Weslo Pursuit CT 2.0 Recumbent Bike Review

weslo-back-whole-machineIt’s not difficult to find a recumbent exercise bike at a price lower than $200. However it is difficult to find one with both good features and an attractive price in this Welso Pursuit CT 2.0 recumbent bike review, we will give you all you need to know about the product. This review covers both the strengths and weaknesses of the bike so that you are able to make a strong, informed decision when purchasing this product. When you are looking for a recumbent bike, you may want to select a reliable brand before you buy. This Weslo brand may not be that famous, but the brand is well known entry-level exercise equipment, including treadmills, elliptical trainers and in upright and recumbent bikes. The Weslo brand is owned by Icon Health and Fitness who also own Proform and many other brands. Although it may not be a premium brand, Weslo products normally deliver what they promise, with an incredibly attractive price and good features.


The Welso Pursuit CT 2.0 recumbent exercise bike offers you a good step-through design, allowing you to get on or get off the bike without the need to climb over a high middle bar. Its smart design eliminates the trouble of access such as in upright bikes. The product comes with 8 adjustable resistance levels and its resistance adjustment knob is right in front of you so that you can adjust easily and simply, even during exercise. With higher workout intensity from high speed and high resistance, you can burn more calories using this recumbent bike.

The unit has a padded seat and backrest for comfort. The seat has an oversized design so that you feel more relaxed while using the bike. The console is large enough to be clearly seen and there are four quick workout applications that you can immediately access with a single touch on the console. Another unique feature on the unit is its thumb heart rate monitor so you can read your heart rate result easily on the console. You can also use the console to keep track of speed, time, distance, pulse, RPM and calories burned.

The four workout apps automatically adjust the resistance of the bike in different workout styles. The apps were designed by a certified personal trainer who is an expert at knowing what routines are best for your workout. You can also adjust your workout resistance for increasing the calories burned by using the resistance knob.

Another good feature of the product is its target pacer. The unit will track your pulse target and lets you know if you either need to work harder, or if you need to slow down. This adds more fun to your workout. The product is solid and durable and it carries the maximum weight of 250 lbs.

welso-CT2_with-riderThe product has many good reviews and many people are happy with it. The complaints from unhappy customers are on difficulties in assembly and that adjusting the seat to match the height of the user can be a pain.


Drive, Crank and Pedals

The product comes with perimeter weight flywheel which allows the weight of the wheel to distribute around its perimeter. The weight distribution allows a smooth and consistent pedaling. You can also pedal both backwards and forwards thanks to its double-direction flywheel.

Because of the product’s balanced crank and pedal system, it runs very quietly. This allows you to watch TV or listen to music at the same time as your workout.

The pedals are large to give firm support. They come with safety strap to ensure that your feet will not slip when you are pedaling.

The Tension Resistance

The product comes with magnetic resistance, allowing you to adjust up to eight levels using the resistance adjustment knob on the front vertical bar. You can adjust the tension to a high level to intensify your workout according to your needs. Alternatively, you can increase your intensity by pedaling faster. Both will result in burning more calories.


Display type and readouts

The unit has a large LCD display console which gives you readings of speed, distance, pulse, time, calories and RPM. You can alternatively see all the information using the SCAN function. You can use the major three buttons on the console in order to start and rest the unit, change the display setting, and select workout programs.

While you pedal, the console will give you continuous exercise feedback on the display. The built-in thumb sensor allows you to track your pulse without having to grip. Your pulse is then shown on the console display.

The highlight to this unit is its four pace workouts which is not found in machines at the same level. The console needs only 2AA batteries to function.

When you want to work out, just press any of the buttons on the console. You can also begin pedaling, the display will turn on and the console will then be ready for use. When you turn on the console either way, manual mode will automatically be selected. You will then need to fill in following workout information:


lets you know the approximate pedaling pace in revolutions per minute (RPM)


shows you the pedaling speed either in miles per hour (mph) or kilometers per hour (km/h) depending on your preference.


shows you the elapsed time of your workout.


lets you know the distance you have travelled on the bike so far inmiles or kilometers.


shows the approximate number of burned calories.


the heart rate the unit reads when you use the thumb pulse sensor.


shows speed, time, distance, calories and pulse modes. The values will change every few seconds in a repeating cycle. The pulse will be shown only when you push your thumb on the sensor.


Auto start/stop

There is no start/stop button since it is not needed. You can begin pedaling or press any button on the console to start. When you start the machine, the SCAN mode will automatically show. . In order to change to other modes, you will need to press the display button repeatedly until you get the mode you want.

When you use speed or distance mode, the results of your pedaling will be shown either in miles or kilometers. “MPH” or “KM/H” will appear on the display. If you want to change the unit between the two, just hold down on the on/reset button for a few seconds and you will be able to select the measurement unit. After you have selected , press the on/reset button again to save your choice.

Heart Rate Monitor

Another feature of the bike is that it has a unique thumb heart rate sensor. You don’t have to grip the sensor but you instead use your thumb and press where the sensor is located. To measure your heart rate, you will have to stop pedaling. Then, you will need to place your thumb on the pulse sensor. After a few seconds, the heart rate indicator will begin to display. For the most accurate reading, you will have to hold your thumb on the sensor for 15 seconds.

