit. This system may not be found in some of the cheaper bikes. Heart rate gives you the chance to measure your health. It also acts as a tool for adding more variety to your exercise. It is therefore one of the essential features. However, the heart rate you get from the exercise bike may not be accurate and cannot be used for medical purpose. You can refer to it for comparison and for exercise purposes only.

Magnetic Resistance

The product comes with eight levels of magnetic resistance that you can use to add more fun while you are working out. The tension adjustment compartment comes with an adjusting lever allowing you to easy access the level you want. The design of the compartment is rather unique and you can hardly find anything like it in its competitors. Normally, the magnetic resistance is rather weak in comparison with the electro-magnetic one. However, there is no such complaint on this bike.

Seat and Backrest

velocity-dual-motion-seatThe comfort of the seat is one of the important features in the recumbent bike since you will have to sit on it for a long time. Unfortunately, the seat here may not be very comfortable. It should be okay if you use it for half an hour. If you want to work out longer than that, you should place a pillow on the top of the seat. In addition, there are some complaints that the seat may be a little small for some. So if you are a larger size, you may want to look for a unit which has a bigger seat and thicker padding.

Having said so, there is one good feature about the unit’s seat: it can be adjusted vertically. This is hard to find in any bike at this price level. Normally, it can be found only in upscale models. So, you can adjust the seat horizontally to match your height and adjust it vertically to give you more comfortable position. Also, the vertical adjustment is aimed to make sure that you get the right posture for your upper body exercise.

The only complaint we have is about the mechanism of the adjustment. Both directions use adjustment knobs which may be a little difficult to operate. Obviously, you will have to step out of the bike and adjust them. This can be a tedious task especially when many members with different heights and weights in the same household use the same machine.

Console and Display

As you may see in the picture, the console is simple and easy to handle. It has only one Mode button and you use that button to select the mode you want. Once you come to the mode you want, you press it again to select. If you hold the press for three seconds, the whole console will be reset.

The digital LCD display on it is large enough to be clearly seen. There are two lines of the data. The top line represents the data of the mode you have selected. For example, if you select speed mode, this number will show your speed only. The below number represent scanned data. Once the scan mode is set, you will be able to see all data alternately shown here on the display. The scan mode can be changed to time mode if you want.

The main complaint on the console is that it is not backlit. This therefore makes it hard to be seen in a dark room. At its price level, the company should invest a little bit more on the console to make it more appealing for the users.

Upper Body Exercise Hand Grips

You can exercise your entire upper body using these upper body exercise hand grips. By setting uphigh tension using the tension adjustment knob in front of you, you will work out your arms with higher intensity. The grips are rotated by your hands using the whatever speed you desire. The exercise is not only good for biceps and triceps, it is also good for your torso and neck.

We think that the additional parts added for this purpose makes the unit look a little weird in comparison with other recumbent bikes. It may make your posture a little awkward and does not allow you to be in a semi-reclined position comfortably as much as you should be.

In addition, when you are holding the exercise hand grips, you cannot hold the heart rate sensors at the same time. This is another shortfall. Still we think that the part is nice to have. Some refinements like moving the heart rate sensors to these grips and making the position of the grips a little more forward so that you can lean more on the backrest would help.

Stabilizer Bars

These are the two bars at the base of the Velocity Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike. They are for supporting the unit so that it can carry the weight of the user and so it does not shake when the unit is pedaled. The rear stabilizer can be adjusted to level the unit when it is on an un-even floor. The front stabilizer contains a transportation wheel allowing you to move it around the house. Since the weight of the unit is rather heavy, it is recommended that you assemble the unit where you plan to store it. With that method, you don’t have to move it again especially if you want to move it to a different floor.velocity-dual-motion-resistance-adjustment


There is no fan, speaker, or water bottle holder for this unit. But if you want to count the transportation wheels as accessories, you have one there.


The unit measures 50” x 25” x 51” ( L x W x H). The height is rather high due to the addition of the upper body exercise compartment. The total weight of the assembled unit is 97lbs.

When you find a place for the unit, please make sure that you have prepared 30 inches of clearance on both sides of the unit to ensure that your body parts do not hit any of the surrounding objects.


There is no need for electricity for the unit. The only thing it needs is 2 AA batteries. What you need to do is to open the front of the console, as shown in the picture, and you will find the battery compartment.


The product comes with the following warranty for the purchase in north America:

5-year warranty on frame.

90-day warranty on monitor.

30-day warranty on all others.


The assembly process will take you around one hour. If possible, you should have two people work together on the assembly. The assembly is not difficult and the manual is clear enough. In addition, some parts of the unit have already been assembled from the factory. So, you will only need to put those parts together and make a bike out of it.

Maximum Weight and Height

velocity-dual-motion-batteries-changing2The unit’s maximum weight is 250lbs. This is a little low for a bike at this level, but if you or any family member is heavier than that, you shouldn’t take this as an obstacle.

There is no manufacturer suggested height restriction since the seat can be adjusted to accommodate any height


  • The unit provides good exercise for both upper and lower body in one machine. Unlike an elliptical trainer, you can still work out on the seat which is more relaxing and has less strain on your lower body. It works in dual motion.
  • The product is well made with a durable frame.
  • The magnetic resistance works well with eight different levels to choose from.
  • The heart rate monitoring system is available in the unit.
  • The machine runs smoothly and quietly.
  • The console is easy to understand and easy to use. There is just one button to operate.
  • The unit is easy to assemble and the transportation wheels help you move the unit around.
  • The seat can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically.


  • The seat may be a little small and a little thin. If you want to work out on it for a long time, you might need extra cushion.
  • The upper body exercise part makes the unit look a little strange.
  • The console and the front bar may hinder visibility in front.
  • The price is a little too expensive in our opinion.


[contextazon id=’33’]The product is sold at the range of $379-$599 depending on the promotion. If you want to know the current price, you can check out Amazon by clicking one of the links on this page.

Reviews and Rating

The Velocity Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike receives good ratings and reviews from the users. According to our records, 11 out of 14 customers of this bike give it four to five stars. This is equivalent to 78% of the subject group. This means most of the customers are happy with what they got and paid. The complaints from the unhappy customers are mostly about some defective parts which arrived with the package.velocity-dual-motion-with-female


If you want a recumbent bike that is solidly built and allows you to work out your upper body, this product might be the one. On top of that, it also has smooth and quiet pedaling that you must expect when you buy an exercise bike. We think that it is a good choice if your budget allows. But if you don’t really want the upper body feature, you can check other products at a similar price. In my opinion, the Schwinn 230 is a nice alternative.

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