What You Want to Know Before You Buy a Recumbent Bike

thinking-of-recumbent-bikeAlthough muscle training is important because it helps to increase your muscle mass (the more muscle mass you have, the more fat-burning capability you have), you cannot ignore cardiovascular exercise. This type of exercise promotes heart health and overall body functions. There are many ways that you can incorporate cardiovascular exercise into your schedule. However, many people do have health problems that make this type of activity more difficult, specifically joint and spinal pain. This pain often limits the choices of exercise that can be safely done. Fortunately, the recumbent exercise bike is designed to help people – especially elderly people and people who just recuperated from an operation or illness – to be able to participate in cardiovascular activity conveniently and safely. In addition, the price of the unit is somewhat affordable, depending on the model you purchase. You can have the machine at home and work out, no matter the weather. With this machinery, you can also multi-task while you are exercising, since the position on the bike allows you to easily accomplish other tasks. The following paragraphs will provide important information that you should know before you decide to purchase one of these recumbent exercise bikes.

In order to have a smooth exercise experience with a recumbent bike, you may need to learn some techniques to maneuver the unit and make sure that you get the most out of your exercise time. Unlike traditional cardiovascular activities like running, the recumbent bike gives you the same beneficial range of motion, but with very minimal impact on your joints. This can be very useful for those who have suffered lower back injury. Also, people who have arthritis or who are in post-injury rehabilitation programs can also benefit from the use of this type of machine. This is one of the safest ways to exercise and get great results.

You have read many of the benefits of recumbent bikes, but you may want to know what exactly to do when you are preparing to incorporate this machine into your exercise routine. Here are our suggestions for your consideration:

  • Before you exercise, you will need to consult your doctor. This is a universal suggestion, no matter your age, but especially when you start to age or experience health problems. The medical consultation is made to ensure that there will be no negative incidents when you work out. Also, you will be made aware of your limitations and will avoid working out beyond your capability, which could harm you in the end.
  • Don’t forget to warm up before you exercise. This will help with adjusting your body and making sure that your body and joints are prepared for the subsequent exercise. In addition, do not stop moving immediately after you have finished your exercise routine. You will need a cool-down period after each session. By gradually reducing your speed and resistance levels, you will have a proper cool down in five minutes. It may seem boring, but it really helps keep your workout safe.
  • Check out the seat, height adjustment, and pedaling function before you exercise. Luckily, this unit is easy to manage, and the risk is lower with it, since you are able to stop whenever you want to do so with no harm incurred. However, checking over your machine in advance will guarantee that you will have smooth and fun workouts.
  • Choose the right resistance when you are using the bike. You can calculate the right resistance for you by using your maximum heart rate. The maximum heart rate is 200 minus your age. Then, you use the heart rate monitor (if it is available in your unit) to see if you have reached that level yet. Adjusting the resistance to be more will give you a higher heart rate. Once it reaches 60%-80% of your maximum heart rate, you will need to decrease your speed and resistance in order to maintain your exercise output.
  • The optimal exercise duration will give you the best result. It is recommended that you start with 20-minute sessions. Then, make sure that you have a minimum of three sessions per week. You can increase the duration after you get stronger and are used to this exercise.
  • Posturing is very important when you are using any exercise machine. You will get the best result and ensure your safety with the right posture. Make sure that you follow this course in order to achieve your target with minimal negative impact on your body.
  • Don’t get dehydrated. Drink a sufficient amount of water during your exercise.

You can have a highly beneficial exercise with the recumbent bike by applying some of what you’ve just learned. This article will help you with your exercise using your recumbent bike and will provide you with the desired result out of your workout.

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