Sleep Mode

When you are done exercising and stop pedaling, the console will automatically turn off after the machine lays idle for a few seconds. If the unit is not used for a few minutes, the console will turn off and the console will reset all values.

Preset Programs or Pace Workouts

The product comes with four preset programs called pace workouts. In order to enter this mode, you can turn on the console either by pressing any button or by pedaling. You then select a pace workout by pressing the workout select button repeatedly until you get the program you want. After you have selected the program, the display will show the duration of the workout and you can start pedaling. The workout pattern will appear on the display. Each column will be a one-minute segment of your workout. When the column is about to change, the display will flash.weslo-console

During your workout, the guide will prompt you if you need to increase or decrease your speed. If the left indicator is lighted, it means you need to increase your speed. On the other hand, if the right indicator is lighted, you will have to decrease your speed. When the center indicator is lighted, you will have to maintain your current speed.

When you choose pace workout, the time will count down until it reaches zero.

Performance Tracking

Since this is an entry-level bike with a low price, you don’t have an option to integrate the data on the console with the performance tracking app available on mobile apps. If you wish to so integrate data, you will have to do this manually. In some machines like Schwinn 230 or Schwinn 270, you can connect your data with MyFitnessPal.com. In Proform 6.0 ES, you can connect your data with iFit.com.

Brake system

Some of the middle-end or high-end bikes use Eddy current brake system in order to create tension or resistance. The good thing about the system is that it is accurate and reliable for the tension created. In addition, it is more reliable since no parts contact each other. The unit uses normal magnetic resistance.


You don’t need an adapter or electrical cord for the unit. Two AA batteries are all that is needed to power the console.

Quick Key

There is a quick key that you can use to immediately access the pace workout programs without going to the regular channel. This is unique since it is an entry-level model. Normally, this type of start-up model doesn’t provide this feature.

You can still use the adjustment knob in order to change the resistance.

The Seat and Backrest

Its oversized seat and backrest are designed to provide you with comfort. The padded seat comes with vinyl cover and foam inside. The seat is 17 inches width which is larger than most bikes at this level. The backrest is also large and comfortable enough to give you good back support.


Maximum Weight and Height

The product has a maximum weight of up to 250 lbs. Since its body is made of stainless steel, it can endure heavy duty tasks and has a long lifespan. There is no maximum height as its seat can be adjusted to match any height of the user.

The Noise Level

The good news is that the product works very quietly thanks to its good crank and pedal system. When the bike is assembled correctly, there is no complaint on the noise and you don’t have to worry that its noise will disturb you or any other people in the room.


Apart from its large seat and transportation wheels on its front, the unit has no other accessories. However with the price advantage, you can purchase additional accessories should you wish to do so.


The product offers a 90-day limited warranty for labor and parts. Please make sure that you keep proof of purchase in case you need to claim. In addition, don’t destroy or throw away the box before you are sure that all parts are included and work correctly.


Like almost all other products in the industry, the unit comes un-assembled. You will need to set aside one to three hours to assemble the bike. Assembly is rather difficult due to its size and complicated manual. If possible, two people should complete the assembly since some of the parts are heavy.



The assembled Weslo Pursuit CT 2.0 R Exercise Bike comes in dimensions of 59.1 x 20.3 x 43.4 inches ( L x W x H). Its weight is 69.3 lbs.


right-buttonThe unit runs smoothly and consistently.
right-buttonThe console is large and easy to read.
right-buttonIts large seat and backrest are comfortable.
right-buttonThe product comes with four pace workouts allowing you to exercise at different programs.
right-buttonEight resistance levels are available.
right-buttonThe product frame is solid and stable.
right-buttonThe bike runs quietly.
right-buttonThe unit has a thumb heart rate sensor on the console to measure your pulse after exercise.
right-buttonEconomical price.



xredAssembly is a little difficult.
xredAdjusting the seat to match your height can be a pain. This may not be suitable for a household which has many users with different heights.


This product is sold at the price of $189-$299 depending on where you buy and whether it is on promotion. In order to check the current price, you can click one of the links here which will lead you to Amazon, where you can find a reasonable price and service.

Reviews and Rating

[contextazon id=’27’]The product has received reasonable reviews from the market. 21 users out of the 31 users (68%) who completed our survey gave the product four to five stars. It indicates that this group of customers is quite happy with what they purchased. As for complaints from unhappy customers, we found that issues include difficulty in assembling the unit and how inconvenient it is to adjust the seat.


The highlight of the Weslo Pursuit CT 2.0 R Exercise Bike is its thumb heart rate sensor which allows you to check your heart rate after your workout, and its preset pace workout programs which give you the opportunity to choose from four different programs. Both are hard to find in bikes at this price level. Another good feature of the product is its large seat. All other features are more or less similar in comparison with other products.

The drawbacks of the product have been mentioned earlier. If you don’t mind the difficulty in assembly and the time you have to take to adjust the seat, you may find this a favorable product.

Overall, we think that the unit is worth consideration. It has a lot of features for a bike at this price, plus a few extra benefits. If you like these benefits then this unit may be for you. If not, you may have to search further to get what you want in a recumbent bike.


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